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Every Blogger must have used digg at some point in their blogging career Social networking has become something of such that even big and small businesses and politicians are using them not to mentioned celebrities like Oprah and others are posting their daily tweets , However putting aside the fact that twitter is the most popular micro-blogging platform we cannot under estimate the likes of website like Digg which is one of the most popular networking website for bloggers.A couple of months back technorati had its make over and quite recently Digg release its iphone app.

Digg is a website used by million of bloggers all around the world after the recent release of its’ Iphone application the owners has now taken the time to give the website a long needed facelift which is now open its door to beta testing , i was fortunate enough to be one of those invited and believe you me i think the new look is fascinating and more user friendly although only being using it for a couple of days i am very impressed.

My initial reaction was “WOW” this looks great, the interface looks cleaner more spacious and in my opinion runs much faster on a scale of one to ten i would score it a nine from a blogger point of view the most important thing for me with any website is the feel and look yes the clean feelings by clean i meant not cluttered and looks spacious to the naked eyes. Have a look at the screen shot below and judge for your self.

The new Digg

For now The new digg is in its beta testing so hopefully it will be release to the public soon until then here is a preview of my profile page have a look and let me know your impression of this. Visit my profile page here.w


19 thoughts on “Digg The New look”
  1. I just got access to the new Digg a few days ago…and like you, I was also very much impressed. It’s definitely a lot cleaner than the old (present) Digg and is much more “social”.
    But I think it doesn’t have the Digg bar yet…and links do not open in a new tab (at least I couldn’t find how to do that). Any idea?

    1. I am glad you are impress with the new Digg so am i just waiting for it to go public so we can get more people’s opinion on it so far it has got my vote i just love the new feel Thanks for your input.

  2. I have just been through the new Digg. Pretty impressive…I must say. Great look and feel. Not to mention, it also looks highly user friendly. Digg is a must to be used social network for the bloggers. I have been using it from long but I haven’t been using it to the best. To make the most of a social network like Digg, you need to have have strong network of bloggers in this blogosphere. Once you have that then you can surely get the best out of this Digg.

    1. Yes Aswani it is very impressive and i hope this change will revitalise the use of digg more in particlurly the less active users thanks for your coments

  3. I just took a look at DIGG, but it looks similar to how I previously remembered it. Just a slight difference when submitting a new post. But I’ll keep my eyes out for changes!

    1. Thanks for your visit Victor there a lot more changes to digg the interface is less cluttered more use a friendly easier option for feeds and more easier to find friends just spend some more time there and you will feel the difference

  4. That screen does look a lot cleaner! The only thing I’d add is that one thing which makes Digg very useful for webmasters are the widgets on the side which include things like “hot in upcoming,” etc. That’s how one really gets pagerank from Digg, since it is next to impossible to hit front page.

    1. Thanks for your comment and you are right the new digg theme really looks a lot cleaner hitting the front page of digg is something i have not yet achieve but hoping to at some point Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment it is always appreciated.

  5. I also got an invite to the “New Digg” and I like it much better than the old version. I’m not very active on Digg primarily because I didn’t care for the old interface.

    The new look is much more user friendly and modernized if there is such a word 😉 Maybe now I’ll become more active on Digg. If you’re interested, you can see my profile here: https://new.digg.com/robertbarry

    Another excellent and informative post!

    1. That’s great Robert heading over there to hook up with you on the new digg i really like this new interface as you rightly said it is more modernized and much cleaner i think this was a long over due update from the creators of digg see you on dig Robert

  6. Good post! I haven’t been on this site for quiet sometimes now, the new Digg does look much cleaner than before and the search engine seems to work a little better.

    1. Thanks for yor Comment nere on lawmacs.com and i am glad that you really thinks the new digg looks much better it is even faster to me lets hope we see you here more often thanks for your kind words

  7. Adding social network to your website is really a good idea. By using this, you could also let other people to vote for your stories in Digg and other social bookmarking sites. Thanks for the great info.

  8. Digg is a useful social networking site it provides many features like bookmarking and etc. It helps your site a lot to earn backlink for your site.

  9. this is a Good post! I haven’t been on this site for quiet sometimes now, the new Digs does look much cleaner than before and the search engine seems to work a little better.

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