Five reasons why online brand management is a must

Wondering how much time, effort and money you should be putting into marketing your brand online? You’re not alone. More business owners are re-evaluating their brand management strategies as social media gains steam. For many companies, having a website simply isn’t good enough. More marketing plans are integrating blog articles with strategic Facebook and Twitter posts; not to mention all the options available with Pinterest, LinkedIn and other online programs.

Each company will have its own unique needs when it comes to online brand management. However, every business owner should invest in some kind of strategy to ensure a positive Internet presence. Still not convinced? Read these five reasons why investing in online brand management is a must for any business.

It’s your face to the world, Literally:
A 2010 study conducted by Pew Internet & American Life found that 78% of American Internet users have researched a company or product before making a purchase. These people are not only scanning the business’ websites, but also checking social media and other places for reviews. Having a presence on these platforms helps you expand your reach and further promote your brand.

Be found more easily
A great website won’t do much good if no one can find it. Implementing search-engine optimization techniques within the content of your site will help, but actively promoting your brand with social media or on blogs will also boost your presence. Interesting blog articles and engaging Twitter comments will bring much more attention to your company. By hiring a professional writer to craft these marketing materials correctly, and with your brand’s image in mind, more customers will know what you’re business is all about and where to find it.

Minimize brand erosion
Negative online posts can have a crippling effect on your company’s brand. Anonymous reviews may not hold much credibility, but people do take them into consideration when deciding whether or not to purchase a product or service. A single bad review isn’t a problem; but dozens of them are. That’s why it’s a good idea to be actively managing your image by responding to customer concerns or questions. Address problems by replying to posts. This is much easier to do if you have already developed a trusted online presence. People will know your brand and won’t give a few isolated bad reviews much credence. You could also hire a brand management firm to provide media monitoring to help maintain your brand credibility.

Share new information quickly
Using social media and other online platforms allow you to communicate with your audience fast and effectively. Potential customers can receive updated information about your business immediately through posts and new articles. These materials should be tailored to help build your brand while keeping the world up-to-date on what’s happening with your business. This also demonstrates that your company is growing and responding to change. Stop communicating online and risk people thinking your business is obsolete.

Reduced marketing costs
Compared to traditional print and radio marketing campaigns, online brand management is fairly inexpensive. No printing costs, no air time to pay for and no broadcast fees. Twitter, Facebook, WordPress – all these social media tools are invaluable for communicating with the masses yet they won’t cost you a cent. This frees up more resources to spend on marketing or developing quality content for your blog or website.
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  1. branding you can do it everywhere whether its online or door to door. off course the first option is easier

  2. I like that- a company’s brand is its face to the world (although I would say figuratively rather than literally) and I absolutely agree. Thanks to the internet, brand management has become easier, more diverse and cheaper too.

  3. Great information. Reviews, online presence etc are the main keys for what online reputation management is important. You can find a good service provider you are looking for and also you can save your trust and money.

  4. Market is very competitive and to make a reputation with brand name is a tough task.You have to apply SEO techniques so that your product will show up in Google and people can find your services easily.If one cannot find you their is no use of providing services.Applying SMM will surely help.It will increase your brand credibility.

  5. Great article, thanks. I recently do my own Web site and your article is very useful for me. After reading it I know how important online brand manage and how to do it

  6. When a new product is going to launch, the most important part of that is marketing. As selling of product is totally based on how much and fast marketing strategies are. Now competition becomes more and more tough. Many companies selling sale product of same and different brands.. But success only depends on marketing.. Quite interesting topic!!

  7. very helpful info here,good reviews online presence etc speak volumes about professionaism, with this kind of profile, people are more likely to trust you and want to do business with you!

  8. That’s true. A lot of ecommerce folks we have stops after getting a website which should not be the case. While only a few people know about the existence of their site, not unless if they do the traditional marketing methods or the internet marketing strategies, then those websites will be serving its purpose. Articles like these should be promoted too as this helps ecommerce site owners to get educated as to how big the potential of a well-marketed website can reach. Thumbs up!

  9. Most small business neither have the time or the expertise to do online marketing any where close to their potential. Thank God for for sites like yours (and mine).

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