Get More Hours Out Of Your Day – Essential Time Management Tips For Internet Marketers


November 17, 2011 , ,

Internet marketing is an unusual job. You’ve got nobody to answer to except yourself and your destiny is in your own hands. This is an especially cool situation considering how bad the economy is right now. But once you’ve gotten rid of your day job and you’re starting to make money online, you’re troubles have just begun – How on earth can you manage your time!?

Have you caught yourself complaining that there aren’t enough hours in the day? There are actually plenty of hours and then some to spare. You should be spending several focused hours working, and then hitting the beach, playing with the dog, or taking long, aimless walks. The problem is that so many of us get our online businesses going, and then can’t get away from them.

Fixing this problem is all about learning a few simple time management techniques. Here are some good time management tips from a successful Internet marketer. They’ll lower your stress level and they just might save your life!

Prioritize And Be Realistic

Each day, make a list of things that need to be done from most important to least important. I recommend following this list and starting with the most important, but lots of people say that it’s better to tackle the toughest things first. Following the list works for me because let’s face it; you don’t always get everything done.

And that’s alright as well. You should be realistic when you make your daily list. Can you really write 10 articles, get 15 high-quality backlinks, add 30 new list members and create accounts on 35 social networking sites in one day? I don’t know how much coffee you drink, but I definitely can’t.

The point is that sometimes (or most of the time), you have to let things slide. Otherwise you’ll go insane with stress and then you’ll never get anything done.

One Thing At A Time

One of the biggest mistakes I see newbie marketers making all the time is that they do too many things at once. They have 6 great money-making site ideas with awesome keywords, and they start building them all simultaneously. Each site is your baby and it takes lots of tender loving care. Building 6 sites at once means doing 6 times the work that’s humanly possible.

Instead, you should build one site, get a good measure of traffic and income from it, and then start your next one. This is how successful Internet marketers work. They more-or-less give their full attention to one site at a time until it’s up and running.

I have 3 very successful sites. The first one is an iContact coupon site that also has VitalMax coupons and Fathead promotional codes. Before I got started on building my next site, I made sure that there was steady traffic coming to this one that was getting me a few sales. I wasn’t raking in a million bucks before I started the next, but just enough money that I felt like it didn’t need as much babysitting.

Outsource What You Don’t Like

Outsourcing and automation are essential in working online. Lots of people wonder when you should start outsourcing. The answer is, of course, whenever you’re ready. I’d start outsourcing whenever you can afford it. However, it’s important to only outsource tasks you’ve one yourself. That way, you understand what’s involved, how much time it takes, and what you should be able to get for your money. You also can tell whether the job is done right or not.

For example, if you’ve never build backlinks and you outsource it, they might be getting you ‘quality’ backlinks on link swapping sites. You’ve just thrown away a pile of money and probably hurt your site ranking.

Take Lots Of Breaks

Finally, take lots of small breaks throughout the day. This prevents burnout and keeps you focused. Sometimes, the best time management technique is to get away from the computer and not think about time for a while. Just don’t let your breaks turn into whole afternoons!

About The Author:

Mike Ferris is an Internet marketer and online entrepreneur. He writes tech blogs about software coupons, discounts and special deals. He currently writes about Fathead promotion codes, iContact coupon offers, and VitalMax coupons. He can be reached at


46 thoughts on “Get More Hours Out Of Your Day – Essential Time Management Tips For Internet Marketers”
  1. yeah, management of time and its right utilization is necessary when you are doing your own job and also started online business. Most of the people used to fail to prioritize the work which require with correct sequential execution.

  2. Nice points, I think it’s really important to have calculated breaks through out your work as it helps you keep fresh and do your work with passion. Working on computer for continuous hours can cause strain on your eyes so keep washing your eyes at least 2 times while you are working on computer it helps you to keep your eyes relaxed.

  3. Well, If you’ve proper time table before starting your work then it certainly helps you to manage your time efficiently and you can done many things in limited time period.

  4. Time management is necessary and take one step at a time. And don’t forget to pause and take a deep breath if you feel stress.

  5. hello
    nice article i love it thnx for sharing your ideas you have given the wonderful advices in your blog i like your blog good work keep it up.

  6. If you make to know time management then sure you can become successful person because you can get your aim very easily. Some people are not managing time so that they are go to back.

  7. I agree with you that internet marketing is an unusual job. It is also tedious and time consuming since you have to consider a lot of things. Time management is indeed necessary if you want to be successful. What works for me is planning my day ahead in order to avoid distractions. Outsourcing your work is also a great way to be time efficient. You can look for freelancers at bidding sites like odesk and elance.

  8. Great advice for sure, Mike. I am often at loggerheads with my own will power or lack of it rather, tending to procrastinate dull, boring or difficult things for later and sometimes later never comes. Although I am getting better at strengthening my resolve and doing the more demanding stuff out of the way first every day, sluggishness often creeps in, especially when I’ve had no choice but to stay up all night working on something urgent, for example.


  9. wonderful writeup, tips will not only help internet marketers but managers and bloggers too.

    following you in twitter/facebook

  10. Being an online marketing as daily work.entrepreneurs must need to control their daily activities with planned ideas .i.e meditation,regular excerise and a few minutes walk can make you think and work in healthy manner

  11. Thank you for your valuable post about time management. I found all the tips are so much important if any internet marketer really wants to be successful. I highly appreciate one of your point, that is, most of us compare ourselves as like as a machine forgetting our limitations because of being human being. Only for maintaining such nature we dare to start more than one job at a time.

