Five important tips for Android app development


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Android applications have now begun to win the heart of every user. They are rocking! Now, they are not ugly anymore, as they were a lot defamed for this reason previously. The OS has turned the world of smart phones upside down with fabulous applications. There are more than 0.6 million Android applications on Google Play—the app store for Android devices. These apps are high in demand since the number of Android-device users is rather high in comparison of other smart phones, e.g. iPhone, Windows and Blackberry.

The increasing number of Android devices is also increasing the demand of Android apps, thus more and more Android application development projects are taking place. But, it does not mean that all those Android developers working for all those apps will succeed. In fact, most of them will fail, because they would begin their projects and even end up them without knowing these tips:

Know About The Target Audience

It is recommended that developers begin an Android application development project only after thoroughly conducting a market research. Such market research is supposed to cover the target audience and other apps that are available for the similar purpose. Developers can learn lots of things from apps built by others. You can also check the feedbacks that users have provided for these apps.

Use perfect themes and theme layout

Layout of an app is the first thing that grabs the attention of users. If it is not attractive, there are chances that users would uninstall the app. They should feel comfortable while navigating the app and exploring its features. Color also matters. Choose a color that goes well with the idea.

Multiple-language option is additionally useful.

If you add translation option to your app, you take it further close to success. Adding translation has now become important, as Google Play is also available on non-English speaking countries. If you restrict the app to a single language, you willing restrict it to be downloaded by non-English speaking users.

Get your app’s name registered and add related description

The name is everything. Your app will hardly be noticed if you do not provide a suitable name to it. The name should resemble with the purpose (a keyword or key phrase), as users will search it through the same. You also need to add a pointed description with keywords and phrases that user will use to search the app.

Keep it simple and smaller

Developers need to keep their apps simple and smaller. And if you really cannot decrease the size, you can divide it into small applications. This will also let you earn quick recognition. Hope these tips would help you out to come up with a successful Android app development.
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  1. Really cool information , these tips are really very interesting and informative , moreover , in the current scenario android apps are moving fast and these tips are even more refreshing to implement. Thanks for sharing

  2. Developing an app, particularly one that will be widely accepted by the masses is quite difficult. However, if you manage to make an app that will go mainstream such as Instagram or Angry Birds, then expect to earn big bucks. If I were to develop an app, then I would try to target the games genre. Although it is much more difficult to develop since it needs to be interactive and should have a good plot, it is much more gratifying because you know people are having fun using your app.

  3. The article provided in this blog is nice to read, it is too fine. I like this blog and this blog is full of android applications information and some special tips for android application which is necessary to know for most of all.

  4. Make a decision on the best cell phone. No worry and such a huge variety of cell phones in market. Most popular android market and Today’s many companies are using an android application in cell phones.

  5. Android is Google’s mobile platform which includes software stack for mobile devices. It consists of operating system, middle ware and key applications and has all the necessary tools and APIs for developing custom applications. This Open Application Distribution System for the Android platform helps developers and programmers to deliver their applications directly to the users. It provides a fantastic opportunity for several companies to promote and sell their products and services.

  6. Is there have possibility to leak information from any apps.because some where i heard that in some android app the information of user will be leaked.

  7. Hi there. Really a great post. Multi language option is an superb idea for Android app. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. To develop any app whether it is an Android app or an iPhone app, one needs to concentrate first on making genuine users. And, it is totally depends on the creativeness and the quality that a developer will offer. Really an awesome article. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Hi, really you suggestion the multiple language options is very useful. And additionally my point of view the target audience is very best, because our goal is more and more apps using by our users so I think it very nice suggestion. Thanks for sharing and your five tips are very best in developing our android apps.

  10. The post is really informative. I agree that Android is dominating the smartphone market. This may be because of its open source functionality. these tips & tricks are of utmost importance for those who have just pursued this field.

  11. hello there,

    thank you for sharing some important tips about android app. It is really useful for new users that how to develop android applications.

    nice post to share.. keep sharing..!!

  12. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. This is very helpful especially for the beginners in Android App Development. I agree to these fundamentals that you have stated in this article, you explained it very well.

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