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April 13, 2011 , ,

Building a blog or a website is not rocket science but to maintain it can become a bit time consuming and something of a task. Writing quality content, approving comments and sometimes responding to visitors queries can become endless at times although to you it may seem like a simple task. So, how do I build my blog? As I have mentioned earlier building a blog is not rocket science but building a stable blog is a different task. First of all you need to decide what your blog is about? Who is it for? And what are you aim? Get these down on a piece of paper before you move on.

Now let’s look at three critical area that we need to build on as these will be the backbone of your blog, it is like building a house you need to start with the foundation and build on it. We will take these three areas and break them done and look at them one by one.

Blogging Platform

This is a very crucial piece of your blog that can either be successful or not , we all know that WordPress has establish itself as the most popular platform for bloggers without a doubt because of its ease of use and use friendly interface and design. The platform you choose should be a matter of personal choice however if you are unsure then go with the masses you won’t regret it or do your research and see which best suits your needs. I choose WordPress simple because it does what I want it to do but as I said before it is a matter of personal choice.

A Framework

This too may not be important but to me it is why? Because I find it easier to modify i use the thesis framework which I am very comfortable with at the moment having tried genesis too, these are the two most notable frameworks for bloggers. This does not means you have to use a framework but if you are building a blog to take you to the future and beyond then it is a good idea to think this one through.

Web Hosting Company

When you are running a blog or any online business then these are the guys that you need without them you won’t have any online presence so you need to be very careful here. You need a web hosting company that you can trust and one that is reliable and one that give excellent technical support within the shortest possible time. I run my blog on hostgator and at the moment they have been excellent comparing to my previous web hosts. Make sure the webhost you choose supports the blogging platform you are using.

Three main areas to ponder when building your blog are Blogging platform, Theme Framework and your Web Host getting these three right at the start is crucial it will make your like easier in the long run so that is just how I build my blog. Feel free to share yours below any comments and or suggestions are welcome.


33 thoughts on “How I Build My Blog”
  1. Hi Lawmacs

    The basics of building a blog seem to me to be the easy part. It’s what happens next that is important. Sure, it has to be built correctly but then the fun/hard work begins!

    Being consistent with quality posts published regularly, networking and building authority and social proof are just some of the important aspects of building a blog and getting it known.

    Then, if it’s a platform for a business, targeted traffic is essential. Another steep learning curve. One that I am on and learning something new every day. Usually from blog posts I read and generous bloggers who are helping me along the way. Enjoyable read. Thanks.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. You have done all of that Patricia you are a force to reckon with in your blogging field i read lots of your post and found them very inspiring and you are very engaging with your readers thus this will help to build your authority. Seriously you are on the right path.

  2. Nice read.No doubt that WordPress is the best blogging platform and thesis is one of the best theme to work.

    Choosing a good web host is often a difficult task for bloggers.Hostgator has the best support system.

    1. I do believe that Hostgator is good as i have recently move my web hosting to them and so far it been going great still monitoring them at the moment Thanks for your comment Shabnam

  3. I agree that we should be careful in choosing the right web hosting service. That’s why I recommend everyone to opt for BlueHost as this has 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee.

    1. Heard lots about blue host never tried them who knows may later at some point a good web hosting is good to ensure the stability of your business as downtime is a big turn of to our visitors.

  4. Always choose a blogging platform that is here to stay in the future, especially if you are opting for hosted solutions. The worst thing that can happen if you are deciding to use a hip, new platform, is that you have build your blog and promoted it extensively, just to wake up one day with a message ‘we are closing down’.

    1. That is absolutely correct we need a blogging platform that has a future and a good and reputable web host that has a long future ahead after all our blog is our business and we need it to be protected.

  5. All valid points. Blogging turns out to be a long-haul thing so beginners beware! And yes, WordPress is, at the moment, the best choice you could make in terms of stability, plugins and accesibility.

    1. Wordpres is by no doubt a great blogging platform both for beginners and seasoned bloggers and or website owners alike and the best part about it is that it is very user friendly.

      1. I agree, WP has great community too, and it’s well documented. I also like the fact that you can include additional plug-ins and modify themes. If you want to host your own blog and want to control your functionality, I would definitely recommend WP.

  6. I also would have to agree that WordPress is, by and large, the best blogging platform out there. It has a really friendly user interface and is really easy to navigate. It has lots of cool themes to choose from and gives users a lot more options as to how to design the look of their blogs than do other platforms. What platform you use is really one of the most important things to consider when starting a blog because if you blog a lot then its something you’re, very obviously, going to be using a lot and you’ve got to like it and be comfortable with it.

