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Bloggers define yourselfWe all get caught up in this blogging phenomena that has engulf us all because it is an easy thing to do but honestly are you a blogger? Seriously are we bloggers? According to Wikipedia a blogger is “A person who keeps and update a blog” So a blog is a “website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts”. Now is it safe to say that we are bloggers? Not so sure about that bloggers today are more than just blog owners it may be that you are a writer.

I challenged you to define yourself as a blogger. A blogger in my mind is more than just a owner of a blog or an online journal they are passionate about what they do, they are business owners and online entrepreneurs offering goods and or services and sometimes offering tips and tutorials and how to do things.

Starting a blog is easy keeping it up to date with fresh content is another side to blogging. Networking with other bloggers and engaging with your audience is something we as bloggers need to do, Building a social interaction with your fellow bloggers and your commenter’s is a part of the trade. if you are doing this good keep doing it but if you are not then you are probably not a blogger. So define yourself take the self test and ask yourself the question is you a blogger?

What are the characteristic of a blogger you mad asked? Looking back at the above definition of a blog and a blogger then this should paint a clear picture here. We could agree to disagree here a blogger is someone who is passionate, dedicated and has the drive to maintain a blog to a level where the information there is always updated.

Bloggers are far more than blog owners let’s face it anyone can own a blog write anything they feel like it could be absolute rubbish, then this to me is not blogging it is just ranting by someone who feel that they want to write. The web is a worldwide network so if you write online there are endless possibilities here so offer your readers something of value.

So, what makes a Blogger a Blogger? simple a blogger is someone who owns a blog and write for his audience giving them information they can put to use, yes a blog could be use as a place to rant get your feelings out but remember today blogs has become businesses and bloggers has become online entrepreneurs making millions and educating others. We know we can’t all be the Yaro Starak or the Shoe money of the internet, however if you define yourself as to what you are then you can be on your way to success. Now tell me what makes a blogger a blogger

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53 thoughts on “Bloggers Define Yourself”
    1. That is a simple summary of what a blogger is Melbourne Graphic Design the big question is are we always provides these useful high quality and informative content i don’t think so but that is exactly what a blogger is and should do

  1. Blogging also has its burdens. If you doubt it, try coming up with an interesting thought every hour or so, shaping it into a coherent, compelling and carefully worded item and then sending it out into the world for potential ridicule by everyone with a laptop and a point of view.

    1. First let me take the time to welcome you an board Blogging do has its burdens i accept that however having passion or been passionate about what you do as bloggers that can help to ease the pressure just like every thing in life comes with its burdens blogging is no exceptions. Thanks for you comment.

  2. Your are absolutely right. Some people nowadays call themselves bloggers just by owning a blog. Unlike true bloggers who are very passionate about what they do and they love it. Some blog owners ball themselves bloggers when in fact they hire writers for their blogs, as well as writers calling themselves professional bloggers when in fact they are just writers who write articles for blog owners who aren’t really bloggers. The spirit of being a blogger is lost nowadays.

    1. First of all Welcome to my blog and it is a pleasure having you here. I must you said it perfectly some of us are not passionate about what we do we just own a website call it a blog and brand themselves bloggers.

  3. I agree to what Melbourne Graphic Design said.

    Though many tend to disagree but i must say that bloggers are good writers as well ( with exceptions).

    In today’s world a role of blogger is more than just someone who maintains an online journal. A very thought provoking post Gary 🙂 .

    Btw good to see you experimenting with your theme 🙂 . Looking really cool.

    1. That is true Shabnam Melbourne Web grapic Design has put the definition of a blogger in a simple and straight forward summary The role of us Bloggers has changed we now becomes role models and online entrepenuers and with the template i just love experimenting. Thanks shabnam

  4. According to me a blogger is a person who can portray his feelings, opinions, advices and thoughts rightfully into a blog post so that others can read it, comment on it and then he himself can gain knowledge in return. A blog is somewhat for me a Knowledge flow wheel….the rotates and the knowledge passes from one to another

    1. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog you have some it up in a simple and easy to understand manner and as for the blog you certainly hit the nail on the head Thanks for your comment

  5. I as a blogger strongly agree to the idea that that writers wanted to imply. It is indeed true that a blogger is someone who owns a blog and write for his audience giving them information they can put to use. All in all a blogger is concern citizen who wanted to share his knowledge , idea and skills with other person via his write ups in his blog site.

    1. I must take this oppurtunity to thank you for your input and a warm welcome to this site i am in total agreement with you a blogger should write for his audience sharing is knowledge and experience with them not just be there for the money.

