How to survive while building your blog


September 14, 2012 , ,

I often see people writing about big things like Drupal and CMS and stuff like that. These are useful for those who are in the know. Unfortunately, the impression we get is that you can create a great blog and start earning from it immediately. The truth is that it takes time to build a blog and more than a year before you start getting any money for your efforts. This is a post for those who have launched their blog and trying to survive through the year it takes to start earning from it.

Start with guest blogging

Perhaps this is the best possible way to start earning online. There are many advantages which accrue from guest blogging. Firstly you get to learn about what people want to know. For example, I have been working for a finance company who are into pay day loans. My brief is to find clients who need fast cash. Using guest posts I can carry the message to prospective customers who are looking for easy loans. In a way I am using my blogging skills to market a finance product. Guest posting is exciting, fulfilling and earns you good income.  In fact, I am taken up so much with this activity that my blog has taken a back seat. But you must remember that your goal is to grow your own blog. Guest posting is only a stop gap arrangement.

Working as a freelance content developer

You may well ask, what’s the difference between guest posts and content development. The vital difference is that as a content developer you work on a single site to provide cohesive and useful information. Here you must consider your own skills before offering your services. If you are a finance person, you must approach finance site owners who would engage your services. If you are into SEO (which by the way is a booming industry) you can work for several sites developing onsite content. This kind of work can keep you busy all the time and you can earn a decent income from this activity.

How to find freelance work?

All this is fine but how do I find work? There are several websites which provide freelance work. Elance, Freelancer, Guru and oDesk are some great sites for finding freelance work. Another reason why you must look at such freelance work is that you get to know about stuff which you would never have otherwise. Personally, I have used the knowledge I have gained from freelance work to develop my own blog. There are so many things to learn and so little time.


The time spent while waiting for your blog to take off must be productive. If you can learn from these activities it’s an icing on the cake. You need not venture out afar to look for ways to earn. Maybe you will earn so much from these activities that you would forget your primary goal – that of creating your own blog. Either way it’s a win-win situation.

Sarah Lamb is a single mom who learned to make fast cash online. As an online marketer she is able to earn money while waiting for her own blog to take off. Meanwhile, she also promotes several online businesses like

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  1. Surviving in this competitive world with a blog is really a tough job.One can never be at the top with good writing skills.He can do guest posting for the better if the blog he owns have not much relevant.

  2. Ok, Gary. If it’s so payable, how much can I earn with my writing for sites? $1000 per month? What are the prices?
    Thanks in advance)

  3. Hi lawmacs
    Very nice blog on this website about How to survive while building blog. I really liked your blog. I’ve been looking around for some quality information, but I always used to end up finding a junk.

  4. Hi I am in my infancy in blogging I only started as a bit f fun to see if I liked it. I didn’t even really research the topic I was doing. The problem is now I am enjoying it and want it to be succesful. The surviving bit isn’t a problem as it is still a hobby. But it would be nice eventually to earn a dollar or two. What does interest me though is guest blogging. Sounds a good way to earn and also to develop a writing style as well.

    So for great tip thanks lee

  5. I certainly agree that it can take a long time to get a very successful blog. However marketing your blog by guest posting is an excellent way of getting a readership there are other activities that you can use to fill your time. Some of these activities like building a social following can take time but are worth every penny in the long run.
    Obviously there is fiverr if you need urgent cash.

  6. Regarding the point about the freelance work I would definitely recommend Freelancer as it is very popular network for freelancer and employers. Great post though!

  7. The instructions that you have shown and discussed here is very useful and I find it to be very helpful and relevant. I hope many will be able to receive great benefits from this information that you have shown here.

  8. yeah i also personally feel that i have also used the knowledge that i have gained from freelance work to develop my own blog. and really with this little time we have to do a lots of things….so its better to keep on going….survival for the fittest

  9. This is too hard for a new blogger to get popular. Getting more blog comments seems tough especially for a newer blog that only receives a few visitors a day but it doesn’t have to be. Even popular blogs with high PR and traffic I frequent get less comments than some of my newer blogs. The simple fact is that they are not engaging their readers. They are not asking questions or involving the reader at all. The only involvement the blog post has is the comment form at the bottom of the post and nothing more. That is not always enough.


