Writing Tips For New Bloggers


September 15, 2009

BloggingIf you are New blogger and wants to start writing your first blog post then get your pen and paper or your editor up and running this could either be notepad or Microsoft word, i choose to use window’s live writer the reason been after finish writing i can use it to post straight to my website  the editor you uses is a choice of yours the one you feel comfortable with.

The next step is to  choose a topic that you are good at and start writing some contents for your website but try to keep your content inline with your site for example if your site is about web design try write something about web design and remember  the old saying “goes a writer must always have a pen and a piece of paper”. You may come upon an idea while travelling to work or while in a meeting make a note of it research it write about it. Depending on your ability you make want to outline points first by writing each one down and then adding the facts

As a new writer never forget to share yourself with the readers add make your writing outstanding try to be a bit different from other writers do not let your readers feel they had read this article before,by allowing your readers to trust you by making your point clear write in simple terms concise and easy to understand you. Write for your readers it is them you want coming back to your blog.

Writing can seems very hard when you are writing your first post as a new blogger so you will have to understand there will be some frustrating times but do not give up keep writing and remember unless you are a born writer or you had been professionally trained then it will be have to be a learn as you go situation.

After you have finished writing read it through preferably aloud some one else can hear you and correct any mistake you might have made, ask a friend to read the article and proofread it get on the computer run a spell check and a grammar check with Microsoft word or some other word processor make all the necessary adjustment that may occur as friends for their criticism and never failed to listen to comments and suggestion.

As always before you decide to submit your articles to any directory make sure there is link back to your site this will help to drive traffic back to your website if possible give a little background information about yourself create a feedback form for your site so visitors can leave their comments about your article this can only help you to improve so Go on Get addicted, keep the articles coming it is not rocket science success comes sometimes at a price.These are just some Tips that i used when starting out as a new blogger  Google the web there lots of information to get any new bloggers who wanted tips and advice.


18 thoughts on “Writing Tips For New Bloggers”
  1. Does livewriter allow posting images, does it upload the images to your wordpress blogs, tagging, keywords, meta descriptions? It is still better to write the blog post and manually add them to wordpress, so that you can optimize the tags, keywords, description and images still, just having posts without optimizing them won’t help your blog get indexed on google.

  2. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by live does not allow uploading images but it allow you to link posts post to specific categories and also allow tag posting live writer is a windows based product and my blog platform is written in c+ that is blogengine.net which is also windows based live write lets you post to blogs that uses the metaweblog api

  3. Great tips bro. You write it all the steps and easy to understand 🙂
    Every new blogger have trouble with their first post and you help them a lots. Thanks bro!

  4. Bro, This is one of the best piece of advice for budding bloggers. Yes, its really not easy for anyone to be master in a day or two until and unless he is naturally gifted. I too was facing the same problem in the beginning but then I kept on learning. And honestly writing, it does pay off in the end.

  5. That’s very good advice. Your tips are so easy to follow. I try to blog once a week on Tues, so my readers will know when to look for me. Some people blog more and some less but I find that consistency is the key.

  6. Very good tips for new bloggers like me. I still find it hard to get some ideas on what to write. You are write, a pen and a paper is a must so you don’t lose ideas.

  7. someone put it all in a nutshell and advised me blogging in two simple steps.

    1.Subscribe to ProBlogger
    2.Check out the archives of ProBlogger

    Problogger is relevant to bloggers wanting to improve their blogs.

  8. Some great tips here. Being a good blog writer is all practice, nobody becomes a great writer overnight, it takes time to develop the right skills.

  9. Thanks for your comment and very nice of you to be here and it seems as if you are new thanks a lot for your comment

  10. Excellent piece of information shared for beginners in blog writing. I would say that a blog writer must follow some basic principles such as ensuring the content is crisp and unique, proof read the content before publishing it on to the blog, update the content periodically, keep it simple. Make the reader revisit through the content. Thanks

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