Using Influential Bloggers to drive Traffic To Your Blog

Traffic is the life blood of our blog and we all strive to get more traffic and there are many different ways that we can use to get traffic. In this post we will look at one great way to use and get some traffic to our blog and that is by following influential bloggers that has authority. There are a lot of benefits for any upcoming blogger like myself to gain from following influential bloggers it is a good way of learning and at the same time get yourself and your blog among some of the top bloggers in this competitive blogging environment.

First what determines an influential blogger? There are a few factors that you can use to determine who and what makes a blogger influential two words comes to mind authority and trust. In order for a blogger to become influential he or she must be able to have that convincing effect on others. There are a quite a few influential bloggers out there two such bloggers are Kristi Hines and hesham which most of you might or should have heard about at some point in your blogging career they both have been mentioned in the top 50 most influential bloggers.

Show me your company and i tell you who you are

Show me your company and i tell you who you are an old saying which many of you are familiar with simple means if you are friends with the elite then you are one yourself. Simple influence breeds influence you would agree here. I try to be around some of these influential bloggers call me a parasite if you wish but I am still learning and as we have heard so many times blogging is not a one man game. I strongly believe that if you network with other bloggers then half of your Marketing task is done.

What you need to do?

What we need to do to harness this traffic is to find those influential bloggers that are in your niche and follow them on twitter and face book , join the conversation on their blogs by leaving constructive and relevant comments on their blogs. If you cannot find any influential bloggers in your list find one and be a part of their community. There are lots of influential bloggers in twitter sphere that you can read about in that blog post and if you can’t find any it is worth following me

Do you think it is a good idea to use influential bloggers to gain traffic for your blog? It is your turn to have your say. Sharing is caring. Do you follow any influential bloggers?


59 thoughts on “Using Influential Bloggers to drive Traffic To Your Blog”
  1. Well, it surely works. I haven’t known much about Kristine but I know Hesham from long. He is one of the most experienced bloggers around. Quite rightly, a geek. Also, he is very friendly and supportive to this blogging community. I have learned a lot from him and so, I am following him.

    I think yes, we must follow influential bloggers like Hesham and Kristine. It can surely help you build more trust and credibility amongst your visitors. And thus can help you with better and much needed traffic. Finally, the choice is yours!

    1. That is rightly so Hesham is a great guy I did my first interview with him as a bloggers at newmediabloggers still follow his blog and also i uses his thesis skin for my blog. These are two very influential bloggers in todays blogging industry.

  2. Following influential bloggers will help you initially to drive traffic to blog but retaining traffic will be ultimately your job.If you don’t have unique content you will loose visitors.

    Influential bloggers like Hesham and Kristine are a source of inspiration to a lot of bloggers.I have known Hesham from some time he is supportive and a friendly blogger 🙂

    1. You are right Shabnam hesham is a brilliant guy who is featured as one of the most influential twitters now so hanging around them and learning from them is a positive move for us as upcoming bloggers.

  3. Hi Lawmacs,
    Following Pro Bloggers on Social Media is a great idea to get attention of them and their other followers and readers. But if we request Pro Bloggers to write a guest post for us or give us a interview for our blog, it is also another proven way.

    1. Thanks nazimwarrich you are right with that if we should get a guest post written by one of these influential bloggers it would be a great boost for our blog which can only lead to more traffic and more readers.

  4. Yes of course using influential bloggers will give traffic for our blog. And, agree with Shabnam Sultan. To retain the traffic we should post unique content in our blog.

    1. You are right Tessa Shabnam has made a valuable point getting new visitors and or readers is important but most of all it is more important to keep them and what better way to do it than through writing great content.

    2. Sure, unique content in blog always gives a good traffic, because that is the main idea of blogging community – share people your own mind and life.

      As for me, unique content is the most important thing in all blogs.

  5. Yes, associating yourself with influential bloggers will drive traffic to your blog. Learn a lot from them and apply those learnings to your blog with a distinct touch and voice.