  6. Well, nice post. If you are asking me, I think anyone can be a blogger provided he/she has an interest for the same. Blogging is all about self-expression. This is what I feel. And this self-expression can go over anything from personal musings to pro-blogging or niche blogging. For me it is about my self-perception. When I started blogging, it was all about personal ramblings. It had nothing to do with money making. But as time passed by, I could see my definition of blogging in total contradiction with what people usually think of the same especially people in the west. I was told that I should concentrate more on niche blogging as to earn money online like most of the others do. Honestly, I couldn’t decide much on it. But now its all changed as finally I have decided to make it look more serious and profitable. I may not get the desired output but I will keep putting in my best till I get the right output. It has worked out in the past but not as expected. Now, having entered into this niche based blogging, I still have the same desire to keep my blog, a valuable resource for my readers and at the same time, making sure that it is generating me a good passive income if not the best one.

    1. Well said Aswani blogging in a particular niche is great and as you have mentioned most of us started that way i did not started blogging straight away i was more into web design now you see why i change my theme so often Thanks for your comment.

  7. Simply put, a blogger is a person with a passion for blogging, that’s it. Everything else comes and goes along the way, but if the passion is there we are bloggers and we are doing it more for the love of blogging then anything else.

    Like I read on i-Blogger a few weeks back, “are you a blogger, or just a person with a blog?”

    He said it perfectly.

    I believe we define ourselves as bloggers by engaging our community and sharing, giving as well as receiving, if we are only writing for some goal which has nothing to do with passion we are a business person and not a blogger. Bloggers can however have a goal of making money, but without a passion for blogging I think the definition of a blogger falls into water!

    1. Passion is a very important aspect of our blogging Zarko simple put if you are not passionate about blogging then it does’t make sense getting ao board else very soon you will be bored Thanks for your valuable input.

    1. thanks Bishwajeet your two cents is very valid it is all about helping others it may be direct or indirect thanks for your support

  8. Melbourne Graphic Design totally hit the spot, a blogger should always offer quality content which is informative, useful and always fresh not just some article copy pasted from the net. He/She should be passionate on what they do.

    1. First let me take this opportunity to welcome you to this site yes a valid point was made here as bloggers we must produce content that are of value to help of readers contents that we are knowledgeable and passionate about.Thanks for your comment

  9. Nice write up my friend, Since 2002, blogs have gained increasing notice and coverage for their role in breaking, shaping, and spinning news stories. For the first time in the history of modern journalism, the financial and political goals of U.S.-Israeli relations are being analyzed in depth. The Iraq war saw bloggers taking measured and passionate points of view that go beyond the traditional left-right divide of the political spectrum. As for me, a true blogger is someone who really has the heart for blogging and not just for advertising. Thank you for sharing this post!

    1. Thanks for your comments and a warm welcome here Bloggers today should be as passionate as they can and we should voice of opinion in a nutural way and yes you are right bloggers should not be in it just for advertising

  10. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. I do hope you continue your writing to help us more to advance in the field of internet marketing.

    1. Welcome on board Best web Design thanks for your input and i am happy to know that you found the post interesting and your continued support is greatly appreciated.

  11. I also think that being a blogger gives you some pretty great experience about following and predicting trends — you have to be able to keep your eye on the proverbial ball and write about topics that matter to people. And your opinions have to be well researched, and well explained. It’s kind of a communal responsibility that bloggers have to their readers!

    1. Welcome Rachel giving well explan and well research opinion is the right way to go however and this is just my opinion that is where the knowledge and passionte plays its part choosing to blog we need to stick to the topic that we are good at Thanks for your comments hope to see you again.

  12. For me the essence of a blogger is the articles that he/she creates. A Blog has got to have passion and heart. Every blogger has got to love what they do and write what they love. In my experience as a blogger I read articles and blog which I feel has the feelings of the blogger in it and not just simple blogs.

    1. Eriting about what we are passionate about and have the knowledge is two great incredients to success as a blogger bloggers are bloggers when we can deliver that kind of content Thanks for your comments.

  13. Excellent post! Giving useful information and maintaining a fresh write up is what a blogger should do. It is important that a blogger have passion for what he/she is doing so that he could be an effective source of information through his blogs. Through blogging people can share their ideas and at the same time gain knowledge. Thanks for the post! Keep blogging..

    1. First of all let me take this oppurtunity to welcome you on board have passion is the best ingredients to success as a blogger passion is what drives us on

  14. wow Zarko, i totally agree with you. passion is the raeason for succes. if it’s from your heart, you’ll do it perfectly.

