Guest Posting – Should We Do Them


October 4, 2009

In my last post i wrote an article about back links  and how to get them in this article i will be writing about “Guest Posting” as a blogger we always heard that Content is king ,indirectly some we as bloggers always or at some point write Guest Post for some other blog or website i know what you are thinking this guy is crazy well sorry to disappoint you i am not. As bloggers you often submit your content to social networking sites like Digg with hoping to achieve back links which will in turn get your site better search engine ranking that is the indirect Guest Posting

I believe Guest Posting can have a positive effect on your blog and on you as a blogger this can enhance your reputation as a blogger generate back links to your website pull readers and visitors to your website. Since i have been online i wrote one Guest Post for a friend of mine when i was asked to write the post i di not had second thoughts it was an opportunity for both blogs i wrote the post and he gets the visitors they leave their comment and i get the link back.

There two ways you can go about writing guest posts you can write the post and ask the blog owner for his permission to guest post on his blog or the blog owner ask you to write i post on his blog what ever way is used their is substantial benefit for both parties. One basic rule to remember when writing a guest post is to check the the blog’s archive to ensure that the topic you are about write about has not yet been written about to avoid duplication unless you are offering fresh ideas to an already written content. Try to always be unique never be afraid to be different choose a topic that you are comfortable writing about and let your emotion flow.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Posting – Should We Do Them”
  1. Great ideas. I had actually thought that guest posting was when you posted a comment without leaving your name. See Gary you taught me something new. I am looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Thanks, for this post Lawmacs. Guest post is a nice way to get back links to your blog . You have said it rightly said that we need to be unique while doing a guest post.

    I have never done a guest post…………. need to think about it. 🙂

  3. Hi Lawmacs. Guest posting is probably one of the best forms to not only acquire backlinks (this are the juicy ones), but also to gain trust and credibility. This is the reason why it should be done exactly with caution and avoid writing content that has been already written, just you like you said. I agree that you should not be afraid when guest posting. Be natural and its all OK. I too have written an article about guest post, and I give 6 reasons why everybody should do it. Just look for it under the "promote your blog" tab on the menu.

  4. Yes, you are absolutely right. Guest Posting must be done. There is no reason why one shouldn’t do it. Guest Posting is one of the best ways to increase your credibility as a blogger and also its one of the ways to increase your blog traffic by posting links in your guest post.

  5. Good post Lawmacs, I am inviting you to join New Media Bloggers contributors 🙂 there will be a great team if you join!

  6. Guest blogging is an excellent feature.. thats why I introduced them in my blog ! 😀

    Currently I have written 6-7 guest articles and I can experience the change ! 🙂

    Nice sharing Lawmacs !

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