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October 30, 2010 , ,

niche design Blogging in a particular niche can be a bit difficult at times depending on the competition you are facing, choosing the right keywords and optimizing your content is your best bet to out- class your competitors. If you are blogging and your niche is about web design and you tried Google the terms you should have a result of over 10 million results at the time of writing this post. Choosing a niche about web design is very competitive but is this good thing or as some believe it is best to choose niche that are less competitive but commands a great search volume.

Choosing a niche that you are comfortable with is the first, foremost and most important factor you should consider to become successful at it. If you are good or better yet knowledgeable about website design then this makes it better and it would be a good topic to choose for your niche. When you are going to choose a niche for your blog you need to think long and hard about it, don’t and I will emphasize it never choose a niche because it seems easy to write about or the search volume is great. There is more to building a successful niche blog than just jumping on the band wagon. Let’s look at your keywords.

Getting your keywords for your niche is an area that needs good research, blogging about website design is good but don’t forget about your long tail keywords or keyword phrases. I don’t think I need to teach you to suck egg here however keyword phrases for example “lawmacs Web Design Blog” or Web design Firms ask the Seo experts they will agree with me long tail keywords tends to yield better results. Whenever someone searches for a topic on the internet they sometimes refine their searches example, a web surfer living in London searching for a web design firm would refine his search by using the term “Web Design Firm in London”.

Refining of web searches is what gives your long tail keywords the edge searches are even refine to geographical locations not just by keywords. Getting your niche up and running takes lots of planning so what is your niche has you design for your niche? Getting your niche right is the key to your success. Just remember that your keywords are important and plan first design your website to suit your niche getting the basic right from the start makes it easier for you. Have you design for your niche? Or you just change it along the way?


35 thoughts on “Designing For Your Niche”
    1. Thanks Shabnam and happy halloween to you too Google’s keyword tool is a good way of finding keywords for your niche however getting it right is the main thing we must bear in mind and always check to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for.

  1. Designing for a niche is a bit of specific topic, great you mentioned it. It requires plenty of things to be done, not just the keyword research, although keyword research and you familiarity with the topic are two most important aspects that you need to consider before going for the niche.

    1. You are right Zarko getting yourself familar with keywords research is very vital although as you have mentioned that there are other things that needs to be done or consider when heading into a specific niche Thanks for your comment

  2. Solid. Choosing the right niche is very important and will greatly determine your success in the future. I know many people who are good in a lot of things and sometimes make the mistake of “joining” everything together like its a one big happy family. The problem here is that you are targeting an unfocused market and hence making it more difficult to succeed. Choosing your niche based on optimized keywords and using a well designed relevant theme is really the only way to go. thumbs up!

    1. Thanks Ditesco your comment echo the sentiments of a blogger who i know is very experience in this field i must say that i am in total agreement with you having a relevant theme is important.

  3. Nice and informative post. Designing for my niche…well, I had no such niche when I started blogging. It is very recently when I have decided to move over a niche, mostly blogging and related stuff. But nothing special regarding the same. Very honest, I rarely do any keyword research. It is mostly through content research, I find things to write for my blog. And I have been very successful with the same. Still, you cannot deny the importance of keyword research. It is the base for any SEO process. If you are avoiding it then you are certainly missing a lot in terms of traffic. To put it simply, you do not want everyone to be coming and visiting your niche site. You want right people to come over there. And these right people come if you have those right keywords on your site. So, you have to plan your site for these keywords. For the newbies, it is highly recommended not to target keywords which are highly competitive. Better to go for long-tail keywords as these are more likely to get you better traffic. Once you have developed a strong brand and some decent traffic, you can then go after those competitive keywords. Again it depends on various other related things…will take much more time to explain it all here. Only thing to remember, keywords research is very important. Devote some time to know them exactly and then optimize your site for the same, you will then find your site more successful in the niche you are blogging or targeting.

    1. Well said Aswani it is safe to say we need to take a leaf from your book Branding is very important in todays competitive market and your blog stands out. i do agree with you as newbies not to target to much competitive keywords until you are experience and have the understanding and the confidence to do so thanks for your warm comments.

  4. Gary,

    Keyword research sometimes seems like it is everything for setting yourself up to succeed. If you mess that early step up all subsequent work can be wasted.

    It is kinda tougher these days because I think that Google Instant bleeds off a little bit of the traffic that longtail keywords used to get

    1. I head that same argument about Google instant however because surfers sometimes are searching for specific terms and geological location i still believe we can survie using long tail keywords or keyword phrases. thanks again for your comment Steve.

