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December 12, 2010 , ,

Many of you my friends must notice I am not visible online much of late nothing is wrong at the moment I am just very busy. As many of you have seen I am now running the thesis framework I bought a copy lately, be the blogger I am whenever choose a template or a framework I have to put my stamp on it else I am not satisfied. The reason for me been so busy is that I was trying to customize the new Thesis Framework the way I want it to work not taking anything away from the creator but that is just the way I am.

Thesis is a beautiful framework and I decided to use it now as the blog earnings pay for itself at the moment I believe I would reward my blog with thesis for its Christmas present. Blogging is very time consuming especially if you love to look under the hood so to speak as for me I like fixing things so at some point I will experiment with the code and see what I can come up with.

I started blogging since 2008 although I was online longer than that about seven years now well you can say that I am a little bit on the experience side. Blogging has come a long way and shows no sign of letting up the competition is getting bigger and tougher each day. Blogging is no longer just a place of having a voice it is a place for sharing of information and mostly for some to earn a passive income, which in today’s world is not as simple as it seems. So why am I still blogging?

Making Money – The single and most common reason why most of us have a blog is to make a passive income. This is not as easy as it seems although still possible to earn a six figure income, many of us fail along the way for different reasons. Sometimes we need to make changes whether to how we blog are to our blog but getting the balance is very important here, keeping your blog updated on a regularly basic is important however how often you do this is up to you there is no hard on fast rule to this some bloggers update daily, twice daily, weekly or even fortnightly the key factor here is not how often but the quality of the update.

It does not make any sense updating your blog daily if the content is rubbish this will only drive away your readers. Having a voice and the sharing of information is another reason why I keep blogging I enjoy networking with other bloggers I have meet some great people online I spend more time on blogging than I spend on Facebook .Now I believe I have taken my blog to the next level running a blog Powered by WordPress and Thesis what more can you ask for? I wrote this post asking for your feedback just to let me know what do you think about my Blog as it is are there any features you would like to see and if you encounter any difficulties trying to access this blog. Remember your feedback is important. Thanks for your continued support and blogging that is how I see it. Share your Thoughts!


19 thoughts on “Blogging As i See it”
  1. Welcome back bro. Yes, you seem to be busy like anything these days. Anyways, it is holiday season and so, I can understand. btw, I am loving your new blog theme and the changes you do are worth appreciating as it shows your intent to put it in the best one. Carry on until you are satisfied. About your blogging, I think you have tonnes of knowledge with you and you are doing a great job by sharing it on your blog. You have been very kind and supportive to this blogosphere and this is one of the top reasons why I have always liked you as a Blogger. Keep blogging and Keep sharing your views. All the best !!

  2. Thanks bro i try my best having great friends around like you it gives me the courage to keep on doing what i am doing blogging is my passion i love it and will continue as long as i can. With the new look this is the start of the future for lawmacs. Thanks for your support and enjoy your holiday bro.

  3. Hi. You are dead on the “It does not make any sense updating your blog daily if the content is rubbish”.. Frequency is something that is important and rather than posting crap like you say, better off quality articles regularly. Regularly I say because normally people look for fresh content and as long as you maintain a certain frequency, stick to it.

    That aside, I am glad you have decided to join the Thesis club. As you know my blog is also powered by Thesis and with the help of Hesham, I was able to tailor its looks like I wanted to. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Ditesco this is long overdue and i am loving Thesis theme it is much more easier to customize that i first thought using hooks and functions is the best way to go. Yes i realize that you have been running Thesis and had it customize i manage to do mines myself with a free theme and chop and change what i want still have a few bits to tidy up but that can wait Thanks for your continued support and best wishes for the holiday.

  4. Welcome back bro. Yeah, the challenge for us is how to always create high quality article that useful to our readers. If cannot keep it, it will damage our blog for sure.

    1. Yhans Dana it is always a pleasure to ee you here creating high quality content should always be our aim this is what attracts readers and repeated visitors to our blogs. I hope you have a brilliant holiday Thanks a lot for your support throuhout the year.

  5. You’ve always been doing amazing – and i welcome you back. Are you making any more changes to the design currently? Because it looks pretty good so far 😀

    1. Thanks Peter for your warm words there is not much left to do at this time maybe a few tweaks here and there as i see it fit nothing noticeable i am a design freak i just love a good design so i can’t help but playing around glad you likr the design thanks for your compliments.

  6. “This is not as easy as it seems although still possible to earn a six figure income”
    Sadly not many people think that way. Everyday I stumble across new blogs, just created under a month ago, full of ads and affiliate links everywhere!
    For some reason people think that these ads will generate all the income by themselves, forgetting that they have to get a following to their blog first, and that this takes alot of time and dedication! Doesn’t just happen overnight!

    1. You are totally right most of us believe that atarting a blog and sticking some links on it will bring in the cash but in reality it does not happen that way making a passive income from your blog takes time and hard work. Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog hope this is not your last visit.

  7. Great to see you post,welcome back :). Your blog design is worth appreciating but i know you won’t be satisfied so soon, so carry on unless you get the best.

    Advanced wishes to you on holiday 🙂 enjoy yourself bro.

    1. Yes Shabnam i am back was just playing around with Thesis to see what it is made of finding simpler than i thought Thanks for you continued support here and wishing you a happy holiday

  8. Welcome back Gary! I think your new theme looks pretty good, and you are doing a great job as blogger. Blogging success doesn’t happen overnight, so keep blogging and keep sharing your post.

    1. Thanks Nicola i am back with a new Theme Thesis and ready to take on blogging again and thanks for the encouragement i do realize that blogging success don’t happen from day one we have to work for it and work very hard too.

    1. Thanks for your compliment and i am good to know that you have achieve something from the debate here i do hope you continued to participate here and i can have your continued support.

  9. Hey there! You and I are on the same wavelength. I took some time away from the blog to focus on some other things, too. And I absolutely will not publish garbage for the sake of putting out “something.”
    In 2011, my blog will be updated daily. It’s a commitment I’ve made, and it comes with sacrifice. I know that I will have to treat the blog really as a business and make sure the cash flow structure is sound, otherwise it will take up time that I could otherwise be using to make money.
    I appreciate this post and your openness. Your blog is a lot different than it was when I first came here several months ago. It’s amazing how much something can change in so little time.
    Good luck in 2011!

    1. Wow that is a big commitment you made for the new year it takes dedication to write a new post everyday the best thing about it is that you are looking forward to the new year already Thanks for adding your voice to the debate and have a happy holidays

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    Conroy James

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