Blog Marketing: How Much Money Can You Make?


December 27, 2011 , ,

Blog  MarketingWhen you are using blog marketing to make an income, really the amount of money that can be made is something that you determine. You are in charge of the amount of work that you put into it, and therefore in charge of the amount that can be earned. Of course, the more you do, the more you can possibly make. The old saying, “If you build it, they will come”, is one that is not true in the marketing world of the internet. Not only do you have to build it, you also have to market it and promote it. You have to get your blog out there so that people can find it and know that it exists.

Blog marketing is not something that will give you a limited income. The more you promote and market, the better your chances of making money or more money. Lets say you all ready have a blog set up. You are promoting some services and products through your blog, and you are making a nice little effortless income. Well you want more income; you want to make more money with your blog. What do you do? You promote it more. Maybe you can start with the paid blog directories and submit your blog to those. Investing some of the money that you make is a great idea, especially if you are looking to increase your income.

However, there are also many free tools that you can use to promote your blog as well as techniques.There is the comment section that is on just about every living blog on the internet. The comment section is a very useful and powerful tool that you can use to get visitors back to your blog. For example, lets take a market like model airplanes. You have a blog on model airplanes, and you want more traffic. Well, the first thing that you would need to do is to find a blog that is about airplanes, or models. You can even use your direct market if you wish which are model airplanes. Once you have found an authority blog that gets traffic, and comments on a regular basis, you can leave comments as well. Leaving comments with a link back to your blog will give others that read the high authority blog a way to get to yours. If your blog is of interest to them, they may even bookmark it, and become a regular reader.

If you are not all ready, be sure that you update your blog regularly. Doing so will allow your readers to know when they can come back to your blog for new content. Let them know how often you are going to update, and stick to it. If you tell them you will be updating once a day, do so. Or you just might end up with readers that will not follow you because they can not depend on you to give them what they are looking for; new fresh content.

When you use blog marketing to make money, the sky is the limit. The amount of money that you can make is determined by you, and something that you set. The more work and patience that you put into it, the more money you will get out of it. Whether you are promoting your favourite things, or someone else’s, do it with a passion for the best results.


30 thoughts on “Blog Marketing: How Much Money Can You Make?”
  1. Hi…i am from Bangladesh, am a new internet user, first i knew that how earn money from the internet, really am so happy. I will try it soon. Great informative blog Blog “Marketing: How Much Money Can You Make?” . I will also to my all friends about this blog tomorrow.

  2. Hi your point is right you can earn more if you want to work but Just as your mental hard drive and do a little comment will only benefit you’ll And then the person is so hard to achieve happiness. Thanks

  3. How often do you think is best to write a blog post? You mention once a day in your article but I’m not sure if I can manage that, at the moment its 2 – 3 times a week but I’d like to do more.

  4. I try to add articles on my sites that have traffic for the “name of article”
    Like – If your article is titled “How to tune your Guitar” go to Google KW tool and find out how many searches are for that KW.

  5. Great article and very true. There really isn’t a limit to how successful a blog can be. I’ve seen some tech blogs that are supporting 5+ people full time. It’s an exciting time to be a blogger =)

  6. Ask the top pro’s how much they are raking in and they will never tell you. What you will notice is a nice diversification of products sevices being offered. They have found a way to profit a little at a time in lots of ways. Clicks do add up.

    Good post.

  7. Ways to make money online, search for it and you’ll find hundreds of them. Some are legitimate and real methods for making money online and others are scams and get rich quick schemes. In this post, you will find 53 legitimate ways to earn money online working from home, from making money with affiliate programs, blogging and freelancing to making money on eBay, online surveys, GPT programs and many easy ways to make money fast.

  8. Pick a niche that interests you and base your blog around that niche. It will make it a lot easier to make money blogging if you are actually interested in what you are blogging about. P.S. But also make sure the niche you pick is a profitable one, so people will actually buy what you are selling.

  9. What are your new years business goals for 2012? Is one of your new years resolutions to start a blog, and learn how to make money blogging?

    Maybe you want to learn how to be a profitable affiliate marketer? And learn how to make some extra spending cash in 2012 and well beyond by starting a blog?

    Top bloggers can make upwards of six figures a year easily, with some bloggers even making millions of dollars yearly just by blogging.

    What does it take to earn that kind of money blogging? Hard work, fresh unique blog content and a lot of it. And also learning new internet marketing tricks on a continuous basis. Do you have what it takes to be a highly profitable blogger?

  10. Niche research is the most important part in my opinion. With the right niche, you can rank fairly easily while also making some decent money. I find that tracking is also really important. track every dollar you spend as well as spent and revenues made.

  11. Social Media is the best platform to make your blog go viral for free. It is also important that the content is unique and of good quality.

  12. I think Social Media is the best platform to make your blog go viral for free.It is also important that the content is unique and of good quality.And one thing is that if you promote your market than make a good money..

  13. Thanks for sharing….. I get good information from this post…. Social Media has Great stage at present..

  14. You are absolutely right that Blog marketing is not something that will give you a limited income. The more you promote and market, the better your chances of making money or more money.

  15. Those people are thinking to get income from the blog marketing then i would say your post will be a perfect suggestion for them. This is actually right what ever you say in your site. This is true that social media and the quality of content are both important in the blog marketing field.

  16. Great! This page must be also read by other people. It contains a lot of useful ideas where everybody will benefit. Two thumbs for this post.

  17. Trustful information about that how to make money by “Blog Marketing” and i am determine with the poster or informer that any people can make money easily from the net, only need to learn the tips at this blog. So, i will tell also to my friends right now about this blog…

  18. You are in charge of the amount of work that you put into it, and therefore in charge of the amount that can be earned. Of course, the more you do, the more you can possibly make. Thanks

  19. In a blog marketing two things are very important and they are good content and interesting side. If someone wants to go this field your he or she will get more help from your article. I completely agree with your thoughts. Social media is really helpful to make a blog marketing in high speed.

  20. It would always depend on the work you put in. you reap what you sow and if you put in a lot of time and work efficiently, you are bound to earn more with blog marketing.

  21. I agree to most of the comments here. Blog marketing does not easily drive in profits. You have to first work on it and the results will depend on how you are dedicated to work on it. I have witnessed a lot of blog marketers and they have achieved success after 3 to 6 months, with pure hard work and dedication.

  22. Rightly said. But its not easy. Marketing consumes a lots of time. Even with adwords i m not getting enough views

  23. I use several blogs as well as other avenues to promote my business. First you have to choose a good blogging host. There are several free ones, and I will be glad to refer you to a couple of my favorites,

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