    1. I think that is the truth. I mean who can invest 120% into something he is not passionate about? I can’t, I can try but as Gary said sooner or later I will get bored with it. The passion for my blog is what makes me going and thinking up new ideas, the passion is what makes me a blogger 🙂

  15. What makes a blogger a blogger? After visiting way too many blogs I think all it takes is an internet connection and a google account. I think being a good blogger means something different to us all. Some people are happy just posting pics of their kids once every 3 months. Others aren’t happy unless they’re making $3,000/month.

    1. Just having a blog and an internet connection is not just what a blogger is a blogger should be some one who is passionate about what they do sharing information and knowledge with their audience Thanks for your comment and welcome on board

  16. A blogger writes and shares what goes in his mind for all audiences regarding any incident , news , his thought etc passionately . A blogger posts regular entries on a personal or business site and you can blog about any niche like personal , photo bloggers and corporate bloggers . In all a blog is a great way to communicate with other people, and to meet people who share common interests.

  17. If you’re a blogger, you actually need to be yourself. Try to express yourself by means of blogging. You need to work on your blog based on your interest more than just looking forward on your possible earning through blogging.

  18. Excellent write up Autor. A lot of effort behind that post and some really good tips on improving QS – cheers.

    Interesting post, keep the good stuff coming, good content appreciated!

  19. In my own point of view, bloggers are those person who wanted to express their thoughts, idea and concept through their blog sites. In fact, bloggers were able to share, inform and open the eyes of the reader. Another thing is that, blogging is one way of educating person. In general, a blogger is a kind and concerned person.

  20. Good article but I see a lot of grammatical and syntax errors which usually

    result from the use of an article spinner or some type of software.

    A good blogger has to be sure that what is posted is unique but also in a normal

    literary style to the reader. The best bloggers I believe are those that write like

    speaking, in a natural rythmn. I use article content quite a bit but I found out that I still

    had to take the time and fine tune the grammar, spelling,punctuation and especially

    sentence structure and syntax.

  21. According to me a blogger is a person who writes his online diary each day and this diary is the inheritance of the whole world. Whole world can get benefits out of it.

  22. For me. blogging is just like writing in a journal. You are expressing yourself about a certain situation or article. But the only difference is that, in writing a journal you are not looking for your correct grammar, as long as you can express yourself, while in blogging, you need to watch your correct grammar because tons of people are reading your writings and it is embarrassing if you had a wrong usage of a word in a certain sentence. And for this case, I conclude that bloggers are good writers.

  23. A striking topic for all bloggers out there! Thanks for sharing this. I had made myself reflect on this. Well, as a blogger whether you’re a newbie or a pro we must first understand the rules in blogging and we must have a passion in doing certain topic. Bloggers must have a heart every time he writes an article. It is not enough that you have an expertise to that topic but you must also consider the type of audience you are dealing with. I think a real blogger is capable of creating blogs if his main purpose is to help by sharing significant information to all the readers who needed that ideas. Active discussions over your blogs are also part of the big factor to consider yourself a professional and real blogger. 🙂

  24. I have my own blog and it does take a lot of time to add new content to it, but I hope that it provides value to my readers in my niche, as well as good information for clients when they visit my site.

  25. Well a blog is a “website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts”. Great post thanks for sharing it.

  26. Very interesting im just geting into bloging myself. I didnt know it had some much affect with bring traffic to you site since i got into SEO.

    Keep up the good bloging i will be back here for sure..

  27. Yes’m… let’s go back to basics and cover the bases… what is a blogger? Interesting post, actually really enjoyed reading this.

    Sincerely, a fellow blogger (located in Ventura).

  28. You really got good points at blogging and it’s definition. In my opinion bloggers are people who express their thoughts, opinions on topics that he really is passionate about. Blog posts should be fresh, easy to read and interesting.

    Good luck with your blog Garry 🙂

  29. If you ask me…blogging started as something…easy…simple…just posting info on a page where friends could read it.Some form of online entertaining.

    But recently it became more serious than this,the better your blog is,the more readers you have…and like this you can even make some money.It’s became more like a part time job than…what it used to be.

    So if you ask me what a blogger is?It’s a person that blogs just for the fun,the person that when he/she comes home,opens the computers and starts wrinting “You guys will not belive what happend today in the bus…”

    But this is just my opinion.Great article!

    have a nice day

  30. In my opinion, a bloggar is who shares his views with fellow bloggars at regular intervals either through blog or news letter or email or by any other methods.

  31. According to me a blogger is a person who can portray his feelings, opinions and provide quality contents that is fresh .

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