    1. Very well said,Natalie!Most people are not reading your post and what they come after is the comment form and relating their comment on the title of your post.

  10. i am happy with this article The instructions that you have shown and discussed here is very useful and I find it to be very helpful and relevant

  11. Thank you for actually telling us how much time it takes for most bloggers to earn from their blog. That makes sense. I’ve kind of abandoned a blog project or two thinking that I had not marketed it right, just unsure of what I was doing wrong. However, I was only giving them 2 – 4 months and then feeling like I was just wasting time. Now I will at least try to maintain something for a year and see what happens.

    1. dear Nikole,
      well that is true what you are saying about proper blog maintenance. Earning from a blog does not come easy and straight away. Nowadays, the interned is really saturated with blogs of all kinds and it is hard to grab people’s attention, however it could be achieved by writing unique and interesting staff…

  12. I totally agree that Guest blogging is the most effective way to start getting your own blog noticed. The key is to provide Quality content on other good popular blogs and creating a good web presence. Once that is done you will naturally come to have more people visiting your own blog.

  13. For sure not only blogs but any business you want to start need some real effort and time. It is a perception that as soon as you start blog you start earning through that while reality is different. You need to work hard and stay calm for success of your blog.

  14. Hi Gary,

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing. One thing people should realize is that when you start off (new) with a blog it takes time and a lot of effort to achieve authority in the web, search engines and social media networks.

  15. I totally agree with this sentence “The time spent while waiting for your blog to take off must be productive. If you can learn from these activities it’s an icing on the cake.” because you must devote time when blogging so that you can create and publish great content.

  16. Great share , Thanks for telling us the value of Blogging and how to survive with it , the points are very clear and refreshing , Guest posting is always the best choice to build links , i Completely agree with that

  17. I second that guest blogging is an effective method to attract more visitors to a blog. If it is done properly, it will also help the blogger to become authority in his/her field. Once I have few blog posts that are good, I start to look for blogs to publish my articles. Thanks for the article.

  18. Some truly howling work on behalf of the owner of  this post. The experiences you shared here are really helpful for me and other people who looking for a reason for becoming a blogger.

  19. Guest posting, informative articles, and knowledge about SEO can help you survive in any situation. The most famous blogs have 3 things that listed here. And don’t forget ads when your blog become famous.

  20. I always write about what people want to read. That’s the key for my blog to survive. After 5 year live as a blogger i reallize what make a blog survive and famous. It’s hot news.

  21. Hi Sarah,
    Starting a blog can be very difficult, especially if you have decided to take it full time and have no other source of income. This is where freelance writing and content developing becomes useful as you get to have some earnings while building up your blog into something that can sustain regular income. The best part about it all is that since you no longer need to spend extra time going and back from the office, you get to spend more time on your blog after your online work.

  22. Hi there,
    Its very nice post teaching us how to make a strong blog to beat every one and get ahead of them. First create blog posts then content writing and then make your own blog. Making your own blog first you have to plan about the title of your blog, then suitable title for all posts related keywords, content should be SEO friendly keywords must be at right place. After creating your blog share it on social network and then enjoy but don’t forget to make regular updates.

  23. It is possible to get a good income from blogging, I think is all about perseverance!

  24. Blogging is a Life Style and is also possible to get a good income from it. Is really necessary to keep trying, and trying at the end you will always see results. Thank you for this Blog

  25. Hi everyone!
    This is informative blog but how could you forget to mention about your blog ranking. your blog should be SEO Friendly. Use Meta Keywords, titles and alternative text against images.

  26. I like the article about you need to work with everything but your blog to get a earning while you build up a blog – But how do you earn doing guest posting which i assume was for driving traffic to your own blog

  27. I am also going to offer guest posting on my blog because no doubt it is really awesome way to get good traffic as well as visibility in search engine. But i am a bit confuse about it that on which categories i should offer guest posting. After read your post i am more motivate about guest posting.

  28. I am very exited when I read your blog and I will also call some people who give guest blogging tips.
    Thanks for sharing.

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