Are Blogs the Perfect Tool?

Search engines love blogs! It’s a known fact that because the information is dated, it’s seen as fresh and relevant information. It’s also a two-way lane for open communication. Another unique aspect about blogs is they offer the reader an opportunity to have a conversation with the blog owner through comments. It’s truly a two-way means of media and communication.

Imagine being a small business, and hearing your customer’s voice, opinions, and feedback. This is truly an invaluable tool for improving your business with very minimal costs involved.

When it comes to blogging, the ability to write and publish information via a publishing platform has made it almost effortless for most anyone. There is free blogging software that allows you to place publishing software directly onto your website, or you can choose to use a free blog which is hosted on a company’s site. Two free sites that come to mind are and

The learning curve on blogging software is very easy, and most people are up and running in a few minutes. One of the things that people love about publishing content on a blogging platform is the instant gratification. You can write something, and it can be published live on the web in just moments.

Imagine the different ways you can express yourself. Whether you’re an opinionated person who loves to debate politics, a business looking to expand their customer base, or simply want an outlet to write your poetry, blogging offers a simple way to accomplish these different means of expression.

If you choose to use blogging software on your own website, I highly recommend WordPress, as it’s the Cadillac of blogging software. Just a quick note: is a free blogging site, where as is where you can get free blogging software to upload to your own server. Many people confuse the two sites.

10 thoughts on “Are Blogs the Perfect Tool?”

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    Technology Blog

    Oh blogging is a best way to help someone with required topic. Your post was totally about my topic.

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    Pay per Click

    The online conversations simply reveal what a person is interested in and it’s easy to jump in when you can add something of value to the discussion. You don’t have to be witty on demand; you can answer a question after you’ve given it some thought. Social networking is a great way to create relationships you probably would never otherwise have created because without Twitter or Facebook, you’d probably would never have met one another due to geography or any other factor.

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    Excellent post.I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate
    sharing this great post. Keep up your work.

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    i think also that blogs are a good way to help eachother…but it is also a source for spam or wrong information…so i never believe only in blogs but for another view and for other aspects blogs were the best material…so good post!!!

    take care!

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