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February 5, 2021 ,

blog Today blogs are very popular. No matter which type are they. Blogs help the business to generate more sales. But most people think that by just creating a blog. Their work is done. This is a very wrong approach as no one will see a blog with a poor blog design.

It is necessary to make a blog that has a great design. This will help you to attract more clients to your business. Will also help you to grow your business. Redesigning your blog will help you to generate more leads. It also helps in building a loyal customer base.


●    How to redesign your blog

Redesigning your blog is an art. It takes time to get it done. But once it is done it will definitely pay a lot. You have to consistently work on your blog design. There will never be one design. You will have to evolve.

Here some tips that will help you to redesign your blog.

1.   Chose and adjust the theme of your blog

When blog designing theme of the blog is also very important. People are attracted more towards color and images. Try to use custom images rather than stock ones. Here are some of the features of great themes.

  • A Responsive theme

Most of the people who are reading blogs don’t have a high-resolution screen. So it is very necessary to have a theme that makes your blog responsive and readable on every resolution.

  • Mobile friendly

The majority of your audience will be using mobile to visit your site. In order to satisfy your majority audience, you have to make your site mobile-friendly. Always make sure that images and fonts are always compatible with your mobile device. Also, it doesn’t require much effort.

  • The theme should have a great font

The most important thing for a blog is an eye-catching font. People are more attracted to it. A great font not only makes it easy to read but also enhances the design of the blog. A great font will also capture your audience’s attention. It will then help you to get more audience retention.

2.   Customize according to your brand

Showing your brand personality to your audience is just as important as selecting the right theme. Try to enhance the way in which you connect to your audience. Try to enhance the tone and voice of your social post and blog post.

As mentioned above use a colorful font to reflect your brand mission. Always right in a well-established manner so that your audience will be able to recognize you. This will help you to establish a brand image. Which will in turn help you to build the trust of your audience.

3.   Make use of different colors

If you want to make sure that your redesign stands out from the previous one. Use bright colors. Highlight the area of your blog that is important. The areas which your audience must need to notice.

So you just need to use contrasting colors. To stand out from competitors. Don’t worry about choosing the wrong colors. It is a process of trial and error. Eventually, you will get better with time.

4.   Make new landing pages

Try to make new landing pages. Centre every page on converting visitors. By focusing on this you will easily be able to get more customer conversions.

By doing this you will also be able to check the user behavior on different pages. Which page has a positive response? It helps you to build a deep connection with your audience. Which will, in turn, help you to convert your audience into your customers.

5.   Optimize your website for search engine (SEO)

Everything will only matter when people will be able to find your blog. Your work will not end on redesigning the blog. Try to make the entire blog SEO optimized. It will help you to get a more organic audience.

Use keyword according to your niche, make use of custom meta description, use alternate text for images. All of this helps Google to find your site.

➢  Final verdict

Blog creation is very important for a business. But it must have a great design. You can always make your blog look better by redesigning it. It also helps you to generate more audience.

By redesigning your blog you will be able to convert your audience into your permanent customers. Designing a blog is not a difficult process you can easily do it with the help of

  • Great theme
  • Brand image
  • Contrasting colors
  • New landing pages
  • SEO



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  1. Hi dear owner,
    I have read and check your post and website. I have found some boring thing in your website. one of the most boring thing is your website design. Dear it is very old design kindly change or update your website design.
    And other hand i have seen an important thing that your content has not worthless.

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