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April 26, 2011 , ,

Article composing for SEO may be a much difficult assignment for few people, but if you can stay concentrated moreover contribute the actual strategies, in certain period of time you can enhance as a very fun Search engine optimization content writer. Search engine optimization post writing is one of the leading paths to get illuminating quality content on a website that focus specific keywords. Composing for Search engine optimization will convey informative information for your viewers, but will have keywords/Key-phrases in the article which were planted in specific places for search engines to collaborate with. Marketing your weblog

well is about as acute as for you to succeed the web marketing race consists an instantaneous internet competition. But out-of the thousands of entries that are added on a website, there will be barely the few that succeed in addition to attract a large load of users while the most of entries are left with lower than deserved views.

#1. For Marketing Your Blog via Search Engines – Rely on Keywords First While composing a Search Engine Optimized post you have to start with a keyword or make definite your first sentence is briefed with the keyword. Your keyword is what your article will be about plus will back the user to guide along route through the article. Keyword Stuffing is done to do the work of 2 purposes, first one for Search engine optimization purpose, next one for the user orientation. Feeling the importance of the absolute structure of a SEO post will assist you to be a major writer for SEO. Manage keyword Density from 2%-5%.

#2. Quality Matters a Lot than Anything The chief most rule of SEO information composing is that the info should be genuine as well as focussed to the targeted keyword. The SEO-friendly articles will advance the web world visitors of the website. The genuine text implies that you must be innovative enough to post new stuff which attracts your visitors. Consistently Make firm, that Search Engines likes huge Posts, so try to compose articles over 400 words which indeed creates the confide for Search Engines on your website. Mix the usage of Heading Tags moreover you must be definite that you work with them at actual positions where Search Engines would love to comprise them.

#3. Focus and Don’t Take Breaks Once you start writing the article, do not take break in the centre of the article. It may destroy your ideas together with flow. So make certain you don’t take a little break in the midpoint of the posts and alternative issue is you might overlook some essential points which you intimate in the initial phrases of the post. You have finished writing your article you require to re-read your article plus make corrections together with the direction. This phase is referred as refining phase. Internal Linking also plays dominant task. Writing for Search Engines takes duration together with attention, once you have written a few articles it will begin to come natural for you. But, one thing for sure make your articles look as if you are writing for your readers and don’t mess it up with excessive stuffing of keywords which in-turn may lead to penalizing your blog from Search Engines.

This is a guest post by Siddartha Thota who writes about best Play station Move and also tests various P2P software’s like Lime wire Alternative.


31 thoughts on “Best Instructions to Create Search Engine Beneficial Articles”
    1. That is right Shabnam but at the same time we need to remember that we are writing for our readers not for search engines and we need to try and get that balance right when writing any optimised post. Thanks for your comment.

  1. There are many bad design mistakes made nowadays that may affects the website business such as having bad search engine, bad font size and visibility and many more. A person who knows design will not make these kind of mistakes, as they knew what kind of design will draw readers to read and want for more. I do hope to get more info about design and this place seems right for it. Thanks a lot for these info and I hope you will keep on writing.

    1. You have made some valuble point here about Design and as you rightly said all of these should be taken care of from the design phase and that is one part of your job done. Thanks for your input

  2. Shared valid points for article composition. Keywords & unique quality content is more important in articles. Really, it helps more for newbie content writers.

    1. Hi Tessa thanks for your comment and welcome onboard here using keywords in our articles are always important but we should not use them for the sake of using we must also provides quality post to atract and keep our readers.

  3. Good info Siddharth. Creating search engines friendly articles is a must for any niche blogger. I’ve been following most of your tips as mentioned in this post. The only thing which bothers me with these search engine friendly articles is that at times, I feel I am moving away from my natural tone which is so very important to keep you readers engaged. No doubt, you need your keywords to be placed in your article but finally it should all look natural. One thing I have found that when you speak about quality articles, you need to think beyond SEO and you should put all your effort in writing for your readers. There has to be a natural flow of words instead of forced flow. And taking breaks while you are writing your articles, I think it is not a bad idea. A little break in between will surely refreshen you for better blogging.

