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4 Business Cloud Apps You're Not Using Yet (But Should Be)

If you conduct business online, there’s a good chance you already use several cloud-based applications. Drop box, Mail Chimp, Skype, Basecamp, Gmail… All of these apps help you streamline your workflow and complete more tasks in less time. They’re all well-known in the world of online business, and professionals across a wide swath of verticals use them every day. But are there other apps out there you may not have heard of? Apps that could be helping you or your team be even more efficient on the job? Here are four excellent, cloud-based business apps …

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What Best, Top & 2011 Have in Common, and How to Use Them to Make More Money

Which article would you rather read? One called “Small Business Tips,” or “Top 10 Small Business Tips?” If you’re like most web denizens, you’ll probably choose the latter. While you may not realize it at the time, modifiers like those found at the beginning of the second title are very effective at drawing in readers.
While it may be difficult to believe that adding a few words to your titles can make a significant difference in your rankings, a test by Anvil Media revealed that certain modifiers are much more commonly searched for. For instance, Anvil found that while “greatest restaurants” is searched for about 28 times every month on Google, “top 10 restaurants” sees around 1300 monthly searches. Better still, “best restaurants” shows a reported Google monthly search volume of 14,800. With such data, the importance of effectively using the right modifiers becomes clear. Before you see how effective these modifiers can be, however, it may be helpful to learn exactly what they are.

4 Ways to Improve Your Blog's Readability

f you feel like your blog needs improvement, and you’ve been tinkering with various different aspects of your blog in terms of design and layout, then maybe it’s time to go back to the basics. Consider thinking about your content and its style. One of the major concern for all bloggers including myself is to be able to attract and retain new readers, yes repeated visitors are what we should be aiming at don’t get me wrong we new new visitors but keeping the ones we have is just as important.Here are a few tips to help you:

Blogging on iPad: A Do or a Don't?

Dale Henry has blogged about the pros and cons of a biblical counseling degree and is working towards becoming a sonogram tech
When the iPad debuted just a few short months ago, many said it would change computing forever. Some predicted that like cell phones did to land lines; it would make computing a portable venture and would eventually render traditional computers obsolete. Whether that happens still remains to be seen, but its potential to be taken on the go and do many of the functions of a regular computer certainly is enticing, particularly for a specific group of computer users who would benefit from being able to compute anywhere — bloggers. Does this potential actual pan out? Currently, it’s a little bit each of yes and no

The Bloggers' Time Table

In one of my recent post i wrote a post titled “Do Bloggers Need A Break” now i am about to share with you what i called the bloggers Time table after being a blogger for quite some time i come to realize that like every thing else in life that we do we need to have a plan in order to succeed now i will share with you this idea which will help us all as bloggers i called it the bloggers time table.

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