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January 12, 2012 , ,

Making Money BloggingAfter you create a blog that is interesting, now it is time to start making money. The second step of getting visitors is the most important, if you plan on making money. The third step is choosing how you will make money from your blog. You should try to keep your blog on the same topic on all your post, being that you can have an unlimited number of blogs, you can have a blog for any and every topic you choose. Make sure to start a new blog if you are totally off the main subject of the blog that you are posting to.

Blogger and several other free blog companies make it very simple to have a brand new blog up and running in a matter of a few minutes. Try not to post an article about dogs on a blog about golf. Once you have an interesting blog on one particular topic, the best place to start making money is Google AdSense. Blogger has made it very simple to add AdSense ads to your blog.

The ads that show up on your blog will be targeted towards the topic of your blog, which means if you have a blog about dogs, the ads that show up on your blog will deal with pets. It’s like Google is paying you to advertise on your blog.

Another way to make money with your blog is with affiliate programs. Companies will pay you good money to advertise their products, and all you have to do is put a link or banner on your blog leading to that companies web site. Once a sale is made the company gives you a commission. That is the reason you should pick one topic for your blog. If you want to have a blog about your life, by all means do it, but have other blogs about specific topics if you want to make money.

Once you find a topic that interest you, look for affiliate programs for that particular topic. With the dog blog example, there are several dog training products that you can have links and banners to on a dog blog that will make good money. Click Bank is the top company when it comes to affiliate products, they have over 10,000 products to choose from. Browse their products to see which ones you would like to promote. Obviously you want to pick something that fits the topic of your blog, but don’t limit yourself to just one, you can change a product you are promoting with a few clicks.

The internet is the essence of marketing, by that I mean, every word in an ad matters, every colour, where the ad is located on your blog, whether is is blinking or not, and the colour of the text. It might not seem like all of those things matter, but the fact is, everything that you decide matters. The good thing is you can experiment with how your blog looks as much as you want. There are several e-books written on how you should place and where you should place them, in the beginning, just go with the basic blog set-up until you get the hang of things.


45 thoughts on “How To Make Money Blogging”
  1. lawmacs, thanks for all your steps, which can help me to make money! I’ll be implementing all you said, thank you so much for the information.

  2. Many are very much interested to try this kind of business because many had already proven that you could easily earn money from it. However, you should know also on how to do your job efficiently so that you would able to stay your job longer and successfully.

  3. It is a nice blog i must say. At least i will get a lot of information from this site because i want to make a money from the blog so it easy for me to decide what will be the first step should i take in this field. This post also provide the information in a very simple way which any one can understand easily.

  4. Nice advise for those that are new to blogging. Most people tend to loose their focus when they start their blogs and failed to preserve a community that shares the same interest. Being able to bond a group of people with the same interest can surely help your blog to succeed.

  5. Hi Lawmacs

    Couldn’t agree more with what you say about every element of an ad being important, from the colour, where the ad is placed, colour of text etc. It’s all important and you need to test a lot to see what works for your blog and niche.

    1. I believe that what you say is true. I really want to create a perfect blog and earn money. could you help me in that.

  6. great post, this will definately help those who are new to blogging,if you have a passion for what you do and put in the long hours, money can be made this way

  7. very helpful, informative post, you are sooo right when youssaid that every word in an ad matters, colour, where the ad is located on your blog, whether is is blinking or not, and the colour of the text.etc etc, there are some good e-books with great advice in this

  8. There are definitely a lot of ways to make money with blogging. Guest blogging is gaining steam these days. Blog commenting has always been popular too. Nowadays, social media has also become increasingly important as another avenue of making money via blogging.


  9. Thanks for this very useful info. A lot to learn before I am in a position to reap the benefits. Money Making Online is an art and I really appreciate those who work have been working on the same to make it happen. It may not be the easiest thing on the web yet very possible. A lot of things matter which decide your fate with the same – blogging efforts, knowledge, skills, dedication, commitment and above all it is all about knowing your niche which must be fruitful in the long run. Once you gained mastery over these things, you can surely make your blogging turn into online money making medium..!!

  10. thanks for your sharing. I often search about ways to make money blogging. And i find your post on google. It’s very interesting and it helps for me manything..

