Commission Junction review

Have you heard of Commission Junction? Is it that you have come across this terminology the very first time? Not to worry! Commission junction is nothing else but one of the largest and oldest affiliate networks available until now. Commission Junction happens to be an Internet based company owned by ValueClick and has been operating in the affiliate marketing industry. The company has been marked as the largest affiliate networking practice in the region of North America and all around the globe as well. Among the top ranked 500 retailers that make use of 3rd party affiliate marketing applications, Commission Junction owns 62% of them. 

Some Advantages Related To Commission Junction

If you have recently started out as an affiliate marketer, then Commission Junction happens to be a logical place to look for. You can easily sign up as a publisher which is instant and free, and you do not require any manual approvals. Following are some of the vital reasons as why you should be opting for the Commission Junction:

–       Broad range of offers

You will come across numerous merchants, and Commission Junction even supports different kinds of offers. Beside the usual Pay-Per-Sale deal, you will also find Pay-Per-Call or Pay-Per-Lead offers.

–       Established or Settled Merchants

Mostly merchants operating in the Commission Junction tend to be established and settled, the affiliate network supports more than 500 different companies. This is what matters a lot to the affiliates!

–       Clear Performance Statistics

The little green bar that you will see along with the EPC exhibits how the individual merchants are operating within the Commission Junction network. This happens to be exceedingly helpful as they only prefer promoting such merchants who are being honest and sincere to their affiliates.

–       Several Affiliate Banners

Every single merchant has several different banners as well as marketing material that is supported by the Commission junction. Every banner even displays the same.

–       Individual Product Links

You can easily  acquire direct links to your own products, although this feature is not valid for all the merchants operating on CJ. Linking directly to a specific product is very much useful and one of the most effective approaches to generate affiliate sales. You can check out the performance statistics to figure out which banners are operating well.

–       Centralized Affiliate Payments

All the commissions are paid by the company itself, and not by the individual merchants. This ensures that you are certainly going to get your paychecks through a secure and reliable channel. 

Some Prominent Disadvantages Related to Commission Junction

As a matter of fact, Commission junction is an outstanding affiliate network, it certainly has some demerits as well. Following are some of the most apparent reasons:

–       Advertiser Application Procedure

Contrasting ClickBank where you are all free to advertise any kind of affiliate program you consider, whereas in Commission Junction you are required to apply manually to several individual merchants and also agree to their terms and conditions.

–       No Particular Standard

Every merchant has their own set of terms and conditions as well as refund policies, which actually means that all of your commissions will be handled in a different manner.

These are some of the negative points CJ has, but it still happens to be a great resource when you are considering working as an affiliate marketer and eventually generate a considerable revenue at the end of the month. 

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0 thoughts on “Commission Junction review”
  1. A nice overview of the programs, I have been a member there for a while. The different agreements for advertisers is kind of a nuisance but on the other hand it makes for a more personal relationship with the advertiser.

  2. I had been there as well and I find it great as in overall. However, there are certain issues like automatic rejection of my affiliate application when they know that I am not applying from the North America region. Some merchants do that but most of them are great. I hope they will allow payment via Paypal as well in the future. 😉

  3. So this service is only applicable to the people that are based in North America. It looks like a great affiliate marketing program to join but unfortunately I am not based in North America. Hope it will be available to other areas of the world soon.

  4. I’ve personally had a pretty solid experience with Commission Junction. I like the vast amount of programs that are all under one account. Some specific advertisers don’t run their program as well, but that is to be expected. At least with such a solid company you can be assured payment and technical help if necessary.

  5. Sometines you are rejected as your product is reviewed by the merchant first and just because merchant find your product not relavant, you are rejected! Even customer support is not so efficient you have to struggle a bit to get answered to your question.

  6. Yes, Commission Junction has been around for a long time. They are one of the most reliable sites out there for both advertisers and sellers to work with; however I think it’s hard for some people to get accepted by them, but I’m not sure. I did try and work with them years ago before I knew anything about the web or sales on the web, and abandoned it because I just didn’t know what I was doing. I think I heard that the site has become more strict in who they let in since that time.

  7. Thank you for your review. I recently signed up with CJ and look forward to earning some money with them. How reliable is ClickBank? Are the same merchants who are on CJ on ClickBank also? If there is an overlap then there is not point in signing up with CJ as you don’t have to get manually approved by ClickBank.

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