Google Buying twitter

googleNews around Google is in advance talks to acquire Twitter for about 250 million dollars according to a blog post over on Techcrunch suggest that CEO Evan Williams would not sell twitter for 1 billion dollars however talks continue and business as usual at Twitter. Just trying to think what the bonus for Google in acquiring Twitter would be your guess is as good as mine and for CEO Evan Williams said that he would not sell twitter for 1 billion dollars.

could be just reverse psychology to encourage a better asking price however looking at Google past acquisitions soon we may need to change the word internet  to Google net, for now, nothing is agreed however Twitter considered itself independent and has a long term future ahead


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2 thoughts on “Google Buying twitter”

  1. Avatar of David

    Another big deal coming on again…

    I believe sooner or later, all the internet tools that we using including mail, apps, browser, social networking, news…. will be fully nominated by google.

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