Apple IPod and IPod Touch


July 28, 2010 , ,

Turn on the television read the news paper look at the billboards read the tech’ blogs Apple is dominated the tech’ world with all its products every body has own some form of Apple’s products whether I’d be the Apple iPod which is a favourite among music lovers and then there is the other popular iPod touch I must confess I am a lover of these products having owned an iPod myself and what amazes my most is the ease of use which makes it more preferably than other gadgets.

Looking at the two products mentioned above the Apple iPod and the iPod touch which ones have you own share with me what you think about them? I love iPod because of their size they are light weight holds lots songs easily accessorise simplicity if use and comes in variety of different colours and for the ipod touch this is another well sought after gadget with its much advance features and wire less internet connection storing of contact list and other features this product has my vote and recommendation. Now tell me me do you or have ever own any of two apple products the iPod or the iPod touch well want are you waiting for go out and get one. These are must have gadgets.


8 thoughts on “Apple IPod and IPod Touch”
  1. Well, I have heard a lot on this ipod. And I always wanted to buy it. But I couldn’t. Instead I bought sony mp3 player…it is also good..I think 😉 Anyways, thanks for the info. Keep writing.

  2. I also like products from Apple, actually i only have an Ipod, a white one, big space disk, beautiful and class! I would like to buy an Iphone but i don’t have enought money yet…

  3. This is the best information I have gotten all day. This would be a great feature to add to my blog. Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Lawmacs, I own the ipodtouch 4th generation and I use this with an app called Intua Beatmaker2 . This app can make Hip-Hop beats and I even released a HipHop Instrumental album by just using my ipodtouch. I am waiting for Apple’s ipodtouch 5th generation because I am planning to shoot a movie with it.

  5. I love iOS and Android. I hope that there will be a tablet or a smarphone that can be installed with iOS, Android and windows mobile. If this happens I can have the best of both worlds. Everything is possible, after all, we are all humans.

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