How Much Must You Compromise in Corporate Identity Design?


April 24, 2012 , , ,

BrandingIn a world where clients dictate the Corporate Identity Design to be done, designers often go through an inner turmoil of whether to compromise with their design skills in order to satisfy the clients’ needs. This article delves into the work of a designer to understand how much he needs to compromise and whether that is healthy.

When it comes to making compromises, the field of corporate identity design is no exception from web design or logo design. Here, compromise means both parties (you and your client) agreeing on a decision based on some factors such as subjective demand, turnaround time etc.

When you take on the work of designing, say, a website, you have to pay attention to the people who will be using the website and how they will get around in the website and when you are working on a huge commercial corporate identity design project, usually your chief aim is the money you will be getting out from it. There is nothing bad about this approach and if you continue to tailor your work according to your clients’ demands, there can be pretty good remunerations waiting for you!

Throughout the process of a website design, graphic design, newsletter design or logo design, a number of things may present themselves in such a way that it can lead to compromise from your end as the designer. There could arise a situation where you need to change the course of your design completely because of new trends as they may emerge at anytime.

Another thing that can compel you to change the course of your design is the user experience. If you try and interview some non-technical people about the overall appearance of your corporate identity design, you may discover some facts which had earlier been completely unknown to you. These facts can make you change something in a fundamental level of your design. In fact, it can show you a whole new path to take.

If you do not embrace the new information or do not want to do so, it can lead to a compromise in your design. Information like the aforementioned is critical and ignoring this may result in a compromise in the end-product of your design.

Relying too much on the existing trends, tools, system and resources can do more harm than good. You will never even get to know when the limelight will shift from you. This is why, adapting to new trends is always necessary.

Keep in mind one thing – if the system is not flexible, it is not capable of progressing. Therefore, you yourself have to bring the winds of change into your own work culture and adapt to whatever seems necessary. Methods like Agile have come into being to make room for change in an effective manner.

Here’s a very basic piece of advice: never have a black and white perception. Always have room for gray. Nothing is one dimensional in this world. It is difficult to predict other people’s perception but if you listen to their needs and adapt to the changes that are taking place, you will be able to create truly effective designs because then, you will be equipped with the knowledge of people’s behavior.

Using a process that embraces new trends and latest information, you can win the hearts of your end-users.

Lastly, it is not possible to work as a designer without compromising ever. You have to compromise at some point of time in your career. Do not be disheartened as compromising does not mean your career is finished. Continue doing the work that you do best and leave the rest to the course of time.

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Graphic design India is a successful graphic design company based in India, offering specialized services in graphic design,business card design, brochure design, flyer design, and corporate identity design. We have authored countless articles on web graphic design that have been published in premium websites.


50 thoughts on “How Much Must You Compromise in Corporate Identity Design?”
  1. I always think of the relationship between designer and client as follows: The client will often set a specification which is limiting, or causes the designer to feel they’re not stretching themselves, but it is the job of the designer to take the clients idea to next level and blow them away. That’s how you get raving word-of-mouth reviews!

  2. Designing a website always have complications, and I’ve found some of the best designers and developers are the ones who are best with compromising and Problem solving.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

  3. Website designing is a complicated thing and it should be user friendly and designers have to design a site according to the requirement of the client which can be compromising at times.

  4. This is exactly why planning and understanding your clients customer needs is essential before starting the web design process.

    I have made this mistake in the past and learnt from it. Nice post.

  5. I absolutely agree with Anton there is a big difference between the artist and designer. Design should stick to the main concept of the general marketing strategy.

  6. Website designing is a very tough job. You need to be creative and unique in able for you to make a great design.

  7. Web design is the basic step from where beauty and attraction of a web start.The whole performance of a web depends on its design.

  8. The best point you made here is that nothing is one dimensional in this world and that is especially true for corporate identity design. Adapting to your clients needs is the only way to win your clients’ hearts. No one wants to work with somebody that is stuck in their ways and doesn’t want to compromise with them, especially if they’re paying for the service.

  9. I agree with your points.. Website design is the very difficult job.. it is the only way to catch many client hearts. so we have to be more innovative and unique..
    but in corporate its sure that we should compromise to achieve..

    Great post, many thanks for sharing….

    1. I agree with you Nishadha that the most difficult part of a designer’s job & perhaps the ultimate test of designer’s intelligence is when clients doesn’t give any clear idea about the thing they want leaving all the thinking work on designer.

  10. Hi !
    Sounding awesome . yes i am totally agree that we have to compromise at some part of time in our career. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Yeah, I totally agree with you! One can meet many problems when designing a website, but what is most important according to me is the compromise by the both sides. The client is always right, but you as a designer will have the better look of the presentation and effective working of the site.