    1. Hi Vivian Thanks for taking the time to add you voice to the debate here it seems we all agree that hang around with infleuntial bloggers is a positive thing and the results could be great for us.

  6. Yes, of course influential bloggers rock. They would do a lot in the beginning of your career. But, I agree with Shabnam that you should have to be yourself to maintain your blog. Using influential bloggers is just part of your unique strategy. Besides, rewards are more appreciated if you knew they are products of your hard work.

    1. Shabnam has made a vluable point about keeping visitors to our blog following influential bloggers has its benefit but are we ready for the spill of that can occurr Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate.

  7. It is difficult to go wrong when you pick out individuals who are “where you want to be” and start emulating them. This is how many people achieve success generally (whether it involves the Internet or not). Find out what people are doing that works, follow them and to some extent, do what they do (with your own spin).

    1. Thanks Jack you have summed it up nicely i like the idea about doing what they are doing but with your own spin and as you rightly said it is always a good idea to learn from others. Thanks for your comment.

  8. great tips thanks for sharing this information this is great..i get lot of ideas for this blog..keep posting this kind of information this is very valuable.

  9. Thanks for including me as an influential blogger. 🙂 Even simply leaving an intelligent comment on an authority blog can lead to new visitors and connections. Since I have been commenting more lately, I have had lots of people come by saying they found me in the comments of another site, so it definitely works!

    1. That is true commenting on other bloggers blog is agreat way of gaining new visitors and for you been and influential blogger this is true even the proffessional believe it Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here much appreciated.

  10. you are absolutely right. It’s also about building your reputation. At some point people will start to follow your blog because your comments are really interesting and can stand out more than simple “nice post dude” 😉 I believe all your online activity is important, whatever you do, always be helpful and you will gain your reputation sooner or later. And for that reason, people will visit your blog at some point and maybe they will at it to their favourites… who knows 😉

    1. Reputation building is what every bloggers should try to achieve but in doing so we should remember that we will need to be able to deal with what could be the start of something great.

  11. Hello Lawmacs,

    more social media and Blogger needs to get great idea, to get more attention of their other followers . Pro Bloggers to write a guest post for us or give us a interview for our blog, it also another proven way.

    1. That is a brilliant point you have made here getting a problogger to write a Guest Post on our blog is a brilliant idea and it says a lot for our blog. Just imagine what that could do for your site/blog.

  12. This is true that Blog commenting is a great way of driving traffic to your website/blog. By the way good share and thanks for sharing this information, this is really great. I got lots of ideas from this post. Keep posting this kind of information, Love to see more from you with this kind of enriched post. Thanks, Regards.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and i am thrilled to know that you found the post interesting and have learnt from it Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here much appreciated.

  13. Hmm, I’m not sure if “parasite” would really be the right term here. Honestly, the fact that you have begun to surround yourself with “the elite” goes along with another one of those company sayings: Birds of a feather flock together. If you are beginning to associate with that crowd, then it’s what you’re aspiring to. Not that you’re a parasite…as long as you bring something to the table, too!


    1. Hi Delena you are right the word “parasite” sounds a bit wierd but it was just a humour however you have made a brilliant point about birds of feather flock together and we should bring something to the table. Thanks for your input.

  14. Influential bloggers will help you to make traffic to your blog but you must be to your self to maintained the blog get high traffic and get more visitors. thanks for this tips, continue posting this kind of blog.

    1. Thanks for your comment you have made a vital point getting the spill of from these influential bloggers is great but it is up tp us to absorb and keep these visitors with the right information may it be a product or a great article.

    2. Hey Gary You have rightly mentioned that following influential bloggers helps us to learn many things from them>it also makes blogging easy.Very Impressive write up

  15. Have seen this phenomenon over the internet. Top professional blogger s have presence everywhere, either reviewing or selling their e-products. Mind boggling strategy. Believe or not, it works amazingly swift.

