What to Expect from an Orlando DUI Stop


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Dui lawyerWhether you drive for private purposes or on a commercial basis in Florida – novice or professional – it is important to be aware of the state laws in relation to drunk driving to avoid falling foul of it. Being caught can lead to an array of on-going problems, such as suspension of the driving license and ignorance of the law is no excuse.

In fact, there is no excuse that can be offered to get out of a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, and the consequences will have to be accepted.

Even the first step of being discovered in control of a vehicle while drunk is highly embarrassing when field sobriety tests are carried out in front of members of the public. Similarly, the act of being stopped by the police can be a major hassle, disrupting journeys and causing a number of other predicaments, such as getting your vehicle out of impound even it is a used bmw Cooper

There are a variety of reasons why the police can stop a driver on the road, which may have nothing to do with alcohol. Issues, such as speeding, expired registration tags or taking a wrong turn, are just a few of the reasons that can lead to the police pulling a driver over. In turn, this can lead to a DUI stop if the police officer suspects that the driver is intoxicated or sees that there is an open container in the vehicle.

Once the police officer has decided there is enough evidence to suggest that a crime is potentially being committed, they will take steps to gather further evidence. This will begin with a field sobriety test that will take place on exiting the car, but in the vicinity of the same. The test consists of physical trials, such as walking in a straight line, mental tests, such as reciting the alphabet, or a combination of the two. In the event that these are not completed to the satisfaction of the officer, a breathalyzer test will be undertaken. This will confirm the police officer’s suspicion with clear evidence of the driver’s drinking and the approximate amount of the same. Once this positive proof of alcohol consumption has been established, the police officer will have the grounds to arrest the driver.

Though it is at the police officer’s discretion, they will often contact a tow truck to remove the car to impound and any passengers will have to make their own way to their destination. Alternatively, the police may let a friend or family member take the car away if they have a valid license and are insured to drive it.

Once the at the police station, a blood test will usually be taken to complete the chain of evidence that the District Attorney can present to the Court, should it reach that stage.

Even an otherwise law abiding citizen can be caught out by a DUI and, in many cases, the assistance of a DUI lawyer will be required. This will ensure that the charge is handled as efficiently as possible, with the minimal possible level of punishment.


Stacy Aspen graduated from University in 2001 with a law degree. Since then, she gained experience in both the legal and insurance industries through a variety of roles, including policy underwriting and personal injury claims. She is not associated with Katz and Phillips, PA but can recommend their expertise to those looking for an Orlando DUI Lawyer.


19 thoughts on “What to Expect from an Orlando DUI Stop”
  1. I got caught for a DUI once years ago and I never did it again. A DUI lawyer is your only chance of reducing the penalties.

  2. You should be more aware in the traffic laws, in order for you not to have a problem. And also, we should always follow the rules and regulations because this is for our own sake.

  3. You should follow the regulations wherever you are. And you must absolutely not drive when you are drunk. You may damage other people’s property, cause a nuisance, or even take a life. The worst part about it is that the only reason you can give is because you are drunk which is the lamest and most irresponsible reason you can have when you have caused damage to other people.

  4. Orlando, as with the majority of the rest of the US, has a colossal mess of a system when it comes to DUIs. For one, the breathalyser is not considered binding in a court of law, and you can refuse to submit to one on those grounds. Then the police’s only option is to take you down to the station for a blood test, by which time there is a good change that the alcohol levels in your blood will have dropped.

  5. Hi
    Great post. I really appreciate you for this. Here you have discussed very important topic. Thanks.

  6. DUI is an offense. I wish people take it seriously so that the driveway is safe for themselves and others. For humanity sake.

  7. Drunk driving causes many accidents. Suspending driving license of the drunken drivers would be an effective law in order to minimize the road accidents.

  8. I’m based in Sydney, Australia at the moment and I’ve never seen police blitzes and DUI stops like they have here. They take it very, very seriously and the common thread of advice I’ve heard – whether you’re from Orlando or Australia – is just to play it safe. If you don’t drink and drive then you’re not only going to reduce your risk of having an accident but you’ll also avoid a hefty fine also!

  9. It’s actually the drivers fault. He knows that he’ll be driving, so why drink alcohol, right? but in some cases, you can’t avoid drinking specially when in a party then you’ll be driving home after it. DUI is a tough case though resolvable with the help of good lawyer. My advice is Don’t Drink and drive (which is advised all the time).

  10. Do not drive when you are drunk. You must follow the regulations I wish people take it seriously the only reason you can give is because you are drunk which is the lamest and most irresponsible reason you can have when you have caused damage to other people u can even kill a person for being drunk pls take it seriously.

  11. I agree that one has to be familiar with the DUI rules of one place to be able to properly and effectively avoid DUI problems. However, as they say, prevention is the safest still. Just totally avoid drinking and driving and you’ll always be on the safe side.

  12. Drunk driving causes many accidents. Suspending driving license of the drunken drivers would be an effective law in order to minimize the road accidents.

  13. I got a DUI over 2 years ago in Florida. This is the most costly thing you can get arrested for and its a pain in the ass. You have to take so many classes; DUI counter attack, MADD, Groups, probation costs, court costs its something that is not worth it. If you get 2 DUIs in your life you must me a idiot the best is not to get one.

  14. I don’t think people are ever going to learn not to drink and drive. I have a great example too. My brothers friend has had 3 DWI’s. Although he doesn’t drink and drive anymore, it took him 3 DWI’s to learn not to do it. I recommend getting a DWI lawyer if for some reason you end up getting a DWI or DUI.

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