    1. I do understand you Aswani sometimes to focus on Seo friendly articles we often lost our personal touch but we need to try and get that balance of writing seo friendly post and keeping our personal touch.

  4. Search engine friendly article are really needed for getting good results. I do agree with you in all the points. Yes quality is the major thing while we are preparing articles and giving 2 to 3% key word in the article and each time fresh content will give a good sense of article writing. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

    1. Good quality articles are the best way of attracting organic traffic and keeping your readers loyal to our blog and we must never forget to make sure that our articles are written in a clear and concise way.

  5. I am new to your blog and am happy to have found it!
    I agree with you on most parts. But for me I do need to take breaks as it keeps my mind a bit more fresh. I tend to struggle a bit when writing for content and these breaks help me focus on keeping a good flow of content for SEO and the readers.

    Thank you for this post. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks dave good to have you here and a warm welcome to you i hope to have you back again and nothing is wrong if you take a brek when writing a post if that is the way you are more comfortable then do it.

  6. Sometimes it’s hard to seo-write good article and like @Aswani said you can move away from your natural tone when doing that. Anyway, when you keep that SEO in mind it always helps.
    PS. I like to write at the evening or night, when it’s quiet, I play relaxing music and then it just flows naturally…

    1. That is a great time to write post when it is quiet and with less distraction it makes it much simpler and easier when you are in a comfort zone Thanks for your comment.

    1. Thanks for your visit and a warm welcome to my blog i do hope to see you around again and thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate.

  7. Nice art, very usefull science. thanks. I hope that in future will be more articles about this subject:)

    1. Thanks for your input and welcome to my website hoping to have you around more often your visit and aprticipation is greatly appreciated.

  8. Hi Siddartha,
    I actually do the third tip you stated here in your post. When I start to write an article, I make it a point that I don’t get distracted so that I can finish it in one sitting.
    I also agree with Shinigami on the website design mistakes. I like blogs with fonts that can be read easily and the colors must not be too flashy to the eyes.
    While I don’t know much yet on the part of optimizing keywords, I write based on how I talk to my readers, not for the sake of the search engines.

    1. That is how you should write Johanna we should always write for our readers not for search engines after all it is our visitors that matters most. On the point of trying not to get distracted that is the way i prefer to write when i am alone or travelling.

  9. Does your organization show up on the first page of results in search engines like Google or Yahoo? The content and structure of your website can have a dramatic effect on how easily potential constituents can find you via search engines.

    1. A very good question and yest there are post that will always get to the fist page of major search engines and ranked well for certain keywords or keyword phrases. Thanks for your input.

  10. Hey Siddarth,
    These are some of the good points you have mentioned in here. In my opinion, keyword research is necessary to get people to one’s doorstep but quality articles will keep them coming for more.
    Not to say that keyword research is not important. It is what brings the visitors in first place.

    Great piece of writing.

    1. You are abosloutely right keywords are what attract search engines to our door steps but we need the top notch information to keep the visitors there and have them spreading the word to others.

  11. Very nice tips! I always felt that it is quite hard to get the medium of rich keyword article while making your post more informative for the user. I feel that the basics, through experience, can make your blog grow faster.

    1. Thanks Roberta i am glad that you found the tips useful and you are right sometimes getting the balance between keywords and information can seems a bit daunting however what i believe is that we should be ourselves and just right naturally.

  12. Hi Lawmacs,
    Siddartha has written a very good article about SEO.
    Keyword Enriched Real Content is the simple and one line rule of SEO.

  13. Quality really plays a vital role in search engine. You have to make sure that it’s keyword rich without sounding like a machine. Remember that you have to consider your readers point of view as well – not just search engines.

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