    1. The proffessional bloggers are every where and i strongly believe that if we could emulate them or at least learn a thing or two it can also help with our blogging career too. following them is not a bad idea after all.

  16. thanks, this blog is great it gives a lot of information to me as a blogger… i really thanks this valuable post…. continue posting this kind of blog….

    1. He Butcher Block glad you found it useful you could just sbscribe to our feeds and let send you updates Thanks for taking the time to add you voice to the debate here.

  17. Definitely with you on this one. Following influential bloggers (or bloggers in general, for that matter) is definitely a key way to increase traffic to your own blog. Leave a well thought out, relevant comment on someone’s blog, chances are good they’ll pay your site a visit and comment on your site, too. I guess the saying ‘What goes around, comes around’ holds true in the blogosphere as well. It’s all about getting out there and interacting with the right bloggers.

    1. Petra this is a simple way of achieving and getting more followers with little effort The only drawback is that when these new visitors arrived it is up to us to keep them and make sure they continue to follow us.

  18. Thanks for sharing this, this is a great post… Now i know how really important the influential bloggers to our blog…. especially in our visitors and our blog followers….
    thank you so much for sharing this kind of info….this is very valuable post….

    1. Thanks i am glad that you found the idea worthy and do hope you try this method and monitor the results Thanks for coming to my blog and adding your voice to the debate here much appreciated.

  19. Hey there,

    Great tip. I’ve just started a blog as a way to drive traffic to my website, and this post will help me… thanks 🙂

    1. i hope everything work out right for you with your new blog the blogging environment is very competitive so you need to have a plan and stick with it Thanks for your comment.

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  27. Lawmacs, You’ve just made my blog perfect thanks so much for sharing this article about influential blogger.. its drives more traffic to my blog… For the first, i didn’t know about this influential blogger, but when i follow your tips wow!! its really worked… I’m sure more readers will follow this very interesting content….

  28. I made a lot of tips and techniques for my blog to promote and drive more traffic… but this method influential blogger is new in my mind…thanks lawmacs i will add this technique influential blogger to promote my site and drive me more traffic into my blog…. keep posting this kind of blog….

  29. Influential blogger is really big help for me… It drives me great traffic… if u have a right keyword and exact content to your blog… and adding all tips above…Wow high traffic is easy to get… I admired all you’ve shared here in your blog lawmacs…

  30. Yeah, influential blogger will drive you more traffic bloggers must apply this method to their blogs. Bloggers need to know about this, it should help to promote there site….

  31. Maybe all nice word had mention about influential blogger… For now i don’t know what should i say how influential blogger really help my blog… i think i should make it simple, Influential blogger you’ve help me a lot… this blog of yours lawmacs is very successful..

  32. This post reminds me of the old adage if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people.

    Apparently, the same thing goes for the blogging world.

    Nice post, Lawmacs…;)


    1. That’s right mark! The influence of successful people can really help you make your way to success.

  33. We send targeted traffic – from redirected domains or from our own network – in order to give you the best returns. The visitors that we send to your site will come only from other similiar websites as yours. This is real traffic, no bots.

  34. Infact bloggers are more likely to get traffic on their content and topic on which they write. the stuff of most the bloggers is interesting as they write on hot issues in an interesting way. Some bloggers are so influential that people don’t sleep with out reading them. if you want to be blogger then be one like that!

  35. I agree that influential people can drive traffic to the blog but for getting the maximum benefit of the traffic, the blog or website must have excellent and unique contents.

  36. Great article Lawmacs! I use to prefer to learn those influential bloggers because they are the one you can learn more about blogging and it is truly great. Thanks!

  37. Participating in forums especially in warriorforum will drive traffic to your site as well as social bookmarking. There are a lot of social bookmarking sites out there and some of the popular sites are Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious. In order for this method to work, you just need to make sure that you’re tags are correctly added and you should write an eye catcher headline.

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