  12. These are some valuable tips. The common mistake most new marketers make is they try to accomplish as many things as possible in a day, and usually go overboard, in the hopes that these efforts will convert into cash quickly as well. One has to expect early in the beginning that this does not happen. It’s not surprising why many give up just after a couple of months. Take your time, outsource, and enjoy what you do.

    Mel Melhado

  13. I am a bit disagreeing with your point for – Outsource What You Don’t Like. There are many other blindfolds of outsourcing. I have seen many companies which are more providing quality work while you outsource it at cheaper rates. You can produce better results from outsourcing if take an extra care.

  14. I usually manage my time by identifying my prime, it is the time when i can do things best. I usually do the tasks well in the morning that is the time when i will write the article, build my link or improve my existing site. I usually maintain this time to not have any other tasks except the one that will contribute more to my site improvement.

    I begin the tasks by setting the clear goal about what should i do, for example write a 700 words article about decision making, submit to 5 directory sites, or post 5 reply to the forum. This enable me to stay focus with what i do and eliminate any kind of unrelated tasks that could waste my time.

  15. Great article Lawmacs really an useful information in the current scenario this blog will definitely help many business people to think over and work . Time is one thing that will never come back and it must be utilized in an efficient way and your tips toward time management is really nice . Thanks for sharing

  16. I agree with Shabnan thats very good ideas for newbeys, because you don’t know what to do 1st and how many time you must spend to certain jobs. Thanks for the great info.

  17. Time management is one of the most common problem of many internet marketers. Having a flexible time for work is not always an advantage especially for people who are not good in managing their precious time. These tips are really helpful in making the most of our time and becoming productive.

  18. This has been a very helpful post, thank you. I am guilty — I do several things at once and there are times I fail to ‘meet my goals’ in all those things. After reading your post I realized that I should take it one at a time and not focus on too many things all at once in order to have better chances of success.

  19. There are some days that I feel like I bit of more than I could chew. You are right – we do create our own pressure by creating unrealistic goals. Using these tips will help be become more productive and a lot more relaxed. Thanks!

  20. “too many things at once” – the epic fail! I always try to make myself do one thing at one one time but it’s almost impossible! Every time I think that this link or letter will not take much time I’m failed because it fritters my time only

  21. Time managing is one of the most difficult and underestimated activities of each business. Everyone knows that Time is Money, but not everyone spends some minute of their days to consider how to plan their time.
    Planning is the key, in my opinion, even if it’s not as easy as it seems. Planning means organizing, thinking, evaluating and choosing as well as being prepared to face possible problems.
    Only this way you can use your time properly, doing one thing at a time without thinking of what else you should do when you are doing your current activity.
    We live in a multitask time, but we are programmed to do one thing at a time. At least if we wanna do it right.

    Ciao from Italy


  22. Important tips for internet marketing…the key is to occupy with only 2-3 projects and see what it converts better.(you should have big experience in order to occupy with more projects and have results…)
    You should get in detail for every project that you occupy,spend a lot of time,work very hard and see the results…
    If you do not get results you simply continue to another niche…and you should never give up…
    Thanks for sharing this info admin..

  23. Thanks for sharing such post. hope this post will provide a mile stone for blog readers.blogging as jouralism tool open new window in this field sports news Blog

  24. You are defenitely right with what your saying here, all of this above reminds me very much of what the author or “The 4 hour workweek” states in his book 🙂 And then the name resemblence – Mike Ferris vs. Tim Ferris – Coincidence? No blaming here – I love it when people inspire other, they must have a source themselves!

  25. Time management is very important specially in doing certain task so that you can finish your work early and spend more time to yourself..

  26. Sometimes it’s hard to manage our time because we do many things one at a time.. it turns out we did not finished anything.

  27. Learning to focus and gaining self discipline really is the biggest obstacle for those employed online. Thanks for the wisdom, it is appreciated!

  28. Internet marketing is an unusual job.
    Most required thing to earn expected results with online marketing for any niche.

  29. Make sure you figure out an effective way to track outsourced work – sometimes managing those workers can be just as time consuming as doing the work would be. If it’s going to be an ongoing activity, have a process in place to track everything as simply as possible.

  30. It is really important to have time management in internet marketing. It is really important and useful. Thank you for updating.

  31. I completely agree whatever you say in your post. In those days we have to learn about time management in every path. We need to finish our work with in time, so time management about internet marketing is also important. For this your article is really unusual and also informative.

  32. Time management is really important for everyone especially in present context. If you make a plan to do so within a time frame and fail to follow that then there will be less chances for success of that plan. So, it is important to follow on plan and even within the time to improve success rate.

  33. Yes you are right. managing time is very much important.
    thnx for sharing your ideas you have given the wonderful advices in your blog.

  34. Wonderful article. Setting daily goals is extremely important. They need to be realistic, which reminds me of the old saying “Everything takes longer than expected, except for fun”. Speaking of building several sites at once – it can be done and is probably not a bad a idea because its diversification of (possible) income.

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