Essential marketing moves- Giving your blog an identity

identityWhat makes a great blog? What appeals to you most about your favorite blogs? The most likely answer is that these blogs register with you as identities, being productive, fun, or otherwise useful. If you’ve ever done sales training, advertising, or marketing, you’ll notice that that is also exactly the sort of image used to sell products. There are quite literally tens of millions of blogs published in the world every day.

Most only get a few hits, but some get millions of hits. That’s no coincidence. The highly successful blogs have created a market image for themselves and have very strong identities in their fields.

Blog identity basics

This is a snapshot of a good successful blog with a lot of readers:

  • Plenty of useful materials
  • Multiple formats
  • Healthy, active forum
  • Lots of new material regularly
  • Contains lots of unique materials
  • Topical and interesting
  • Well laid out and easy to use
  • No visual spam or other eyesores
  • Good editing practices ensuring high quality

A blog like this gets readers because it’s well worth reading and has very high value to users. Really great blogs don’t happen by accident. They are planned, they’re extremely well managed, and they deliver high quality. Specialist blogs in particular get bookmarked because they’re excellent sources of information. Topical blogs get bookmarked because they’re always up-to-date, and in some cases even ahead of the news sites.

That’s exactly the sort of image you need to give your own blog a strong identity.

There are several ways of doing this:

  • Outsource blog materials,

    .. This works extremely well, particularly in niche blogs where users are highly motivated and many experts also use the blog. Many blogs also outsource from advertising and marketing agencies, getting tailored materials on a regular basis. This maintains high quality, and can sometimes be achieved simply by allowing the agencies to post backlinks on the blog, with no cost involved.

  • Unique, targeted materials. If you have a particular talent or expertise related to your blog, use it. People don’t read blogs to just see the information they could find anywhere else. They read blogs specifically because of the materials targeted to their interests. Create your own good, interesting materials and your users will love you.
  • Quality control. Set a high standard for your blog, and stick to it. The Internet audience is the most demanding in the world, and if it doesn’t want to look at something, it won’t. Good quality material guarantees a good market profile for your blog.
  • Advertising. Whatever sort of advertising you use on your blog, make sure it’s absolutely relevant to your users. Get rid of the dating agencies and Viagra, and stick to things that matter to users.

Whatever your blog’s subject matter, whether it’s customer service training or space travel, remember that although the presentation is important, substance and quality are critical. Many no-frills blogs get millions of readers, while a flashy blog about nothing much won’t get any. “Content is king” in more ways than one.

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18 thoughts on “Essential marketing moves- Giving your blog an identity”
  1. I agree with what you said about sticking to a high standard with quality content. If it’s consistent, people will notice, and WANT to subscribe to your feed, as well as your newsletter.

    1. Hi Ben Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome i totally agree with you if we are consistent with the quality of our content then we will not only get to keep our subscribers but also attract new ones.

  2. With almost everything which appears to be building within this particular subject matter, many of your points of view are generally rather refreshing. Nonetheless, I am sorry, but I do not give credence to your whole plan, all be it exciting none the less. It would seem to everybody that your opinions are generally not entirely justified and in fact you are yourself not completely confident of the point. In any event I did enjoy looking at it.

    1. Thanks for your comment although not entirely sure about your point that you are trying to put accross however i don’t accept and value my readers opinion. Thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion.

    1. Having great content is not just enough. If you are a well setablish blog with a future ahead of you your identity is very important. thanks for adding your voice to the debate.

  3. Gary,

    Great point! Blogs that cater to these ideas and ideals of quality will have a far greater resonance with their readers than any blog that is just “slapped together”. Taking these steps to ensure your blog has a true identity is an important step on the path to success.

    1. I totally agree with you Steve have a Blog with quality content show casing good information will always be the best for both the blog and its readers. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  4. Hi, it was with much interest I read your blog. You have definatly given me some fabulous ideas. Thanks everything you’d ever want to know about design

  5. Great post! There is nothing like disagreeing with any of those facts. I find them very true. To me, it is all about the uniqueness, relevance and simplicity without which, I don’t see any blog making it to the top. Also, a lot depends on your blogging style. The more human approach you have in your writings, the more appealing you will be to your readers. And so then there is every possible chance of seeing your work go viral and thus enabling better marketing!

    1. thanks aswani for taking the time to add your voice to the debate Every blogger should realize that there blogging style plays a big part in their online success

  6. i totally agree with you if we are consistent with the quality of our content then we will not only get to keep our subscribers but also attract new ones

  7. Blog identity and the quality of content are essential in marketing your blog. As it gives your blog a sense of character and credibility.

  8. What’s the use of a well-designed website if you’re content is poorly written. It’s true that design is one of the essential factors that you need to consider but the most important and crucial factor is content. Most people read blogs to find information that is beneficial in their end. Content is not only important to the readers but also to search engines. It can help you generate site traffic and increase your online credibility.

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