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April 18, 2011 , , ,

I guess you might be wondering what the hell this blogger is talking about; well this is a bloggers call seeking your assistant. You all know or hear about the latest Google update and we all need traffic to our blog at the beginning of the year this was one of my goals, to get more traffic. What is the idea behind this? The truth is that I never get much traffic from digg so I want to change that by running this experiment and all you have to do is digg this post and ask your friends and neighbours to digg it too it’s that simple.

Why this experiment?

As I have mentioned before I really want to see what the result would look like landing on digg’s front page it is always set that if your story make it on the main page of digg then your server will have to bear the consequence. I am willing to take that chance. Some might say I am digging my way into trouble but at the start of the year that was one of my goals that I set and that was to get one or more of my post on the front page of digg. Let’s look at it as digging my way to traffic explosion.

Why i Need Your Help?

Blogging is not a one man’s game so I cannot do it alone that is where your help and support comes in. Most of us has a digg account and let us do the math here. I get ten of you to digg this post and each one of you get ten more to do the same that is one hundred and ten digg’s vote and if my memory serves me right I need another forty or so more to get there.

What is the benefit of this?

Another good question, if this experiment works then it goes to show the power of networking and all that can achieve. If this experiment works then we can expand on it by that i mean you could do the same for your blog. What a great way to drive traffic to our blog but supporting this cause. Now let us get the experiment rolling I digg, you digg asked your friend and neighbour to digg and let’s see the traffic goes viral, let us get the server working so now are you up for it?


47 thoughts on “Bloggers Help Me By Digging This Post”
  1. This is really a nice post to read as it teaches something that a person needs to realize in his life. I am glad that you have shared such experience with us.

    1. Thanks Ged Online helping out here is much appreciated this is just an experiment which i would be happy to see works. Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thanks Andreas i do hope it can and i will continue to promote it as much as possible this is one of my goal for 2011 to have a post featured on the frontpage of digg.

    1. Thanks Petra that is much appreciated and i do hope this experiment goes a long way it is not a simple task but keeping the faith. Thanks again for your effort.

    1. Thanks a lot i do hope i can get the votes i need to reach my goal this is just an experiment Thanks for your support and welcome to my blog.

  2. I notice digg is very careful to see if someone is voting from the real site page than the digg site.

    I’m a social active on digg bro, so if you want a digg vote just ask me on chat.

    e.g. Please digg this:

    and I do the job. Of course you have to digg mine as well ;))


  3. I haven’t joined Digg yet simply because I know I don’t have the time to devote to it like I should just yet.

    However, I do appreciate the effort of the experiment. Will you be sharing the results of it after you crunch your numbers and see what effect the extra Diggs has done for your blog? I’d love to see that!


    1. Thanks Delena i do hope this experiment goes a long way i will push it as far as it can and see what the end result looks like i would really love a positive response so lets wait and see.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment i do hope that you play your part and share this post with your fellow bloggers and help support the experiment.

    1. Hi Kristi Wow First of all i am delighted to have you here thanks for your support i do hope this experiment works and see what the real effect it has on traffic.

  4. I just created an account and dugg your post. Great blog by the way! Few minutes ago I reviewed your Alexa article and read all comments there. I was about to leave a comment on your Alexa article but decided to come at your newest post instead :))

    All my best,

    1. That was wonderful Terrans for creating a digg account just to digg this post Thanks for your support and i do hope that you will be around to see the end results.

    1. Thats right but as i have said one of my goals this year was to reach the front page of digg i do use facebook and the others but some times we need to try and diversify our traffic source.

  5. OK. Done. Will love to see what the end result of this experiment will bring. I for one will be very interested to know if the results is what you were expecting. Good luck with the experiment.

    1. Thanks Ditesco will sahre this later if it works i would be really happy especially reaching the front page of digg is one of the goals i set at the beginning of this year.

    1. Thanks adam i will come back later to comment on the result if not will go at it again Thanks for taking the time to lend your support to the cause.

  6. Very smart and intelligent thinking. I have dugged this post of yours and I will surely get my friends to do the same. Hopefully, you should achieve it…placement on Digg’s front page. All the best. Keep up the good work..:)

    1. Thanks Aswani for your kind words this is my first experiment at traffic building and i hope the results goes according to plan Thanks for your continued support.

  7. ..Google wants to know what it feels like to be Digg…Google Labs is testing a new-fangled search page where users can vote on all those links that pop up after a keyword query. But unless you believe in all that Web 2.0 nonsense this sort of user-generated results page makes even less sense…Word of this experiment has popped up but its not open to the web at large.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here with digg you can get some decent traffic if it works fine and you get on the front page which i surely would love to see the end results.

    1. Thanks Gagan Chhatwal i am happy that you show your support by digging this post Thanks again it is much appreciated ad for adding your voice to the debate

  8. The story has been dugged! Lets see if it gets further diggs and climbs up the ladder even more.

  9. Seeing that this started back in April, how did it go? I mean did you set a timeframe for this experiment? Is it still ongoing? Have you reached the front page? If you already have an update for this, I think it would be great if you can link to that update at the bottom of this post. It would be great for people like me interested in what happened. 🙂

  10. I will dugg it too, this is such a great post with lots of information and lessons to learn. Well deserve to be duggin, keep it up!

  11. I’m a social active on digg bro, so if you want a digg vote just ask me on chat. Will you be sharing the results of it after you crunch your numbers and see what effect the extra Diggs has done for your blog?

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