Spammers Attacking My Blog


November 15, 2009

I must say lawmacs blog has reached a milestone today yes and guess what it is This is my fifty first post didn’t even realize it feels good to be here however will all these writing comes another issue Spamming but what is Spam? according to Wikipedia   “Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately” this is an issue which most if not all bloggers come across at some point in their blogging life whether it be through commenting or through emails.

Over the past week alone i have deleted about seventy spam comments from my website and the strange thing about this is that they all came from three different countries and about  five different ip addresses while commenting on other bloggers blogs are a brilliant way of gaining Back links to our website Spamming other bloggers can get you blacklisted So what are my options you may ask?.

(1)IP Blocking first of all let me explain IPs’  this is your internet Protocol(IP) address that every internet connections has and it acts as unique address for every computer and the networks just like your home address which is unique. The blog platform i am running is built on the .net framework and having experience in programming i can simple blog any ip address from within my web configuration  file so these spammers will always be redirected to my error 404 pages. This has its draw back for the simple fact that most Internet Service Providers or ISP as they are called issues dynamic ip address and if these spammers changes address and then a genuine visitors is issued with one of these blocked address then they wont be able to access my blog not nice isn’t it.

(2)Introducing Captcha this   is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer.well this is brilliant works fine and is very effective  way of preventing automated bots from commenting on your website or blog. I prefer this option and it is no in testing mode on my testing blog working great so far i have not implement this yet because at the movement i am using comment moderations which is fine at the moment. This is what we bloggers endured other blogging platforms like Word press  uses the popular askimet plugin for spam prevention and this works beautiful if you ever have these issues share your experience.


15 thoughts on “Spammers Attacking My Blog”
  1. Congrats on first fifty, now you’re on your way to a hundred. Spamming is annoying and I’m not as computer savvy as you. I’m not sure if the fact that I only allow people who have a Google acct has any bearing. That’s probably limiting commentary but I’m blogging just for the fun of it and to meet interesting people.

  2. Congrates for 51 post. Its a variety topic about spam. Most of bloggers dont publish any article about spam. So your article is unique. Yes its true spam is the major problem for us. I’ll try to follow these tips

  3. Congrates for 51 post. Its a variety topic about spam. Most of bloggers dont publish any article about spam. So your article is unique. Yes its true spam is the major problem for us. I’ll try to follow these tips

  4. captcha really do the job, but i hate it – i will never use it in my blog for now akismet really do a great job for me, since for now it already ate about 30 spams. 🙂

  5. Congrats bro on your 50th post 🙂 . Spam comments are something which we as bloggers have to face. I simply ignore them as i have added comment moderation to my blog,i don’t use Captcha as i don’t like it personally . Don’t like my readers to go through an effort to post their valuable comments.

  6. Hi lawmacs,

    It’s unfortunate that we get spam comments but it’s something that all bloggers have to put up with. I personally get loads of spammy comments but the Akismet spam blocker works best for me. I did use Captcha for a while but I removed it because I didn’t want my regular readers to have to go through an added step in order to post a comment. I’m just thankful we have the tools to protect us from spam.

    P.S. This is not spam:-)

  7. Same here Robert that is reason why i did not implement it yet like wordpress uses askimet but needs some more fine tuning when ever it blocks a comment its not showing up thabks for your input

  8. I agree bro. Spams are the biggest headache for anyone. Even I had a tough time with those spammy comments in recent past. But as you said in your post, I also went for comment moderation just to get rid of all those nonsense. IP blocking can also be done. Thanks for this useful post.

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  10. Just wondering how you implemented Catchpa (or tried to)? I get a similar problem on one of my websites which has a contact form, spammers keep autosubmitting the page, I assume a Catchpa would stop this happening.

  11. Just google the word captcha and it will take you to a website and you will find detailed instruction and how to implement this in your form or there are lots of ready made form with built-in captcha good luck

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