Why Mobile Is The Future For Watching Live Television For Teenagers?


October 20, 2012 , ,

 Mobile The Internet has been the best solution for marketers who have been looking for ways to reach teens for marketing their business. With technological advancements and tactics used by the internet to capture the teen market, the whole world has really come down to a handheld Mobile device designed for youngsters and teenagers.

The reason why this age group has adopted this technological environment mostly because they have been blessed with it since the day they were born. And thus, their addiction is growing day by day.


Initially just available for computers, today the internet has secured its position in the most compact devices possible. From laptops used for business use to mobile phones that we use on a daily basis, the internet is to be found everywhere. From being a luxury, the internet has become a necessity, especially in the life of a teenager.

Whether it is about socializing, telling the world where you are, or finding a location on the map, the internet is a must-have commodity these days. Plus, the advancements in the mobile phone industry are staggering in itself. People have now forgotten those huge, clumpy phones, which d didn’t even have the text messaging feature. The features and capabilities of modern phones are unbelievable and still improving with the passage of time.

The reason why marketers have decided to catch the eyes of teenagers on the internet is due to the latest advances in technology that have enabled live television access on smartphones. Undoubtedly, many teenage users prefer watching TV on their compact smart devices that allow them to access live TV with the help of the internet. Convenience and access to the desired channels, programs, or movies are some reasons that encourage users to switch on the TV on their mobile phones.

Indeed, smartphones that are connected to the internet have made everything convenient for users. Older people who are used to traditional ways of watching TV and switching channels using remote control are still finding it challenging to alter their preferences in favor of compact smart devices. Small screens and sensitive controls are two major reasons that make older people reluctant to switch to mobile devices for watching TV. For these group  Dish, Latino Dos TV listings are covered at LatinoSatelite’s website. gr

However, when it comes to teenagers, convenience and personal preference are above any other factor. Instead of fighting over a remote control, a person can watch what they desire without the limitation of time. Moreover, a mobile phone is flexible and can be carried anywhere and you can still watch television regardless of where you are. Now compare this with carrying your television with yourself wherever you go. Sounds impossible!

The reason the mobile phone is still considered the ‘FUTURE’ (as opposed to the Present) for teenagers to watch live television is because many mobile phones still restrict access to television. Only certain types of phones are designed to enable this feature and everyone cannot afford to buy those phones. But looking at the pace at which technology is advancing, the time is not far when every phone will enable this feature and that will be the time when the mobile phone will be considered the only choice for teenagers to stream live TV on.

Watching television is the most favorite pastime activity for most Americans. It has been estimated that 4 hours and 39 minutes on average are spent by every person watching TV every day. However, it is also seen that teenagers are significantly turning to new and more advanced ways, turning it on.

Young Americans are said to spending the same time watching TV but not in front of television sets. By sketching a demographic line, it was revealed that almost every social and entertainment activity for teenagers has been shifted to electronic smart devices – including watching live television.

Finally, the long-predicted threat to traditional television viewing by the new media is finally taking color. And in case the trend continues to be followed, the huge media industry implication, which is possibly spending billions of dollars in advertising annually, will be shifted from old-fashioned television to mobile phone live television applications.

Older people are however looking for better ways to stream live TV, but want to stick with their large screens and remote controls. Dish Latino Dos TV listings are covered at LatinoSatelite’s website for you to check out.

0 thoughts on “Why Mobile Is The Future For Watching Live Television For Teenagers?”
  1. It’s true that the youth of today has a completely different mindset than the previous generation because of the way their life has been saturated by the technology of our times. You’re spot-on in saying that most teenagers view instant internet access as more of a necessity than a privilege. Now, if television providers can work out agreements with internet and phone providers, teens (and many of the rest of us) will be even more glued to their phones. 🙂

  2. As teenagers are getting more addicted to the mobile phones they want everything in their hand and at ease so its not shocking to see if television can be seen in the near future on the mobile phones itself as the technology is growing with the teenagers.

  3. I think technology has over driven the craze for mobile phones in this era.It will be interesting to see which company will introduce this feature first and how well they can do it.

  4. It is not easy to say but competition will be at high.In market which one will at higher which will continuously make new and new technology.
    their will be a great challenge.

  5. Mobile phone is the weakness of young generation and they want to watch mobile TV as it is one of the great facility for them. They can can watch live TV programs every where instead sitting their rooms.

  6. Yes… I also agree completely with this post. Mobiles have got so much attention because it always remain at our disposal wherever we are. And with technology advancement, mobiles have spread their wings to do anything we couldn’t imagine few yrs back. Mobiles are one-stop solution for everything from Television to Online banking, online payments and the list doesn’t ends here… The good part is that with every day, we get a new thing to do with our mobiles.

  7. With new technology coming in frequently, mobile will surely be the choice of youngsters to watch TV. The youth today doesn’t have patience and they want everything to be right at their comfort. Mobile companies are taking due advantage of the addiction teenagers have with mobile phones. My cousins are already watching shows and movies on their mobile.

  8. I’m not really sure about watching television on a small screen as a preference, but maybe when on the go. As compared to big plasma, LCD, and LED TVs, watching a TV program through your mobile phone all the time to me is somewhat ludicrous. I mean, how can you even watch comfortably when you have to squint your eyes just to read a subtitle or caption? There’s no need to fight over any remote either as both TVs and cable have become relatively cheaper and having 2 or 3 or 4 TVs in a household is no longer big thing. Watching football and basketball isn’t as fun as watching it on a big HDTV.

  9. Informative post. But i wonder how cable and satellite TV providers are reacting to this mobile TV live streaming wave?
    Nice post thanks for sharing.

  10. well it good to have iphone 5 before apocalypse. The features of iphone are great as compare to other smart phones but there is a need to bring more enhanced and innovative features as compare to other touch mobile.

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