Is it Time To Rethink Your Marketing Strategy?

All over the web bloggers talk about link building and traffic generation and all the term you can find, retweets , diggs and likes all with the hope of getting more and more visitors and better ranking in search engine results pages. There is a word that we don’t pay much attention to and that word is Marketing i too is sometimes guilty of the same but with the ever changing algorithm of the search engines especially Google, the panda/farmer update do you think it is time to rethink your Marketing strategy? Looking at what is going on i think it is worth the thought.

What is Marketing well according to Wikipedia “Marketing is the process by which companies determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development.”. Marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.” There are lot of different strategy that you can use during your marketing campaign some free and some may cost a fortune so this will depends upon ones ability to pay or do it yourself.

Rethinking your Marketing strategy does mean that you have to abandon what you have started, remember the old saying if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, it could just be the case of making small tweaks to change that. let me share a little tip with you during the latest Google shake up it is rumoured that ezine article one of the webs most popular article marketing directory lost a considerable amount of traffic some believe it to be about 40% drop that it significant although the site receives probably about a million visits per day.

How and when should you rethink your marketing strategy? Lets look at the when the straight forward answer to that would be when it is not working. But what if it is working but you believe it could be better? then be all means it is worth the rethinking. So how would you change your marketing Strategy? by having an alternative plan lets look at Article Marketing using article directory like ezine if that is not getting you the desired results then by all means try a different approach like Social media Marketing this one of the more popular tactics now.

I am not saying you should move away from article directories like ezine but make sure that your articles that you submit are of quality and not just for traffic source only. It is believe that the quality of articles are the reason why some article directory like ezine take the hit in the latest Google shake up. i would recommend the use of sites like Face Book and twitter as alternative to your article marketing sources even Google Matt Cutts said it in one of his video sites like Face Book is a better alternative to Article Marketing.

Do you believe that Social Media Marketing is killing Article Marketing? and which one serves you better share your thoughts.

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17 thoughts on “Is it Time To Rethink Your Marketing Strategy?”
    1. Article Marketing seems to take a hit from the recent Panda update and as i have mentioned in my post and the video it seems like Social media is the main stream marketing avenue that is the way forward.

  1. No such marketing strategy here. I was hardly into article marketing and I think it isn’t really required at this point of time. I have few articles submitted on popular article directories but it hasn’t benefited me in terms of traffic. Has been a waste of time 🙁

    Anyways, I am doing fine with sites like facebook and twitter. Though not as expected, yet something is better than nothing. For me, I mostly write and leave but I make sure it is well optimized finally to rank well in the search engines like Google and when it is done so, I do get a fair amount of traffic in the end. The recent panda update hasn’t yet affected me and I am glad to notice it. Still, I agree…marketing it online following better strategies can surely do a whole lot of good for your site. It shouldn’t be just limited to article marketing.

    1. I strongly believe that FaceBook Twitter and other bookmarking sites like digg and Stumble can help with our marketing strategy however with like like ezine loosing so much of its traffic we need to start thinking out of the box.

  2. Article marketing can be many things, for example publishing your article on an authority blog within your niche. This can be highly beneficial for ranking purposes and still beat social media marketing anytime (as of this moment, it may change in the future as many things change on a frequent basis).

    1. I agree that Article marketing has its benefits but the question here is it still worth its weight in gold however i am not discouraging it it works well for some while other strategy like social media works better for others.

  3. Website Promotion Articles lose its relevance is still very much later. The most important thing on the site – the quality of the materials shared on it. According to this if you have kachastvennaya article, place it in the directory.

    1. I hope that you did not misunderstood the imformation here by no means am i any expert but if you look at the video provided you would probably understand the point article marketing works but Social Media Marketing works better.

  4. Submission to article directories may still work but other strategies such as writing quality blog posts (with keywords, etc.) then promoting them using social media is perfectly fine these days. I think we need to be in constant update with new techniques and platforms to gauge which is more effective and appropriate.

    1. Using Article directories works great for some but as you rightly said social media sites seems to be doing the trick of late so it is a trend for us to follow. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.

  5. What an amazing turn of topic in your post. A great idea. Well, marketing brings real result and we are not ready to talk about it. We have fear of failure. Is that it? I do marketing about my Niche and I am trying to establish some products, and that is what I have not discussed in this blog. Just like you.

    But now since you have reminded us all lets come up with some marketing posts

    Enjoy your long week end.
    Fran A

    1. Thanks Fran will have a good wek end taking the kid to theme park to support what you said Marketing is a big term and everything we do after we have written and published our post involves some form of marketing or the other.

  6. Still the article marketing having benefits in traffic as well as back link. However, most of the professionals moving over to Social Media from normal link building techniques now.

  7. This is really a nice post to read as it teaches something that a person needs to realize in his life. I am glad that you have shared such experience with us

  8. I think it’s a matter of combining social media, article marketing, and other techniques. It’s interesting to see how social media marketing has developed the past few years. It’s so much more powerful now 🙂

  9. Social interaction is just so much more important nowadays. Twitter, G+, FB, etc. I stopped doing article marketing last year since I wasn’t seeing the same results as in the “good old days”.

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