Best free Apps to measure your broadband speed

If you are using internet on your smartphone then it is very important that you know the speed of your broadband connection. Almost 80% of broadband users are unaware of the speed of their connection. By knowing the speed of your broadband connection you can actually determine the speed you are paying your provider for and how much you are actually receiving. Measuring your broadband speed is not a difficult task; it is, in fact, very easy as there are various applications available that help you to perform a broadband speed test. Here is the list of the best apps that are available in the market to measure the speed of your broadband:

¨ mobile app: this application is accessible by all the ios and android mobile users. This app makes complete use of the global infrastructure and stores the results of the test locally and also on the internet for sharing purposes. This application works on cellular networks as well as on Wi-Fi connections.

¨       GIST app:  if you do not have an ios or android smartphone don’t worry, you still have options present for speed testing. Cisco Global Internet Speed Test (GIST) app is specially designed for all the blackberry users. This app is widely used by all the present blackberry users and has provided accurate speed results to all the users.

¨       FCC mobile broadband test: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broadband has provided the best mobile app to its customers for testing the internet speed. This app informs its users about the speed and also the quality of their mobile data connection. It tests all the speed including uploading time, downloading time and also the latency of your mobile broadband connection. The results of the test are shared through an e-mail.

¨       Bandwidth app: this app is specially designed for all Windows 7 users. This app is used for testing the speed of the broadband connection for all the users of Windows phones. It provides quick and accurate results regarding the internet speed.

All the speed testing apps mentioned above are available for free and provide accurate results for the broadband test conducted. The three different things considered by these applications while measuring the broadband speed are:

  1. The time taken to receive files from the internet (the download time)
  2. The speed at which the files are sent to the internet that is (the upload time)
  3. The round-trip latency of the connection

Considering the above factors the actual speed of the connection is determined.

Author bio: Hi this is Simon John Clark.  My passion is to write on Technology, Finance, Insurance, Travel, Home Improvement and Home appliances, you can reach me @thetechlegend.


0 thoughts on “Best free Apps to measure your broadband speed”
  1. Hi Gary,

    I am familiar with some of these tracking tools – since the network providers are quick to reduce your speed, and easy to when it happens with tools like these. Monitoring your speed might not be that important to everyone , yet still good to see how your network provider operates in terms of data streaming – especially with some of the usage of different browsers and different types of web site you can visit.

  2. Knowing the speed is one thing, but often providers just give you lower speed that you actually pay for. That what made me really angry last time I checked my speed! It was 75% of what I was paying for!!!

  3. My connection speed is awesome, but the problem is the loss of connection that happens very often. It would be super fast for an hour, and then would drop for 5 minutes.
    Any solutions? 🙁

  4. I use a lot to test my broadband speed. You would be surprised how much of a swing there is during the day. I have the 12 MG but in the morning I have closer to 20 MG and in the evening at around 5 or 6 PM I have closer to 8 MG. Those speeds are not written in stone by any level.

  5. I’ve been using the Bandwidth app. I believe that downloading these broadband speed tracking is necessary so that you’ll be able to check it out the speed of your broadband . Thanks for sharing this information!

  6. Thanks for sharing these free apps for gauging your broadband speed. I think the best benefit that we can get from these apps is it helps us measure the speed of our broadband connection and helps us know whether we are getting the suitable service from internet providers that we’ve paid for.

  7. This is a great tool that we can use in monitoring the broadband speed. Such tool can help you see whether the right amount of broadband speed is indeed delivered to you as promised by your internet provider.

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