Sunday Post Round Up #16


April 17, 2011 , ,

This is Sunday post round up the feature where I showcase some great post and at the same time giving some link love to the featured blogs. First of all i must say a big thank you to Jason from  Seo Strategies for motioning Sunday Post Round Up in is article which is also listed here, it is the first of the four featured links a post which i highly recommend that you read the entire post there are a lot you can learn from this post. Now it is time for this week Round Up sit back read on and leave your comment and feel free to check out the full post.

(1) How to Get Natural In-Content and Editorial Links An editorial link is a one-way link placed within the body of a content that is given naturally by other websites to specify a resource. Basically, it’s a form of citation on the web, which generally indicates that the destination of the link is the original source of the procured data, idea, concept or statement.getting editorial links In link building, I personally believe that these types of links – editorial or one-way in-content links – are the most powerful and the ones that really carry weight in signalling search engines that a certain content is offering so much value and they should return this piece on their results for people to see.

(2) Deep Link And SEO Search Engines- After Google changed the algorithm last month, I started paying more attention to Search engine optimization. I have been studying it almost everyday, as I want to be ahead of the game. I have changed my professional SEO strategies, simply because I want to depend on myself for my search engine optimization. I realize social influence and bigotry is always chasing human spirit and self sufficiency is the most important key of doing things that earns self respect in my own eyes.

(3) Customize WordPress Admin Panel Using 5 Simple Techniques There is absolutely no doubt with the fact that WordPress is truly one of the best blogging platforms till date. I think it was a big miss from my part to not to choose WordPress as my preferred blogging platform. Instead, I decided to go for Google Blogger, though not as versatile as WordPress, yet surely one of the most user friendly blogging platforms on the web. Often and again, I have been advised to move to WordPress but don’t know why I have never really thought of making any decision over the same.

(4) GLP #3 – How to Optimize to Blog and Convert Search Engine TrafficA lot is going on with the Go Large Project (GLP). It hasn’t made much money. But we’ve experienced a number of breakthroughs that’s pushing this project to the next level. The biggest result comes from what I call a “MWR Blog.” This one concept has produced a number of great results. Specifically we’re getting over 20 subscribers a day from about 300 unique visitors. In my opinion, that’s not a bad starting point.So today I’d like about the MWR Blog. We’ll discuss what it is and how it can help your affiliate marketing business.

Thanks for visiting that is it for this week Round and remember if you have made it this week next week could be you. have your say, leave your comment. Sharing is caring.


24 thoughts on “Sunday Post Round Up #16”
    1. Thanks Shabnam that was a great post written about my favourite blogging platform WordPress and most of us doesn’t take the time to explore the admin option.

  1. Hey Gary! This is a great round up! I’m looking forward to checking out these posts, thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Ileane long time glad to have you back they are four great stuff needa checking out who knows your post could feature here next Thanks for your input have a brilliant week end.

  2. All four points are very nice and bloggers must read them out to get better results . But I am more interested in 4th one :p .


    1. Point four is a great article written by Steve a great writer and blogger with wealth of experience. Glad you love the post thanks for your visit and looking forward to have you here more often.

  3. Hi Gary. Another awesome roundup and truth be told, I have not (yet) seen or read any of them. Will atke the opportunity now while things are still calm 🙂 Have a great day and thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Ditesco i do hope after reading these post you will find them very useful you too have a great week ahead and hope things going good with wordpress junkie. Thanks for your comment

  4. Hi Gary

    Since you are a professional web designer you are always changing your blog and it is always getting best from better.

    You have a wonderful round up. and thanks for mentioning my post in your blog.

    As always, I loved Jason’s post too. I like his blog all the time.

    So. Gary thanks for giving me a good start of Sunday, you have a wonderful Sunday too. You are in UK so, this is your Sunday afternoon.

    Take care

    Fran A

    1. Thanks Fran the reason why i change the site a bit is that i am gradually moving away from using too much images especailly on the from trying to increase the loading time. thanks for your compliment and have agreat week ahead.

  5. Hi Gary, I loved Jason’s article, he goes in depth to explain and that is why I love about him. great round up 🙂

    1. Thanks zarko i do feel the same way about Jason he gives the detail with full explanation and examples you could say he is the perfect teacher.

      1. It’s an honor to be mentioned here in your blog Gary! 🙂 And you have mentioned other good posts here as well. Liked Scott’s tips, very detailed. And I have also read Frans’ latest post, and I just have to leave my insights about it.

        @Zarko. Glad that you’ve liked that post and thanks for the kind words 🙂

  6. Hi Gary

    I enjoy roundup posts cos if I’ve missed any I usually get to find them on these types of posts. Some good ones there so thanks. Have a great week.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  7. your roundup this week would prove so useful to a website designer who is just starting out! very useful!

    1. I think you are right but i am hoping that seasoned bloggers would also benefit from them i am glad that you found them useful. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.

    1. Hey Bro not a problem you wrote about my favourite platform and while we focus so much on our theme we never take the time to learn about the admin panel which we can do so much with.

    1. You are welcome Steve you have written some great post on your blog and sometimes it is hard to choose the one i want to include. thanks for adding your voice to the debate.

  8. Hi Gary,
    This round up of yours is really very informative and educational, although there are some parts in the first two posts that I don’t quite understand fully. I find the third and fourth posts to be very interesting. Even if there are many blogging platforms out there, I’d still go for WordPress.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. hi gary,
    it is indeed great round up,i am with you specially relying only yourself for seo,since the search engines algorythm changing every so often relying only yourself is the best option.

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