  11. I must say that those are the real deal in making money through blogs but i just want to stress out that before engaging in this type of business, people should understand that achieving success in this business doesn’t happen overnight. It requires motivation, passion and time management.

  12. Don’t forget, your blog can help you build a strong social pressence (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) which you can also use to earna bit of extra money, through affiliate marketing or sponsored tweets etc. 🙂

  13. That’s some very nice input. I am just getting started with blogging ans I’m gathering ideas at the moment. I probably would have ended up with a blog mixing two subjects…
    But I guess you’re right. One subject per blog.

  14. You can make money blogging but it is not easy and it does not happen overnight. You need to blog every day and your posts need to be original, interesting, and unique. One blog is usually not enough either. I have over 20 blogs covering different topics and I also use Hubpages and Squidoo too. The best money I make is from right here at Webanswers. The most money will come from your Google Adsense account that is associated with all of your blogs and answers.

  15. Hi
    Good idea about the money make online but in seo is good idea for money making can i go for it.
    Prash patel

  16. There’s always good money being made in blogging, but it takes time and hard work before things start running smoother and you start earning. If you’re into Google Adsense or affiliate marketing for instance, you need to gain trust from search engines to get your blog or website rank high in the search engine results, as well as gain trust from online users for better conversions.

    1. Yes its a long process to earn some good money in blogging, we need to work harder on blogging so that it will help to have some good traffic and money.

  17. Great Share. I want to make money from online. I have a blog . I need a many visitor but i am not get it. Would you please help me how to get more visitor for my blog. Please check it and Suggest me-

  18. After read this one it makes clear vision about how to make a lot of money from blogging. Personally i feel you can make understand what thoughts about blogging in a easiest method. You always give your suggestion in a simple way.

  19. Blogging is a best way to make money..
    Guest blogging is a easiest way to make money in online…
    Hope this will help to those who are interested in blogging…

  20. particularly good information …. I like the way of business that you presented about Adsense … I torment me 2 months to get my site and start earning money from adsense hope that they will come in a later 🙂

  21. Great post! I use my blog as SEO which drives in more clients to my New Jersey Marketing Company, so I suppose my blog makes me money after all.

  22. This is very useful to me. Im now currently searching for something that can help me generate income while having fun.

  23. With plenty of ways to make money online, I think blogging is really the way to go. There’s just so many things you can do with blogging like building your own brand which is of great help in the long run.

  24. Thank you for the great information. I have recently started to try to make money on the internet through writing, it is orverwhelming, and it feels like I am trying to squeeze water from a rock, so I appreciate the free tips. From most of the things I have read it seems to take alot of research and perserverance so I am not going to quit and see what happens. I will definetly bookmark your site.

  25. With blogging, you could really have the great chance to make money. You just need to make sure that all the things that you will are quality and your reader will be enthusiast to follow your write ups. There are a lot of topics that can be a topic to a blog just be sure that the things that you will write are related to each other.

  26. This is awesome. I have bookmarked it and this week I’m going to spend some more time on it. I read it through today, but I’ll be back to go over it make some notes. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this, and non-coincidentally, I’m thinking this HAS to be something that will get you lots of readers and clicks and so on, although I have the sense most people won’t have the drive, the smarts, or the persistence to succeed at blogging. Just from my own limited experience I know it’s A LOT of work. I am going to look at what you lay here more carefully and give it some serious consideration.

  27. When you are a blogger you will surely earn money.Blogging is very indemand job nowadays.I hope i can also write blogs as good as you.

  28. Excellent Post! This is what i have been looking for.I found all i have been looking for in this post.Can you add more postings on blogging and making money online.Looking forward to read more ideas from you.I have bookmarked your site.

  29. Excellent idea About blogging, i really helpful by your post, thanks for this nice view.

    I have some new here Hire statistician

  30. Anyone who uses a blog to make money knows that the only way you can keep earning money from the blog is to keep the traffic coming. While there are many ways to get readers to your blog, it is important to get them to keep returning. Make your blog more appealing to your readers and keep them coming back…

  31. Excelent Post for those who are serious about Making Money Online or Work From Home and Looking for a change from their 9:00 – 5:00 Day Job

  32. It is very difficult to earn money through online either it is Google Adsense or Affiliate program. Patience and consistency is required for long period of time.

  33. I feel focus,determination and persistence are the key things for blogging.You can’t stay long without them

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