Defensive design cost-benefit analysis, of Houston Web Design

Web DesignWeb design is no easy task.  When someone says web design, they’re not just referring to one simple task.  Web design means completing a multitude of tasks that, when finished, come together to hopefully equal a fantastic website that can perform more than just one trick well.  Users, after all, always look for fun websites that actually bring something to the table, rather than just sitting on the web doing nothing.  Our Web Designers are sure to provide your small business with tons of fun!

Web design is not a menial job, but artistic expression.  When done well, web design can be comparable to the effort and time put into painting a fine portrait, or constructing a large building.  Not just anyone can do web design, and certainly not well – but rest assured that our web design company is ready to perform well for your small business.

It also certainly takes a certain amount of finesse to perform web design that is specifically catered to each client’s unique needs.  Sure, web design can become cookie-cutter and run-of-the-mill.  But the true trick – which our web design has down pat – is in fully customizing web design so that the client is completely happy with the end product, and in maintaining the proper balance between fun and sophistication.

Part of the biggest challenge is also in ensuring that the web design is performed so that the final product is easy to read and easy to navigate.  People don’t want to visit a website where it’s difficult to find information and links – they want to visit a website that lays everything out simply and dynamically, and guarantees this for your small business.

Part of the key in ensuring that you achieve easy navigation is in making sure that the various web pages are uniform to some extent, hinting at a specific style that binds everything together rather than creating pages willy-nilly that don’t flow together properly.  There’s nothing that puts off web browsers more than pages that don’t make sense in a greater context.  An important strategy is to make sure that there is a link on every webpage leading back to the homepage, and to clearly label pages so that the user understands where each page fits into a larger context.  And of course, don’t forget to include a search bar!  You make users happy when you make it easy for them to find the information they want in a quick amount of time, not by burying information.

Then there are all the little details to think of when it comes to web design.  For instance, perhaps you should think about including a comment box, in order to encourage feedback and show users that you’re listening to them at all time and value their opinions.  Even better is placing your contact information somewhere visible on the website, so that users know just where to go when they want to get in contact with you.

And of course, make sure that your website is compatible with more than just one web browser.  There’s nothing worse than a website that won’t load properly on a certain browser – it puts people off forever.

Web design is no simple task, but it can certainly be fun and rewarding.  Just keep these few important pointers in mind, call our web designers today, and your small business is on its way to web design success!

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We, is Houston based web design and development company provides web design, online marketing, branding and seo services at affordable price. We have helped several successful businesses i.e. Churches, Attorney Websites, Medical, Real Estate, Contractor, Mortgage, Retail, Manufacturing and Academia Websites. and we can help you grow yours.  Moreover, we are local, and tangible.  Our office is located in Houston, TX.  Call our Houston office today to schedule an appointment and a free website design evaluation.


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    Anton Koekemoer

    Very interesting article that you’ve posted. Found the views to be quite informative and intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Avatar of Tina

    Graphic design is such an important thing! It is the thing that will make people come back or never come back to your site.

    I believe that it’s best left to the professionals.

  3. Avatar of Joseph Mills

    Web design compatibility plays very important role in the net world. It happed to me before, when I was neophyte in this world. I have a very nice design but it’s not compatible to the other, the result was its slow down my site.

  4. Avatar of WoW Cataclysm Free
    WoW Cataclysm Free

    Professional designers tend to produce less busy-looking designs, and enlarge elements that are more important while still following some kind of sensible layout. Just being technically minded isn’t enough, because those guys often tend to go overboard with visual elements.

  5. Avatar of Brian

    I think this is very true. You really have to be talented to create unique sites these days. It is very important in order to keep your visitors happy and coming back to the site time and time again.

  6. Avatar of univtego

    It is a good analysing process..and there are all the little details to think of when it comes to web design. For instance, perhaps you should think about including a comment box, in order to encourage feedback and show users that you’re listening to them at all time and value their opinions….

  7. Avatar of Ashton Roberto
    Ashton Roberto

    Really Houston Web Design has taken a great initiative for small businessman’s. It is true that web design is not so easy and everybody cannot make a perfect web design. So, this initiative is very helpful for small businessman’s.

  8. Avatar of Becca

    That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail. Very easy to follow with good content.

  9. Avatar of Ella

    I was neophyte in this world. I have a very nice design but it’s not compatible to the other, the result was its slow down my site.

  10. Avatar of PSD To Wordpress
    PSD To Wordpress

    It must be admitted that your explanation is very easy to take in. You share so brilliant ideas here and I expect in the future much more bright articles from you. Thumbs up for this great sharing !

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    Samsung Tablet PC

    I fully agree with you and design and easy readability makes the difference. Thanks for providing excellent content and sharing the novce idea.

  12. Avatar of John

    Good web design is definitely important if you want to run an online business. Especially when it comes to the navigation of your site, like you said you want to make information easy for your users to find so they can be happy with your site.

