Pre-planning Before Planning Your Business

Business-PlanningThe more planning you do before opening your business, the more successful it will be.

You’ve got a great idea for a business and you’re eager to get started, but have you really thought it through? It’s exciting to plan your own business – especially with the thought of being your own boss and raking in the money – making it all too temping to just jump in and do it. Starting your own business is a lot harder than it might sound; and coming up with a solid plan takes plenty of time and energy. If you want to ensure the eventual success of your business idea, it is worth your while to do the preliminary work before you get too far ahead of yourself. The following tips will help you pre-plan before going ahead with planning your future business Endeavour.

Assess Your Readiness


You may be excited to get started, but how ready are you personally? There are plenty of self-assessment tools out there to help you get a sense of just how ready you are to become a self-employed business owner. Owning a business means shouldering the responsibility for all aspects of the business, as well as all the risks that comes with it. This requires you to be mentally, emotionally and yes, physically, prepared. Your business venture may just end up consuming your life for at least the next five years. This is not something you want to leap into without assessing your personal readiness.

Assess Your Idea


You may think you’ve got the greatest idea for a business since the invention of the wheel, but will it fly with consumers? Before you invest a lot of time, energy and money into your product or service, conduct a feasibility study to see if there is enough of a market for your idea to support a business.

Assess the Risks


If your idea is feasible and you know you are ready to undertake a business, conduct a risk assessment around it. Get to know the market conditions in the area you want to be competitive in. How saturated is the market with similar products or services? What does your competition consist of? Are there investors or funding sources out there that you can access, or will you have to go it alone? What other risks exist that may undermine your efforts or cause you to fail? Knowing the potential risks will forewarn you of the problems and pitfalls you may face, allowing you to put in place risk management systems that can act as your safety net should anything unexpected happen. Hiring riskassessment consultants is also a wise first investment in your new career.

Seek Mentors and Experienced Partners


If this is the first time ever that you are entering into business, consider seeking out a business mentor or business partner. Their experience and advice is invaluable and it is always better to learn from other’s mistakes rather than your own. This can greatly accelerate the development of your business; cutting short the growing pains and maximizing the time you can enjoy being in business for yourself.

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20 thoughts on “Pre-planning Before Planning Your Business”
  1. Seeking mentors and experienced partners is critical for success. Getting advice from a successful person who’s been where you’re at will cut your learning curve in half, and help you succeed with your business faster.

  2. Planning is a crucial part of setting up a business. Business plan serve as a direction in fulfilling your business goals.

  3. Considering the risk factors is sometimes overlooked. While all the other variables point to a positive undertaking the significance of a potential threat cannot be overlooked. Today it becomes more crucial since the natural environment itself poses greater dangers. We must study how to turn the risk if possible to an opportunity for our business.

  4. Keep in mind business goal and create proper planning to reach at those goals helpful to get success.

  5. I also starting to create effective business plan to successfully start my business because having a good business plan will help you grow your business and increase its presence in the field of marketing.

  6. great information it is very helpful for those who starting there business. In business Planning is the most important or crucial part of setting up a business. Accessing risk is the most toughest part of decision that you are going to take in this situation.

  7. I think blogging is must for every small business, so that you can write interesting post and by promoting it on social media you can easily attract your targeted audience. Many small businesses are using this technique quite successfully.

  8. you definitely will get results – I can tell already from your comment that you have the right focus. Even though online it’s easy to remain anonymous, strong relationships still count and those who realize that will do well,

  9. Well john, having a good conversation with a successful business man will definitely boost your moral into taking the risk of having your own business. But not all successful businessman can give you the best advice. Start from scratch like what is posted here, have a partner which will share his experience on his downfall and what ways he found to prevent it from happening it again. Overall, this a good step-by-step process on how to plan a business.

  10. Pre-planning helps you see the viability of your business. It helps you see the factors that you possess that makes your business plan feasible and the things that can hold back the realization of your plans.

  11. If this is first time that we entering into business then we need to start with something that we are passionate and have a clue about. Previous experience as an employee in similar industry is a good base point. If you were working as a programmer, start a software development business; if you were working as a florist, start a flowers business, etc.

    It’s also easier and much less risky to build a new business based on the subject we like and enjoy spending time doing it.

    Thanks for this great post!

  12. This is a very good idea. I really agree to it. It has to do with focus and careful planning.

  13. why people are choosing to practice a organization around a way of lifestyle, instead of a way of lifestyle handled by their business?

  14. Hi nice Posting
    With out a proper planning you cant open your business. Getting advice from a successful person is a best experience for us to start a Business. By promoting Your business on social media will effect more no of visitors to the Website or Blog.

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