9 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Must Avoid

Keeping honesty in optimizing your websites

It should be always seen that your website receives the right technique and process of optimization. The search engines and their algorithms do not rely on fraudulent activities. You are ought to use link building, utilizing meta tags and research keywords best suited for your business but all of them come in a different segment that will carve a niche for your product. The business will be boosted and you will receive top ranking.

White Hat and Black Hat SEO

Well, when you adopt some techniques for SEO that serve well for achieving the top ranks like building links, selecting right keywords, using attractive themes and Meta tags come in the White Hat segment. Everything which can push your site’s reputation backwards will be considered as Black Hat SEO strategy. Search engines will definitely not tolerate such activities and you’re website will be punished.

Black Hat SEO techniques to be avoided by bloggers

1.      Link Farming – You should always keep a standard ratio of outbound links to the inbound links otherwise your website will be solitary link farm. Search engines will just neglect your website in ranking. You should also see where you are placing your links!

2.      Blank pages – Consumers and visitors come to your website for information, services and products. If you have got blank pages, with no content, it may be devastating for your blog.

3.      Hidden keywords – Bloggers have come with several new innovations of keeping the keywords, if not exact the approximations will really work. Placing the keywords in same background color as the page will give you a better position. But if Google finds it, your website will be suspended.

4.      Backdoor entry – Some of the webmasters have also been seen creating backdoors for the entry into main website. If search engine finds the bad page with all back hat strategies of SEO, the site will be banned.

5.      Using irrelevant keywords – If you are selling TV and your keyword suggests Smartphone to the consumers, consumers will definitely come to your website for mobile phones. Conversion rate will never rise although traffic will definitely get the boost. Search engine never promote this type of SEO strategy.

6.      Content quality – Google and other search engines on the internet will love to see original and copyscape content on your blog. If you got some poor contents with spelling mistakes, duplicated information or grammatical errors, your website is likely to feel the heat.

7.      Pingback spamming – Most of the blog owners try to give the consumers an illusion about the latest update and posts. However, consumers may complaint for such pingback action and it will come under the black hat strategy.

8.      Traffic exchanging websites – When your exchange your links with other websites, they may come with pop-ups reducing the loading time. Search engines will certainly not like this tactics of increasing traffic.

9.      Stuffed keywords – You should definitely avoid keyword stuffing in your contest where the same keyword comes several times.

Summary: – People especially webmasters and bloggers may go along with the black hat techniques that are not often recommended for SEO or business marketing on the internet. You should try to avoid them and keep using quality SEO strategies for your business marketing.


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0 thoughts on “9 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Must Avoid”
  1. Great advice. The days of these blackhat techniques still returning results are definitely numbered. Since the penguin update even what i called greyhat techniques are now leaning more towards blackhat.

  2. I think one area where it is kind of confusing is keyword stuffing. I don’t think there is an exact agreement on what is a good percentage of keywords to have. Some might argue that writing the content naturally is the best way to go about it, but in this competitive age where ranking can make a huge impact on your end results this is not always the case.

  3. Doing SEO in the wrong manner is not a good deal at all.i don’t know why people try to get smart while doing SEO,Its good to be smart but only when you are doing SEO in the right way.The main motive of everybody is to promote and make their website well reputated and easily searchable.So why waste time in doing black hat while you have the white hat techniques which can make our website shine.

    I suggest all to not follow these Black hat techniques if you want Google not to ban your website permanently.

    Thanks for sharing this well prescribed tips.

  4. Hi Gary,

    First off – great post. Contains a lot of valuable information concerning the SEO and marketing methods one should not use. Thought – personally, if you are a webmaster and thinking of taking any shortcuts, you might want to reconsider your thought. The repercussions from some of these methods can and will close your website down in very little time.

    “When thinking black hat – rather turn back. “

  5. These are great techniques. I think another thing I can add is possibly overusing certain keywords and phrases will also not make google too happy. Changing up keywords and rephrasing phrases will definitely help your SEO

  6. not only 9 of the black seo techniques that should be avoided, but we must avoid all uses black seo techniques. due to the use of black google seo, it will cause anger and bring our website into google sandbox or dance .. better off just using white seo techniques. slow but sure

  7. I think Black Hat SEO won’t help you much in the long run and by all means we must avoid the process. White Hat SEO is always the best process. Anyway, the techniques that you have discussed are highly recommendable. Thanks for the share!!

  8. Thanks for the list. But the best way to SEO-optimize your site is to make compelling and high-quality content. If you can achieve that, the rest of the work will do itself. Why spend hours on working on SEO, when you can spend those hours making that great content?

  9. The bottom line is Google is too smart to be fulled. The search engine has reached a level of maturity that just flat out kills spammers. The most important thing to understand about the new mature Google is that it just is going to get smarter so any black hat now will kill your site in future algorithm updates.

