How to Set Up Conversion Tracking in Analytics and Adwords


September 27, 2012 ,

If you’re trying to discover keywords that can lead to increased visits and sales, then Google Analytics and Goodge Ad Words Conversation Tracking can be effective methods. Learning how to set up Conversation Tracking in Google Analytics and Ad Words can help benefit any business because these tools can help you to discover exactly what goes on after a customer decides to click on your ads An example is that you will be able to find out information regarding which products were purchased, or if a person signed up for a newsletter, etc.

By knowing more about what visitors and customers do after clicking on one of your ads, you will be able to better understand which keywords work best for your business, which in turn can help to increase your return on investment or ROI. One of the best advantages of learning how to set up Conversation Tracking in Google Analytics and Ad words is that once it is correctly set up, there is no limit as to how many conversations a person can actually track.

Google Analytics and Conversation Tracking

If you need to analyze any customer clicks that take place on your website, Google offers two different products: Conversation Tracking (part of Ad Words) and Google Analytics. The program that suits you and your business most appropriately depends on a variety of factors including business goals and the size of the business.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is most ideal for business owners who are more interested in the entire spectrum of their business’s customers. Those who wish to view not just the conversations but the entire flow in regards to customers will benefit the most. Google Analytics can also include any conversations from sources that are non-Ad Words sources.

  • Advantage: More information
  • Disadvantage: More complex

Conversation Tracking: Conversation Tracking is more ideal for those who are interested solely in conversations and not the entire flow of their business’s customers. You can track conversations but only through sources through Ad Words.

  • Advantage: Less complex
  • Disadvantage: Less information

To benefit from these tools, business and website owners can now learn how to set up Conversation Tracking in Google Analytics and Ad Words.

How to Set Up Conversation Tracking

To set up Conversation Tracking using Ad Words, you will need to place a snippet of HTLM code on the exact page that customers will view after they have performed a valuable action on your website. An example is that you can add a code to the confirmation purchase page, or the page that people will see after they have completed a purchase.

Before trying to set up Conversation Tracking in Google Ad words, you will need to complete the following:


  • Make sure you have an Ad words Account: If you do not yet have an Ad words account, you can sign up for one at
  • Make sure you have a website: The website is where you will end up placing the code snippet.
  • Make sure you can edit the website: Despite common misconception, website owners do not need to be masters when it comes to HTLM. However, website owners should know enough in order to paste the snippet of the code into the website.

Once these steps have been completed, it is now possible to set up Conversation Tracking in Google Analytics and Ad words. Simply get the snippet of the code, and then paste the code snippet into the website’s HTML.

If you are using more than one technology in order to develop and manage WebPages, Conversation Tracking will work on these types of pages or dynamically-generated pages. You will want to make sure that the page you place the snippet of the code on is the one that your customers will see after the conversation has taken place.

During the insertion of the code snippet, you will need to place it on the page’s static portion which is found within the page’s body section.

If it’s the case that your mobile website displays a phone number, then customers who have mobile devices will be able to click and call the provided number. It’s possible to track any of those calls in Ad Words. You can also assign a specific monetary value to them.

Verify that Conversation Tracking is Working Properly

Once you are have finished setting up Conversation Tracking, you may want to make sure that the code snippet is working correctly for your website. In order to do this, you should first check that the conversion snippet was place on the conversion page. Now you can verify the code through any of the following options:

  • Confirm that the code is place on the correct webpage
  • Verify the snippet of the code
  • Once you have followed these steps, you will be able to see conversations in your Google Ad words account by clicking going into the Tools and Analysis tab and clicking “Conversations” or by clicking on the Campaigns tab. Please note that updates can take up to a full 24 hours.

Linking Google Analytics and Conversation Tracking

When you want to set up Conversation Tracking in Google Analytics and Ad words, you will need to link the programs. For Conversation Tracking with Google Analytics, business owners can now import Analytics information into Ad Words Conversation Tracking. However, you must meet the necessary requirements:

  • You must link your Google Analytics and Ad Words accounts together
  • You must enable data sharing with other various products
  • You must enable any auto-tagging in the Ad Words account

You should meet all of those if you wish to access your Analytics conversations and the data that is associated with the Ad Words clicks. Once they are linked and you have clicked “Import”, Ad Words Conversation Tracking will start to import the data from the Analytics account. Any data prior to the date that you click the “Import” button will not be shown. Goals will be displayed alongside any conversation data in the Conversation Tracking page while Ad Words reports will show after about two weeks.

Once you set up Conversation Tracking Correctly in Google Analytics and Ad words, you and your business can benefit greatly by helping you to find out more about customers. How else do you think your business will benefit?

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  1. Thanks for the article, that was really helpful. I still have a problem with my Google analytics account. It seems that Google does not send Keywords to my conversions when the users come through SEO and not Google Adwords.

    I read that this is because of users being signed in with Google Plus and therefore Google Strips their keywords, but is there anyway we can track this?

  2. Google Analytics is the weapon one can use to see the results regarding the website traffic sources and can have a view of the campaigns started by a business to know how much effective a the add is and how much it can help in getting more better results.

  3. In total, the wordings are quite precise and enough to provide sufficient info to a naive user, like me for instance. I’m not a master of Google Analytic, however, I’ve noticed there are difference in traffic result between Analytic and Webmaster, any idea? Cheers.

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