Effective Blogging Tips for Newbies


October 10, 2012 ,

Do you want to make money through blogging? If yes, then it is very significant to know everything first before you start blogging. Remember that if you have the right tools, everything will fall into places according to your plan. Read on to know some of the effective blogging tips for the first timers.

Understanding Blogging

Before you start blogging, it is very ideal if you clearly understand blogging is as good as its purposes. As you know, blogging is actually a personalized medium in the internet, wherein a person can write his or her personal opinions, views, thoughts and others about various matters through the article, stories, videos, pictures and others. Even though, blogging is created for the above mentioned purposes. These days, blogging is not just used for individual to share information but also to make money as well.

Tips for First Time Bloggers

The purpose of the Blog – The purpose plays a very significant factor to have a successful blogging especially for the first timers.  Some individual fail to make a successful blog for the reason that they don’t have a clear goal of starting a blog. That is why before you start a blog, it is very significant to think clearly and determine your purpose why you want to create such blog. Some of the reasons can be purely share information and ideas, promote business, sell some products and etc. No matter what your reason is, it is very significant to decide on what is your long term goal or plan in the long run. This can be a useful means of how you can able to have a successful blog.

Target Audience – If you want your blog to be successful, it is best to determine your target audience. For example if your blog is all about gardening then your target audience must be adults or people who love plants and flowers. In order to attract people who love gardening, then the design, theme as well as the content of your blog should be about tips or techniques about planning. However, if your blog is about business then it must have a professional and impressive look. You need to choose your target audience meticulously to convert your hard work to cash.

Consistency – The best key on how your blog can be successful is consistency. Meaning if the readers find your blog great due to the tips or useful contents that you provide then you need to be consistent on this aspect. Always remember that readers can easily switch to other blogs if they are not satisfied with the contents of your blog. Regular update is also significant for every blog which can be daily, once or twice a week. People like to follow a blog that has a regular update, if you will not update your blog chances are they will not be interested anymore.

Starting a blog is not an easy task. There are several things and factors that you need to consider before starting. Then again, if you are focused on your goals and purpose, everything will also be just simple and easy.


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0 thoughts on “Effective Blogging Tips for Newbies”
  1. If you want to setup a blog and become an effective writer you must blog with passion. Also, never stop reading and researching so that you can assess what interesting and unique content to write that your audience will love to read.

    1. Yes,, I agree. To make quality content we should do it with passion. Passion will make some can pass all the challenge. With passion, challenge feel be fun

      1. I agreed that,I think this blogging world has some this type of English and grammatical importance.It can specify between Newbies and oldies also.
        But I think Google is also making this Mistakes in correct road because some day there will be a shortness of unique words,I don’t know about that day but that day this mistakes will get approval.

  2. For newbies the main thing they have to learn is why they are blogging and will they cope up with the pressure when things will not work out easily.If they are able to do so then the blogging world is there next home.

  3. I think the Blogging world is completely fulled with knowledge and very effective also. This medium is personalized also if someone is not doing this for official purpose.

  4. These are excellent points for newbies. I feel patience is also important when you enter blogging. I have seen many people give up after a few weeks or months only. Making money with blogging requires a lot of time and patience and of course quality content.

  5. I believe the most important thing is to know your targeted audience…very informative lawmacs as usual

  6. Hello,

    Blogging may sound difficult for newbies but it will become a memorable experience if the above tips are followed religiously. Choose a good theme for your blog and the posts should be relevant and match the expectations of visitors.


  7. As a newbie i have to say there is a major thing missing for new bloggers and that is…. How to be different?
    Basically every blog in a niche have the same few articles about the same few subject, so advice about being unique is easy to say, but nobody is really telling how to be unique…… is unique just rewritting the articles about “new” things that already been rewritten?
    Not trying to offend anybody but surely i can’t be the only facing the unique issue.

  8. yeah it is effective bro……
    the points and tips you have given are almost common but there is new way of describing in your post and i guess this is what i like

  9. Very true – all of my most successful blogs have all had a clear purpose for which I had a passion and about which I had extensive knowledge. Great tips!


  10. Blogging newbies should also keep an eye on latest SEO trends to be successful in my opinion, No matter how good and consistently they are writing but if they are not aware with latest SEO updates they might be in deep danger.

    1. I think if a blogger blogs for ideas and want to help others through blogging a solutions to a problem there is nothing to worry about SEO updates.

  11. This newbie site is very helpful because I’m a rookie and it has given good information . I agree with the other peoples comments regarding grammar and English. I have a passion for proper spelling as well and the right context.

  12. Nice post .It is really helpful for content writers.If you are writing the blog for your web site promotion don’t try to stuff keywords.it will make your site get penalized.

  13. Hi,
    Your talks seem to fit to the newbies like me. Recently we don’t even spend the minimum required time in thinking about our blogs because we are surrounded by many others options in our modern lives. We should be serious in the section we want to grow with.

  14. I believe 1000 hours of content, 1000 hours of optimizing and 1000 hours of promotion can help you bring tons and tons of traffic.

  15. Hi im a newbie blogger too. Im a first time mommy so, i love to write to i decided to put my mommy experiences on my blog ( MyLucban.com ). For newbies like me, write from the things you know about, subject that you can relate to, so you can enjoy it.

  16. I think that one of the key factors of succes in blogging is being able to keep motivation and discipline. Blogging about stuff you actually don`t care that much about is usually not very effective in the long run.

  17. If you want your blog to be successful, it is best to determine your target audience. For example if your blog is all about gardening then your target audience must be adults or people who love plants and flowers. In order to attract people who love gardening, then the design, theme as well as the content of your blog should be about tips or techniques about planning. – About this, looks always matter. a good template can mean a lot more than other stuff!

  18. If you look good before you start something, if you address the audience is right for your posts, post the daily consistency and passion means that you are on good way. Great Tips for Beginners!

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