  10. Black Hat SEO will harm your site in long run. With Penguin Update blogs using Black Hat techniques have been penalized.It is better that bloggers/webmasters write good and unique content to avoid getting banned.

  11. I honestly believe black hat techniques are dead. One thing not really covered in detail in the article is automation. There are no shortcuts any more, no substitute for real efforts. If you use automated methods for link building etc, sooner or later you will be penalised.

  12. Thanks for the share. I agree that the black hat techniques are no longer used for web marketing. In my opinion the best possible way to optimize the website is by providing the relevant and the quality content on the web page, which can be used by the site visitors. Irrelevant keywords and blank pages only dissuades the visitors from trusting the claims of the website.

  13. Black hat is a common term known to search engine optimizers, it is considered as unethical techniques used to get websites increased exposure in search engines. It may be successful for a bit but if your website gets caught you will be out of the search engines index within no time.

  14. I am not a techy person. I always hear about SEO black hat but never understood what exactly people do to be considered as such. I think it is a waste of time when the result to be expected does not last long anyway through SEO black hat. it is an unwise investment.

  15. Thanks for the article. I am trying to start up a proofreading website myself but I didn’t realise how much SEO was required. This is very useful.

  16. Is Link exhange black Hat technique ?? it’s for our frienship, But i thing all Of your advice is very usefull for newbie like me,thanks you share.

  17. Nice write up here! I’ve found very useful input for this content what is helpful to make my online business success though I will sure try to follow such way for my business. Thanks!

  18. The future is really white-hat all the way. With the most recent algorithm changes it’s becoming much harder to con your way up the rankings.

  19. Thanks For Liking Highly Appreciated. And Yes Many New Bloggers are Still Unaware of Black Hat SEO so its really crucial to realize them the difference between Pure (White Hat SEO) And Black Hat SEO. Which We Did In our Post. Thanks Once Again And Keep Motivated to Blog Gorgeous Content. Peace

  20. Good article outlining some techniques that are not advisable if you want long term results of the search engines. I agree that many of these techniques have provided increased ranking but I think some bloggers and webmasters adopt some techniques that are more “grey hat” than truly “black hat” and the line between white and grey can sometimes be crossed by those that are not fully up to date with current seo practices.

  21. Handy allocation. As a senior SEO expert I know how it is important to avoid these 9 Black Hat SEO Techniques for getting success in business. Thanks SIR for this wise discussion.

  22. Although black hat technics are not welcomed by anyone, still most of the SEO professional are using black hat technics.

    Isn’t using Automated software for blog comment, Forum posting, Social sharing blast, Directory submission are also black hat technics??

    Still black hat softwares are getting money from the so called SEO professionals. Such as SENUKE, Xrumer etc.

    But one thing is sure. Content is the KING.

  23. What About Blogger For Stuffed Keyword Because No One Can Post Diffrent Keyword For Every Post…Their Have Many Code In The Search But They Can Make Spam…So What Is Your Advice.?

  24. This is more effective website blog post, SEO is an inevitable process when you try to rank your website high. Managing to reach the top position of search engines, among those huge established brands, certainly needs SEO and it’s never going to die any nearer.Thanks for sharing the useful information.Link Farming – You should always keep a standard ratio of outbound links to the inbound links otherwise your website will be solitary link farm. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  25. Hi,

    Nice top of black hat seo you share Gary, now black hat seo is not work any more for long or short term, black hat seo hurt the blog and it can ban the blog from search engine.


  26. Some going points on what to avoid here.

    Although, pretty much all of these things are obviously misleading, so if people are doing them, they already know what colour their hat is 😀

  27. Here I learn how use Black hat SEO ,Actually I think the objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to enlarge a Web site’s traffic counts, and eventually conversions, by position very high in the results of searches for the keywords in the search query. It is the mission of SEO to make the site’s content worthy of higher search engine ranking by being more relevant and competent than the competition’s. This SEO process is often viewed as a struggle to rank well for just a few keywords, instead of a struggle to satisfy the needs of those entering the query.

  28. People are trying to manipulate google by black hat so that they ranking of their website on top of search engine. But they forgot that manipulating search engine is not easy and also risk that associated if you caught is a disaster for you and your website. So be careful if you are using black hat seo

  29. Hi there. I completely agree with you. Black hat SEO is just like a curse to users. Spammers polluted digital marketing and SEO by all those above black hat technique. Quality link building and fresh content should be practiced by all SEO professional.

    Thank You

  30. I totally agree. Black Hat Seo is not effective. In fact it is just a waste of time. Better stick to manual or white hat methods and for sure you will reach the top. Thanks for sharing.

  31. One of my website before was applied by some black SEO technique just to rank and be index in Google. But after 3 months, we removed all the links and started from scratch so we won’t be banned in Google.

  32. Black hat seo technique is must to avoid and one who are doing SEO now need to do more care when doing link building as now google is very strict when giving rank to website and if anything seem unnatural to Google then it can permanently remove your website from search engine ranking.

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