  5. Great post, Gary. Although keywords are very important in designing your niche, it is not the only thing you should focus on. Establishing a strong niche also calls for other marketing efforts as well like having a powerful call to action, marketing message and logo, among others, on your marketing materials. There are other things you can do as well like strengthening your brand identity through exemplary customer service.

    1. Thanks Melbourne Graphic these are the types of comments that are very inspiring that keeps me motivated to write and yes you hit the nail on the head finding the keywords alone won’t solve everything your Marketing stragedy is very important also.

  6. I think this blog is really useful to our general knowledge and informative. The information about the topic are good. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and i must take this oppurtunity to welcome you to my blog and looking forward for your continued support here

  7. Hi lawmacs:

    Yes designing a blog is entirely different skill than using key words for your blog post,
    but both are to be done proerly to have an optimized blog. Bloging in your niche you have to have specific key words.

    lawmacs you are right on target and know your stuff. Call to action is the only final goal of a niche, as far as I know.

    1. Yes you are right there too Fran call to action is the key ingredients that missing for this piece of puzzle here that is the final piece that when put together will make your effort worth while.

  8. Choosing the right niche is the first rule to follow if you do not want lose your time with your blog, after.

    The simple step I follow when I search a niche for my next blog are:

    1) Determine if the niche has a huge volume and it is low competitive. I usually use the keyword tool of Google to do it.

    2) Check up how many post you can write for that niche. One of common blogger problem is that they can’t find new topic for their next post.

    These are two very important point will greatly determine your success in the future.

    1. Getting the next topic for yoyr niche is very important that is why it is best to choose the niche you are familar with that makes it easier for you to write your next post thanks for your informative comments much appreciated

  9. Low competition keyword choosing is very important to get the significant search traffic but if you have a lot of time and ready to hard-work, the high competition keyword is better since usually the paying is more.

    1. Hi Dana Glad to have you here its been a while i must say i totally agree with you choosing competitive keywords is very important to get better search results thanks for your comment

  10. my niche is florida travel photo blogging, those three words all have high ranks, but together i rule the results!

    1. Welcome to the travel niche is a good niche to be in as more and more people makes holiday a priority today good luck and to your success Thanks for your comment.

  11. Excellent post I agree completely that the website design industry is very competitive, its probably the most competitive even with proper keyword research, getting a spot in the top ten is an extremely difficult task your only hope would be to resort to long tail keywords I appreciate your post please keep providing more of these

    1. Hi Cipro Welcome to my blog and thanks for your warm words and you are right the web design niche is very competitive so your best bet is choosing keyword phrases this should help to get amoung your competition.

  12. Hi Gary,

    I’m back;-) Finally got caught up with all the things I’ve been neglecting and now I can spend more time doing what I like most….blogging and social networking.

    Your article is very informative and right on the money. It will be extremely useful for the “newbies”. The time and effort you give to researching a niche is one of the most important steps you must take towards becoming a success. It is even more of a factor if your goal is making money online.

    If you are blogging about a topic you are very knowledgeable about and spend the time researching keywords (lots of free tools out there) you have a winning combination to start down the right path to becoming successful.

    Thanks for providing us with another outstanding article!

  13. Good understanding blog to everyone. Really interesting story give more details about that. Thanks for this sporty blog articles with pictures.

  14. Very Well Written Article, Search right Niche is Really an Important task for Staring any Thing, But If you have two Similar Niche, then Which Niche Should I Prefer More …

  15. Selection of Niche is Very important in every field, Do Strongly Focus on it Before Switching to Next Step.

  16. I think with something with as much competition in blogs as web design, that one trick might be to go uber-niche, and only write about a very specific area of web design, eg write a blog specifically about colour in web design and nothing else.

    The smaller the area, the more detailed you have to go into a subject, which can soon make your site an authority one.

  17. Depending on the size of your niche, getting a good ranking can be very difficult, near impossible or very simple. My niche (window cleaning) is so small blogwise that it took very little effort, but in the same breath the audience is tiny. I can only imagine the level of traffic a high ranking web design blog would receive.

  18. Although I think designing require a little bit of technical knowledge,which an average bloggar might not have, however this is an excellent post and I really appreciate it.

  19. Writer have a great writing skill, key words research is part of onsite is very important for good seo.If we talk about design this also play a key role for costumer.If your site is very attractive than you will get great bonus rate and impression.thanks for sharing excellent post…………..

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