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<p>Content is all about Search Engine this is what we as bloggers work very hard to achieve, getting good ranking means having  fully optimized pages but we often forget that we should write for readers and not Search Engines, yes when writing your content your readers should be priority and when designing your website your design should take Search Engine in mind. Before you digest this i must emphasize i am no expert neither with search Engines nor Website Designing i just share my opinion which are solely mines and also my experience with my readers. now lets get back to the main purpose of this post.</p> <p>Creating unique content is very important for our blogs, using keywords, Bold texts and keyword rich titles are all important factors for search engine rankings and these also helps your readers identifies the importance of the topics.</p> <p>Ask most Bloggers and writers they try as much as possible to include Keywords in their post, we al realize from some time ago that the inclusion of keywords in your posts is very important, However the key factors here is to ensure that your content is unique and readable for your readers however they are humans not robots and most readers will agree with you that having unique content is what makes your blog great.</p> <p>Content is King how many times have you read that ?,well i am letting you in a little secret never forget that  king needs a Castle, this is where your Design skills play its part. With that said it is fair to say that your website design is the second most important area of concern for your blog.</p> <p>Designing for Search Engines is where your SEO skills or your knowledge can and should play its part. Writing brilliant content is great but not having your pages indexed is a disaster it is like having a blog without content or writing rubbish. Having a sitemap and good structured navigation are prerequisites of a good website design. Another factor is that text based navigation should be preferred to flash or JavaScript structured navigation if your website is design using flash you should always place navigational text base links at the bottom of your website to compensate the flash ones. This will make it easier for the bots to follow and index your pages.</p> <p>Keywords Placing these in the first paragraph is advisable this gives the belief that search engines place emphasis on this and also when the content is place closer to the top of your pages. The two main layouts seen today is the navigations on the left content on the right or the opposite where the content is on the left on the navigations on the right whatever layout you choose is a choice of yours the main focus should be that your pages are design that they are easily crawled and indexed.</p> <p>The main purpose of optimizing your website is to ensure that your contents get index by all the major search engines and also the lesser ones. Writing unique and readable content should be at the top of your agenda and secondly designing your pages in such away that  they are easily indexed should be every website owners main goals. I have said my views now leave your comments have your say and remember to retweet of share on twitter.</p> <p></p>
bloggers be productive

Bloggers tips to be productive you having a laugh, no I am serious here. Bloggers we should all be productive after all you are offering a service. We need to spend our valuable time on the things that benefits us most, the things that brings better results to us as bloggers. Now let us look at the meaning of Productive as defined by Wikitionary Capable of producing something, especially in abundance; fertile; yielding good or useful results; constructive; Of, or relating to the creation of goods or services; remember that your blog is your business so you need to treat it that way.
So, bloggers are you productive? I am not trying by any means to imply that you are not but merely saying, stop take a look at yourself what are your productivity level?The time we spend do we spend it wisely? That is another question to ask ourselves. Here are some tips to try and be more productive some of them you might have been doing so if you are continued to do them and if not start doing them.
Un-follow non followers – Why you might ask? Put it this way all the tweeters that you are following their updates appears in your timelines clogging our space and if they are no following you back it is a one sided affair. Why should you have to scroll all those tweets when they don’t see yours? Good question the answer is simple you choose to follow them so it is your choice to stop following them. Each blogger should support each other, don’t waste time with selfish tweeters who don’t have time for you.

Unsubscribe Form that mailing list – The money is it the list a famous sales pitch on the internet but who makes the money from the list is it you? No not this time you did not build this list you merely subscribe to it well at least I hope so. I realize that this is a delicate topic here, but why subscribe to something that is of little or no use to you? I am not saying to go and unsubscribe form everything just those that you don’t read, those that is not of any benefit these are the things stopping you from been productive
Choose Your Fans – Face book the most popular website today we build fan pages we become friends with people from the four corners of the earth but how much of them visit your site? How much of them even comment or like your links not many. So choose the ones that are of similar interest to you. Don’t waste time creating friends for the sake of number same with twitter? Do you think you are productive as a blogger? Share what measures you take to ensure that you are productive I really love to hear you honest views here.


27 thoughts on “Bloggers Be More Productive”
  1. Good question Gary. As for me, I almost read 20+ articles over the Internet daily, and it might seem unproductive to some (though it’s really part of my job), but I do apply what I mostly learn from reading, so I guess as a blogger, I’m still productive even I spend the whole day reading things as long as I get to apply what I learn, that’s what’s important after all. I also get to observe other blogger’s style through just reading their posts, and I the best thing about this is that I get to learn a lot from them indirectly.

    1. reading Articles is a must for us as bloggers sometimes that is how we find motivation to write and get ideas for other articles and also that is the corner stone of my Round Up Features.

  2. Solid tips to better productivity Garry. Wasting time without being reciprocated is not spending your time wisely and time lost is productivity lost. All this together is also money lost. I have been on the sphere for a while now and believe it or not I have yet to create “my own list”. For some reason I am not convinced yet. I set up a separate email account just for my subscriptions to ensure that I do not dedicate too much time on it.