  12. Wow, your points are extremely useful for someone like me who’s starting own business. Great read. I will apply this to my own business.

  13. I never thought of the inner turmoil that they could go through. You must compromise sometimes and know what you time is worth and what the client will really need. Sometimes if you go above and beyond it is not what the client asked for.

  14. You have highlighted such great points. It is indeed true that web designing is a no easy task. It’s not only meeting with the customers expectations yet It’s one whole world package. This is worth to be shared.

  15. You say, that the main goal – money. Maybe so, but this is sad. I do not want to adjust, and to please … but then I never really make money. In any case, your article was helpful for me. I will use your expertise.

  16. You say. that the main goal – money. Maybe so, but this is sad. I do not want to adjust, and to please … but then I never really make money. In any case, your article was helpful for me. I will use your expertise.

  17. This is my first opportunity to visit this website. I found some interesting things and I will apply to the development of my blog. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  18. That is why I am decided to enroll in school to learn more about web designing. It’s really complicated but I know it can be learned. Thanks for sharing this!

  19. Hi Lawmacs,
    Yes, It is not easy for a designer to work without compromises or you can say it’s a part of their work also website designing is not an easy job but listening to people’s need and adapt to the changes that are taking place could create truly effective designs.

  20. Yes the informtaion is correct firstly you have to understand the needs & requirement of your Cient & tehn you ahve to make a proper planning before stating the web designing process.

  21. Well, creativity is much important because even in a tight budget, you could come up with a better design which will satisfy the audience. User-friendly design and navigation should be prioritized.

  22. Creating a design is actually not that easy as what others think it is.. Anyway, this post can be a big help to us and to the beginners as well..

  23. yes web designing is really compliment, because client wants always good design and that time to show your skills and show that you are able to do everything about web designing.

  24. Compromise, compromise and compromise! You just need to accept the fact that this is a part of designer’s job. Making the actual design is only a part of it – a big part, but not the only thing.

  25. Internet’s massive space and convenience, as well as its ability to transform the trivial by etching it into the ether for eternity..

  26. I completely agree with always leaving a gray area. You should never think solely in black and white anyways.

  27. Site designing is of great importance for any web designer. It is important what clients will think about your site. That’s a hard job to win hearts of our clients. We must stay pretty creative and interested in it.

  28. You should think of the need of the people. Their needs that they can’t afford to buy. Give them the product that’s very effective in their everyday life. Put yourself into it.

    1. I totally agree with you Maryden. The people’s needs and their ability to afford them is what will make the business advance.

  29. I’m didn’t even know what corporate identity design was before reading this post, opened up a whole new level of intellectual curiousity for me. Thanks!

  30. Agreed!! web design is not an easy task to perform. All the requirements should be considered and then work should be done.And the main task for this is to clearly understand the needs and provide the appropriate result.

  31. It’s a shame when the limitation of technology limit the design and content for a website. But it happens all the time because it requires either a talented developer or available cash to bend that technology.

    I recently wrote a guide to planning a website project which covers who to choose a technology and features that will make a website robust in the long term. See the link below.

  32. compromise and compromise! You just need to accept the fact that this is a part of designer’s job. Making the actual design is only a part of it – a big part, but not the only thing.

  33. Design of any Website is very Critical. Today client require more about in digital Photos or images in Web design, but Graphic design is very amazing. I’m very impressed with it.

    1. You got a very helpful weblog I’ve been right here reading through for about an hour or so. I’m the beginner as well as your achievement is extremely a lot a good motivation personally.

  34. Designs of any Website is really very Critical. Today client require more about in digital Photos or images to view, So Graphic design more important and easy to showing any one and visitor.

  35. There are a lot of factors to consider in making a design as you have discussed compromise is really important because of the client’s requirements and subjective factors. It is also important in the part of the designer to suggest many things that is really worth it. The client may also agree if it is well explained and presented by the designer.

  36. It’s important to follow all the condition of all the people involve especially the client’s conditions and requirements. To follow all of it is a very polite manner but you also need to speak up, let that ideas in your mind defend the power of your talent. It’s also important in some aspect because the client will also educate from you because you better know the job than the client. Of course, it’s important to deliver it in respectful manner. If the client doesn’t want it and have reasons then respect his or her decision.

  37. Designing is the artistic side of marketing. Aside from critical brainstorming on what strategies to be used in the a certain period, a good image building effort is another side of the story. Your brand speaks for the product that’s why it should pass the intellectual and humor standards of the masses.

  38. Branding is synonymous with image building. A good brand will serve as a foundation of sales for the company. If this brand has been established well in the actual market, online marketing will be at ease.

  39. Hi Lawmacs,
    You have explained about Compromisation factor that every designer should aware of and how use it, without loosing clients… That’s great….. it helps a lot for beginners…..


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