  13. Avatar of Dave

    In web designing simply put usability to make your website easy for your visitors to find the information they need when they need it.

  14. Avatar of Offsite Data Backup Services
    Offsite Data Backup Services

    Yes definitely, Web design is not an easy task. It is all about creativity and presence of mind. I liked reading your post.

  15. Avatar of Zara

    Wonderful post. I agree with you that easy navigation is one of the most important aspect of a good website.

  16. Avatar of wedding Dresses

    Very right about web design and it cost effect. Real good design will have high cost as it will give your website extra grip as visitors come to your website spend good amount of traffic. Which helps in getting some revue.

  17. Avatar of Amy

    I am not a web designer but my brother is and I envy his skills. Your site has to be creative and inviting and the right design sets that mood. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Avatar of tinafreysd

    The purpose of web design is to find a presentation method for delivering that information in a way that is easily readable by users. Web design employs multiple components, including web structure planning, graphical design, page layout design, markup, and styling.

  19. Avatar of Elcheapo Websites
    Elcheapo Websites

    I really believe that you have to have talent on web designing for you to be able to come up with a good web design. There are many factors to be considered in web designing so that you will have a very good result and your client will be satisfied and happy. And those factors involve tedious tasks such as conceptualizing the design which everyone doesn’t have that talent in doing so!

  20. Avatar of ellie design

    In Ellie design we design from A to Z We are doing Graphic design, Home design, Web design, Photography & Internet marketing

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    best web hosting sites

    The equipments used by the best web hosting sites are very simple and they are the servers which are very common to all types of websites and the ip address, FTP, control panels and other technical aspects helpful for creating the high quality of websites with the good universal domain names and other sub domains.

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    Dallas Jaiden

    I like this decision of Houseton Web Design. It provides a good offer of making web design for businessman’s. Its really very helpful for business people.

  23. Avatar of Milo Vicente

    All small business holders will grab the service of Houseton Web Design. Because it is able to serve a great service to business mans and it saves their time.

  24. Avatar of John Harrison
    John Harrison

    A good website has all the information ready at a touch of a finger, it must be easy to read, easy to navigate, good looking, fast loading and compatible with all the important browsers. If any of these do not work properly, the customer will walk away and never return.

  25. Avatar of Pete Goumas

    Web designing is not easy and it requires certain amount of finesses. It could become simple if we keep important points in mind that you have suggested here.

  26. Avatar of Annie

    Web design is definitely not an easy task.. But I am sure every person is already aware with it so I guess this can be a great help to all of us..

  27. Avatar of Ayaz

    Interesting post. Certainly web designing is not a simple task and it can be easy if all the important and basic points a designer should keep in mind.

    Thanks for sharing informative post!

  28. Avatar of Adrian

    Lawmacs, Indeed you shown us the real insights of the lucrative field of Web design! from user perspective the web design seems much more beautiful but from the web designer point of view the web design seems an art and a big things which defines his skills and the client’s satisfaction !

  29. Avatar of Armanda

    Web Design its really important because when some one visits you site he looks just the design not the codes and rate it, if he don’t like he just choose another one so the design of a web must be simple and professional..

  30. Avatar of Lamarca Landry

    Yes, web design is also a hard task to do. It requires time and management to have a successful and functional website. I agree about the statement above regarding with the biggest challenge of web designing. Viewers and potential clients want the website to be simple, user-friendly and dynamic. It must be really useful and informative to have a long-lasting impression and effectiveness.

  31. Avatar of Carol

    Thank you for posting this article. Graphic Design is really important for me and thanks for giving some tips.

  32. Avatar of reeha

    some new online interpreters spends huge dollars for starting their online business however they hire unprofessional web designers. the main disadvantage they will get by saving some dollars is low traffic because every reader or customer want easy navigation and strong outlook to come back again. fantastic post. thanks for sharing.

  33. Avatar of Saamarth

    Ya definitely web design is no easy task. But if somebody want to create best web design site so first he should follow all above rules. also it’s required time to create good design then he can get success in this field.

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    Mattress Stuart

    I agree, web designing isn’t a simple task, But thanks for the inspiration, now I am more challenged to finish what i started.

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    Apple Valley MN

    Web designing is a complex job. It is not just about creating design that will be pleasing to the eyes of the people but it is about making website that can be functional for the customers.

  36. Avatar of Bizworld

    I agree, web designing isn’t a simple task, But thanks for the inspiration, now I am more challenged to finish what i started.

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    A very good article. Web design is your company`s front end and is what others see and look to know about your company. having a stunning design can really do wonders to your business.

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    Houston web designers

    Thanks for the informative tips shared here! Got only positive emotions and dozens of ideas that could be useful for my blog.

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    Houston web designers

    I would like to have got useful content such as your own within my website. Wrote this time putting up facts.

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    The CORRECT website design is no easy task. Unfortunately there are a lot of BAD web designers that build easy websites that produce no results!

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