Cashew App: Track you’re Finances on Android handsets

cashew appAndroid mobile phones are used for numerous purposes like fun, entertainment, managing your personal and business transactions, etc. If an individual or business wants to manage their monthly budgets they can use the finance apps available. The Cashew app is one such personal finance manager for Google Android. It’s a user-friendly application and has a good user interface. It can be used for tracing your income and expenses; it provides easy transaction entry and generates reports which are easy to study even if you don’t have any existing knowledge of accounting.

The features it supports include:

  • Allowing for unlimited checking of your accounts savings, credit cards, etc.
  • Suitable transactions entry, comprehensive navigation, and filtering support in the register view
  • Allows countless custom reports
  • Numerous currency support

Cashew is being introduced on Brothersoft, which is one of the free leading download sites.

Different versions of the cashew app are:
  • Cashew 1.0.6
  • Cashew 1.0.5
  • Cashew 1.0.4
  • Cashew 1.0.3
  • Cashew 1.0.2
  • Cashew 1.0.1,
  • Cashew 1.0

You can download the Cashew application from the android market (Finance Area). After the application is installed on your device you can use it by clicking the icon.


It can be installed on any android device with firmware software of 1.5 and above. 

Application Use:

While working with the Cashew application you will deal with multiple lists of items, like registers, accounts…etc. You can work on numerous currencies when you’re traveling overseas. In almost every application mode you need to manage a list of items like adding data, editing and deleting the existing data…etc. Working on a cashew list is the same as working with other applications on the Android market. When you go to a particular model on the cashew application like register, currency, accounts…etc. You will see two commands:

  • New: here you can create a new item and add it to the list
  • Settings: you can customize the view or display as you want

Calculator: It’s a user interface widget. You can select it by clicking on the icon. The calculator is very easy to use; for example, by pressing the ‘cancel’ you return to the previous list without saving the calculations.

Use of Accounts:

An account in Cashew is a place where you can store your money or manage your finances. It can act as many financial sources, such as your bank account, credit card, debit card…etc. You can also manage your assets like home loans and liabilities.

In the account you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Name type name will be the same across all your accounts
  • Type: Give account type
  • Currency: give the currency that in wish to do your transactions in
  • Opening balance: type in accounts opening balance
  • Closing balance: type in accounts closing balance
  • Notes: You can give any additional information if you so wish

The different account types in cashew are assets, cash, savings, checking accounts, liabilities, and credit cards.

One great example of where you can use the Cashew application on your android device is when you have made any online transaction like buying or selling or you have taken any bad debt loan from banks; you can use this application to view your income and expenses.

My name is Alicia. I am a tech writer from UK. I am into Finance. Catch me  @financeport

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  2. I think having this app is surely a good idea but i prefer other network for transaction. Atleast if something happens then i know who to blame for the money loss.

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