The Digg Experiment The Results


May 2, 2011 ,

digg resultsMost of you will remember the bloggers cry for help well as I mentioned in that post that I will give a feed back on the result. Well there are a few things that was not achieved and is the aim of getting on the front page of digg and for those who missed that post here is the post Bloggers Help Me By Digging This Post as you may know this was a great task and the best part is that I did get lots of new visitors to my blog and some become repeated visitors and a total of 41 digg’s.

For any business to succeed and the web in today’s competitive marketing place in this blogging environment we need traffic and lots of it traffic is our blogs life blood but we need to ensure that the content or product that we provide is of the best quality to our readers. It does not matter what you blog about may it be business cards or just simple providing information about your face book fan page you need traffic and quality content to keep readers or make the sale to generate the income you so desire. Take a look at the image below.

digg results

What went Right?

What went right? There were some positives to take away from this experiment and that is the increase in new visits and my Alexa rank drop from 92,000 plus to just about the 75,000 marks that is a big plus. Traffic has increase and I am quite happy with that. The support from all of you was fabulous I could not have asked for more. From the beginning I know that this was a big ask make no joke about it getting on the front page of digg is not that simple as it seems unless you have a huge and loyal following.

The Draw Backs

Getting anything done online needs hard word and that is where the experiment did not go so well honestly, I had not promoted the post much, this was something done intentionally just to see if it would go viral. That is mistakes learnt never leave things up to chance we need to get behind it and push it along. Overall the experiment is a success and I believe that in the near future I would do it again. Thanks for all your support with this experiment.

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22 thoughts on “The Digg Experiment The Results”
  1. Many congratulations for achieving such great results with your experimentation! I think we can also try out the same to get the desired results. Thanks for sharing your success story. Keep up the excellent work..!

    1. Thanks Aswani it was a good result but as i have said before i think the next time i will get a better results i will improve on things and do another one soon.

    1. Thanks Shabnam with you and the others it would not be that way so i am happy to have you guys around and thanks for your contribution to my blog.

    1. Thanks Ashvini the results was good so over all i must say that it was a success although di not make the front page of digg but the lessons learnt here is valuable and will helped the next time around

  2. Glad to hear that the results were so great and that traffic has increased to your site! In retrospect, yes, maybe you could have promoted the post a bit more to get even better results, but past lessons (and mistakes) are what help us to learn and improve for next time. Congrats again!

    1. Hi Petra and that said the next time around i will put more effort in the promotion especailly through social media and with the lessons learnt the resullts should be greater the next time. Thanks for your input

  3. Congrats for your Digg experience, never tried to get traffic from these social media sites,apart from Facebook .

    1. Sometimes as bloggers we need these moments to help spur us on the results shows that social bookmarking websites like digg can still contribute to our traffic and all we need to do is harness this facebook is great but there was a reason why i target digg.

    1. Thanks Tessa your vote really counts networking is one of the most powerful tool we have as bloggers and if we use it wisely then the possiblities are endless.

  4. Awesome post here, that tells an easy way to improve the traffic, which is what I am looking for, as I am not writing to the directories and my applied traffic is less. I do use Digg to register my post. Digg is making lots of changes, it is taken over by you tube ( I think)

    As you said you have done a brilliant job by getting traffic from Digg. Keep up with the web.

    Fran A

    1. Thanks Fran you are right Digg has made a lot of changes and as we all know that the web has chnaged hands lots of time however we still need to continue to work towards drive as much traffic to our blog as posible Thanks for you continued support.

  5. An interesting experiment, thanks for sharing the results. Is there any particular reason why you chose Digg, as it’s pretty unpopular these days?

    1. It was an interesting one and not only that it was the first one i have done publicly so all in all the experience was great and so too was the results i do realize that digg is not the digg anymore but i have always wanted to be on their front page.

    1. Great idea you could try it too and come back and share your experience with us and maybe we could learn something from one another. Thanks for your input in the debate here.

    1. From the post about the experiment to the date of posting the results and yes i think you are suggesting that i show what it was before the experiment Thanks for your comment

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