    1. Well said Petra WordPress is by far the best blogging platform available at the moment although blogger is great it is no where near wordpress because wordpress is open source and i believe that is and will be the driving force behind it.

    2. When i migrated to wordpress that was the day i really become a blogger i have no regrets and i have now added Thesis to my arsenal that makes blogging easier and without limits.

    3. WordPress is indeed the best blogging platform. It has many tools and not to mention it is also very user-friendly.

  7. I think you’re right, if you get any of these basics wrong then further down the line you’ll have a lot of hassle. There are some people always switching platform, host etc. and it’s a pain so I don’t know why they put themselves through it.

    1. There is an old saying that i learnt while in construction that you should measure twice and cut once get these first step right and the rest will follow. Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience. For me, it was nothing but a burning desire to make it anyhow and this is where I came to know about Google Blogger and related blogging platforms. Finally, I went with Blogger and honestly, I have really enjoyed it till date. I was doing fine with free blogspot domain name but then I was suggested from some of my friends to have my own domain name. And after a lot of thinking, I finally got it from one of the most popular hosting solutions on the web, under a scheme. The service has been really great till date. No real big issues till date. Now, only thing to be decided – Should I move to WordPress or not..?? No comments for the time being 😛

    1. Blogger is a great platform i tried it but the reason i love WordPress is that i have more control over the design and the integration of any scripts or plugins and when you need to customize it it is much simplier with WordPress

  9. You right. First choose a famous renowned hosting company, then choose blogging platform as WordPress. Finally, write regular quality & unique content

    1. Thanks it is that straight forward get the hosting and blogging platform right choose a brilliant theme or create one from scratch and if you believe in framework grab one and thesis will do Thanks for adding your voice to the debate.

  10. Thank you for sharing your experience. It has a really friendly user interface and is really easy to navigate. It has lots of cool themes to choose from and gives users a lot more options as to how to design the look of their blogs than do other platforms.

    1. Hi not a problem WordPress really does lead the way when it comes to blogging platform all we need is a great web hosting company that has a brilliant support theme and the rest is history.

  11. I use and for a couple of sites and I was about to install the WordPress blogging platform onto the site. I didn’t install it because of many forum comments I read about and WordPress.

    Many forum commenters have stated that shut down their blogs when the WordPress platform consumed more than 10% CPU capacity. The legal terms and conditions at do actually say that they can do this, but how can any WordPress blog consume more than 10% of a server’s capacity.

    It seems a lot of capacity to me for a blog and it is not specific. How much is 10%? Do any readers have any problems with and the WordPress blogging platform? Or are the forum comments just hype from other site host employees paid to foul mouth

  12. I’m searching for blog.
    I used WordPress and bought template.
    Ouch’ ! Now is difficult to find a simple blog theme, every template are very evolued !
    (sorry for my bad english .. 🙂 )

  13. That’s a pretty straightforwards process. What about an editorial plan. Some of us just wing it; others really plan it out.

  14. Very interesting post, I hadn’t thought about framework at all before you mentioned it, this is something I really need to investigate a bit more.

    Thank you for bringing a few good points to my attention.

  15. When I started blogging I used Blogger. About a year later, I decided I wanted more control over my blog, so I switched to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

    Most of the popular hosting companies all support WordPress, and some even provide a way for you to get a domain name too. However, I recommend you keep your domain name registrar and hosting company separate, this way if you have issues with your host, your domain name won’t get caught up in the issue.

    As for a framework, many people can take advantage of using one, mainly because it makes modifying your blog much easier. For me, I like to create my own themes as I like to learn how WordPress works, so I don’t use a framework. I have thought about one, however, but have chosen the DIY route, for now.

  16. As a newbie in blogging, I love to learn a lot to other blogger especially those people who are successful on their fields. My great pleasure to drop here in your blog and learn something new about blogging. Thanks much for this wonderful information!

  17. After working on the foundations of a blog consistency in publishing quality post in your blog. You also have to work on branding your blog on the web to get online presence so people will know that your blog exist and you can help them.

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  19. Hi Lawmacs

    It’s a fact that your blog posts are so unique and interesting and I enjoys a lot while reading your posts because you explained your post very deeply in a very easy and clear language.

    Thanks for your support and Happy Blogging 😀

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