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December 27, 2010 , , ,

It is Monday and Round up is a bit late should have been out from Sunday but as the saying goes better late than never. Since this is my first post since Christmas I do hope you all had a wonderful holiday and start looking forward for the New Year. This is the time for “Round Up” the post that features great post from around the web. Round Up features bloggers whom I network with and post that is worth sharing without further delay here are some brilliant highlights for this week round the final one for 2010. Take a look at number one my favourite.

Seo or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most talk about topic on the web however very rarely you read a post which is simple easy to understand and make sense I believe if you are not good at this subject you should not write too much about it. Have a look at this post carefully it is long but worth its weight in gold.

1 -21 Advanced Link Building Strategies SEO constantly evolve, as SEOs around the globe battle it out each day to reach the top of search engine result pages in their respective industries. The competitiveness of today’s marketing over the Internet has progressed and has come a long way, in which traditional methodologies are getting pummelled more and more by ingeniously formulated strategies. It’s evident that creativity is the new weapon of choice and the only possible silver bullet by most seasoned marketers when it comes to online marketing.

2 – 3 Things To Review Before Buying An Established Blog Buying an established blog is a great way to get a head start in making money from blogs. There are many things which the previous owner had already taken care of! Which is why many internet entrepreneurs prefer to buy an established blog rather than developing one? A very important thing to realize while buying a blog is that you should also be comfortable with its niche. Because you should be able to write content as well. The future profitability of the niche and the blog scalability are other factors to be thought of.

Many of us writes guest post however writing guest post is not always that simple but again it depends upon the motive for writing the guest post you should never write just for linking sake make sure you have something to offer. Here is what one famous blogger has to say about that.

3 – Why I Will Not Publish a New Guest Post Today, and like every day I checked my emails and sent some replies, everything seems to be cool, then I opened my blog dashboard to see check guests posts and pick today’s post to prepare it for publishing, and guess what?! I changed my mind!

Read these posts see what they have to offer and leave your feedback and don’t forget to spread the word after all sharing is caring have a happy holiday and Round Up will continue next year bigger and better.

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21 thoughts on “Round Up What Caught My Attention”
    1. You are welcome Shabnam the post was great and worth mentioning the one on famous blogger is one of thos epost which you don’t actually expect to see because by now i belive that bloggers would realize that it is not just about links when writing guest post,

    1. Thanks Aswani i do hope you are having a wonderful holiday and wish you all the best for the new year Thanks for your support and you input here it is much appreciated

    1. Thanks web designer that is what Round Up is all about sharing and highlighting the works of others great to have you here. Thanks and have a wonderful holiday

  1. Thanks for the effort, keep up the good work Great work, I am going to start a small Blog Engine course work using your site I hope you enjoy blogging with the popular Blog Engine. The thoughts you express are really awesome. Hope you will right some more posts.

    1. Sorry but i migrated from blogengine almost a year ago still love the platform it has no reach version 2 still monitor its progress happy new year to you

  2. Thanks for including my recent post Gary! Exceptional list as usual, considering that mine was mentioned haha! Anyway, hope you had a wonderful holiday! It’s time to get more busy this coming year.

    All the best to lawmacs for 2011!


    1. Hi Jason your post was brilliant at first i was just thinking of referencing it alone for this Round Up the post is very detailed and i do hope you all the best for 2011 it was a pleasure having you here

  3. Sweet. Although I already read them all, I will second you on your recommendation. Hesham’s post generated quite a buzz 🙂

    Hope your holidays went well and I wish you and your love ones a very happy new year. More power to you on 2011

    1. Best wishes to you Ditesco hope 2011 fullfil your dreams and beyond you are a true blogger and a friend it is my pleasure having you here Happy holidays to you Ditesco.

  4. I agree with what you said that creativity is the powerful weapon if you wan to succeed in online marketing. One important aspect that search engines love is the uniqueness of your website content. Internet surfers and search engines seek out fresh information every day and if you’re able to provide it to them, there is no doubt that you will catch their interest instantly.

    1. Welcome and you have made some valid point about search engine optimization and web surfers with this competitive world we need to be thinking out of the box to stay on top Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful holiday.

  5. In this guest post shares some insights on guest posting and the 5 steps to make it work for you. I Darren have added a few comments throughout this post also to add to the conversation.

    1. Thanks for your input guest posting is good if you do it right Thanks for stopping by and adding your voice to the debate have yourself a wonderful new year.

  6. Great round up, all three main points mentioned are valid enough.At the same time i agree with one of the comments made on uniqueness and freshness of your website content.


    James SEO Expert

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