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October 17, 2010 , ,

new look new serverIt has been a while since i have updated my blog this is a bit unusual for me but the reason was that i have been testing out a new server over the past week or two yes you heard it right. Some times we need to take big step and for me this is a really big one i have moved to a new Virtual Dedicated Server that means i have control right to the root access of this server. This move is big and new to me so be patience while i iron out the finer details, never run one before so at the moment i am testing and chopping things.

Many of you may realize that i am now using a new anti spam plug-in Grow Map anti-spam plug-in is now release and is available for download in the WordPress repository. Gail Gardener has developed this plug-in enhance by the great Andy Bailey  from comment luv. I must say i have been using this plug-in for the past three weeks  and my blog is now spam free since. To answer the question i have received in my inbox about the message that you need to have JavaScript enabled this is because you need to check the box below the submit button stating that you confirm that you are not a spammer.

There are a few of my friends who has changed their blogs’ theme one notable one is Aswani from One stop Blog with a brand new look and a new branding good work buddy and next is the all new dragon blogger with a new look talking about new look Blogcatalog also has a new look but some how feels weird to me appears to be very sluggish maybe that is just me however it some how reminds me of Digg. Robert from Successful affiliate marketing you are up there too and my good friend Zarko from Practical Seo.

The new virtual dedicated server i am running seems okay at the moment however as i have mentioned earlier i am new to this kind of environment so from time to time if you encounter any errors and or problem feel free to contact me at lawmacs@lawmacs.com and let me know whether it be a suggestion or feedback i am happy to hear it.

I must take this time to thank all my friends for been there and helping me building my community and trying to change the blogging world one blog at a time please feel free to leave your feed back and comments and remember help to kill spam WordPress users download the latest anti spam plug-in.


24 thoughts on “A New Look A New Server”
  1. You took a break but seems that you were quite busy with these upgrades. Nice to know that you have now full control over all your stuff. And again, many thanks for appreciating my new theme. Really had to work on it like anything before making it live finally. I am quite happy to see people appreciating it. Thanks so much bro for your constant support. Keep rocking !!

    1. No problem Aswani your site looks great and i appreciated your continued support here a my blog and yes i was quite busy looking at my inbox it is packed with mail needs to clean it up today thanks for your comment

  2. Yeah, I was also wondering why I haven’t seen any post on your blog for a week 🙂

    This explains a lot! I hope you have success with your dedicated server, personally I was thinking of doing the same, but I won’t this year, plus I will try to benefit from your experience, so don’t be surprised if I ask you in a month or two about dedicated servers 🙂

    PS. thanks for the SPAM plugin and thanks for the mention 🙂

    1. Your are welcome zarko the antispam plug-in works like a charm and blocks all those automated spammers if they want to spam they have to visit your log and write personally you are always welcome to ask and any problems i am happy to share my experience with you your blog is awesome my next stop mayne Thesis theme just a thought.

  3. Hi Gary,

    I used a dedicated server about 10 years ago when I ran a very busy game site. It is the way to go but back then it was costing me $250-$300 per month…YIKES! I know the price has become much more affordable and I may eventually make the change myself. Looks like lots of changes going on in the community….change is good and keeps things interesting. 😉

    I do wish you all the best with your new server and I’m certain you’ll do great with it. 🙂

    P.S. Thanks so much for the mention…I appreciate the support.

    1. This one is actually a virtual dedicated server Robert the price is just about 20 pounds per month and i am just testing it loving it so far still need to decide what i am going to do in a couple of days and Thanks to you for your continued support

    1. You are welcome Nicola just seeing what it feels like running on this type of server it feels good at the moment Thanks for your comment much appreciated

    1. Thanks Shabnam for your continued support your presence here at lawmacs.com your are awesome Shabnam. Thanks for your kind words

  4. Hi lawmacs:

    Congrats for the new dedicated server, and the new set up. Improvment always helps to grow in the right direction. I can feel in the air that you sound much relaxed with your blog as you are getting comment and branding yourelf to get more.

    All the best

    Fran Aslam

    1. Thanks Fanz for youe kind words i am jus testing the Virtual dedicated Server at this time depends on its performance i might just stick with it at the moment its doing fine so i might just keep it for now Thanks for your continued support.

  5. I’ve thought about going with a virtual server for my websites but I can’t justify the costs! When you can run as reliable and robust enough environment on a dedicated server from Godaddy, etc… what are the benefits?

    Regardless, good article.

    1. Runing a virtual dedicated surver is not that expensive abd i found it more reliable that the shared hosting at the moment i am just testing it not sure what i will do later although at the moment i am loving it

  6. Hi,

    I like your posts very much that is why i was worried that what happened to you but thanks God now you are back and more over best of luck for your new server

    1. Thanks for your kind words Web designer i was just trying out the Virtual dedicated server testing it and seeing if i can manage it it has been fine so far thanks for your support.

    1. It is just for testing purposes at this moment i am not sure if i will continue with it as i have said it is for trial at the moment i like the idea of having control over my server it is not costly either. Thanks for your thoughts

  7. The same happened with me also when i moved to VPS, i was also playing with new things there and forgot my website for that period. Well as far as spam is concerned Grow Map plugin you mentioned is working very fine for me also and i am also quite spam free now.

    1. Firstly i must say welcome to my website i am very happy to have you here commenting and joining the community sometimes as bloggers we get busy with other things and can not find the time to write that is the same reason why i started web round up.

  8. Well, I am visiting your blog for first time, so i don’t what your blog status in last week. But i want to congratulate you for moving to a new sever. I feel really glad for you to hear that all the stuff are now under control. I hope for some quality update.

    1. Thanks for your king words and welcome to my website and as always i will be providing some quality updates please feel free to check back as often as you want

  9. Nice post. I also just finished writing up my new article about how web servers work. I am happy to see that other people also enjoy this topic.

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