    1. Hi Ditesco Thanks for your warm words and glad you found the tips interesting I must say it is always a pleasure to have you here and Glad to see you up and blogging again

  3. Cool tips and a very thought provoking post 🙂 .Regarding twitter followers i don’t follow followers from my own niche.

    I don’t have an email subscription account and don’t dedicate much time on going through the promotional emails .

    1. Hi Shabnam seems like you already got your priority right just keep on doing what you are doing as steve mention a good idea would be to have a second account for this perposes

  4. I agree. Most interactions should be two sided. If you are doing all the giving and someone else all the taking it is not a healthy relationship.

    There are people on twitter That I simply want to follow. Real industry leaders, not my “peers”. I find having a seperate twitter account works well for that. It is slim and only contains those 20 people that I want to hear from but do not expect to ever follow me back.

    Other than that I give people three days to follow back and they are gone

    1. Steve you made a valuable point about having two seperate account on twitter that is a great idea and yes i agree with you there are people that we follow and don’t expect them to follow back Thanks for your comment.

  5. Well, it is an unfortunate truth that very few bloggers are actually productive. Most bloggers have no idea how to monetize or how to build to their success, whatever type of service or product they offer.

    It is a fact that all of us have to reflect on our blogs from time to time. I my self go through the stats of my blog, which page has traffic, which doesn’t, where did that traffic come from, so I never delete posts but I rewrite a certain part of blogs that have low level traffic and I also engage them in social media again, all in order to increase the productivity of my blog.

    I advise everyone to do the same.

    1. Its just unfortunate Zarko i blog walk a lot and some bloggers are found commenting on lots of blogs joining lots of social netwoking site nothing is wrong with that but i believe that we need to spend more time on our blog

      1. I agree 100%, we should first focus on the quality and productivity on our own blog, once we take care of that we can increase the productivity by spreading the word so to speak using various marketing methods.

        But the productivity of a certain post will fall if neglected, so from time to time we have to revisit all of our forgotten pages and make them active again, that greatly increases the overall productivity of our blogs.

  6. I have to active twitter accounts: my personal’s account which has my name as handle (@MarlonRibunal) and the other for my blog (@ProductivityBit).

    Although I give both accounts almost the same amount of attention, I tend to take care of my personal account more. Number one reason is it bears my name – my identity. I value the relationships I build with it. My blog twitter account is just that – to build another front for my blog.

    1. Hi Marlon
      Thanks for stopping by and contribute to this post having two seperate account is the best option to go then as you mentioned you pay more attention to the one that matters most. I mus say i am happy to have you here and looking forward to your continue support.

  7. Interesting post. To be a productive blogger, yes…we can follow all your points. Productivity is all about obtaining positive results. As as blogger, I feel we can be more productive by providing quality content on our blog. By writing for the readers first and then thinking about the search engines. Also, we need to create a strong network of like minded bloggers who can visit and comment on each other blogs. This is the most important ask from any blogger. And it is the base for productive blogging. Stronger the network, better will be the productivity. You have to make sure that it is you plus your readers both should benefit from the same.

    1. That is a great way to sum it up Aswani have a great network of like minded bloggers around us is great and as you mentioned quality content for our readers just top the icing on the cake.

  8. You said something very important that isn’t obvious for everyone and is not always necessary..”Bloggers we should all be productive after all you are offering a service.”.
    Being productive, constructing, is very important for all niche bloggers.
    Optimizing blogs for profit only, last few years trend, makes the blogger greedy and spammy rather than productive.
    I still remember doing such a mistake myself..i am glad i did understand this early enough to return.

    Great article mate!

  9. Productivity is always a tricky thing when blogging, one would say that writing content is being the most productive yet the aspects of social media, promotion and engaging readers and others in your social networks is important and being productive as well.

    Too much time can be spent on time consuming tasks like keyword research, analytics, social media communication and then this feels unproductive.

  10. Productivity is always very hard when blogging. In my experience, before to write for the search engines, you have to writing for your own readers. Give useful advices to your readers is the best way to get more subscribers and followers.

    1. Thanks Nicola for those kind words of advice writing for readers should be our foremost priority as google said take care of your visitors and the rest will follow

    1. Thansk for your kind words and i notice this is your first comment here i must say welcome to the community and do hope you find these post useful and looking forward for your continued visit

  11. Productivity is always an unpredictable thing when it comes to blogging, i think writing unique content is more productive apart from all the other aspects of engaging the readers. I strongly believe that this will help you in being more productive. Thanks for the share

  12. Agree, for me its more about not being lazy and getting to work. When I work am productive, getting myself to work is the problem.

  13. This is fantistic information for new bloggers. Productivity is key when blogging, engaging readers and others in your social networks is of the utmost importance. Writing unique content is where the work comes in. Cheers!

  14. I sadly didn’t have yet time to get my mind around guest blogging, but I can at least confirm that networking with other bloggers is indeed a very valuable thing to do, from many points of view.
    Communities like Blogengage and Bloggerluv allows you to get in contact with fellow bloggers on your or other niches, and share experiences and ideas, forming a real community.
    Now I just with I had more time to write enough posts to guestblog as well 😉

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