5 Ways for Measuring Social Media Effectiveness for Your Business


September 25, 2012 , ,

Social media campaign – tools to measure success

There is not a single proposition or hypothesis which will exactly measure the effectiveness and success of your social media campaign. You might not agree with this notion but the social media tools and procedures will vary from business to business. The focus will be on different things and goals and experience will also vary correspondingly. Well, website owners and business persons need to know and gauge whether the social media campaign and marketing efforts are really paying off. We will see here some of finest parameters for measuring the social media effectiveness that will work wonder for your business.

Interaction of followers

Posting some sort of quality content and multimedia features on the website is no doubt, a requirement for getting followers. But you will also need to ensure that whether those followers are really interacting with you. The followers should absorb your marketing efforts and they must ‘like’ and comment on the posts. It will really keep them busy and engaged in your business services and solutions. Your business will be followed by active participants. When you will find the fans and followers interacting with your business, you can easily measure their response. At the same time, its effectiveness can also be measured which will ensure that your consumers are loyal and engaged with your business solutions and services.

Growth in number of followers

Marketing campaigns through the social media platforms are really hard to gauge but if you have measured the number of followers behind your business, it will completely reflect the success. Your social media campaigns will be treated more effective and successful if you have higher rate of follower growth. You can also make comparisons to different companies in order to get success rate. No doubt, every business needs to expand and your marketing campaign through social media should boast of the same growth.

Conversion rates

Followers are really good thing to score better in social media campaigns however you must also check the customer conversion rate. This is important because the same conversion rate will affect the bottom line of your business setting. It is none other than your sales that will reflect the real taste of success and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Staggering number of followers and fans is okay but you will also have to look for the valued sales and conversions that will indicate the real success.

Web traffic

Marketing efforts will pay only if you have got good traffic driven to your business website. You can measure the same by knowing the analytics of your website with comprehensive details of the visitors such as bounce rate.

Sharing of quality contents

Social media promotion of your business will need you to post some comments and blogs on the website. However, you will require ensuring that whether those posts are being shared by your fans and followers to the circles and community members. It will indicate that the posts of your business are really relevant, valuable and interesting.


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0 thoughts on “5 Ways for Measuring Social Media Effectiveness for Your Business”
  1. Hi John..Business online is so tight now in terms of competition.We need to think of a good strategy to keep our loyal clients.Social media is a good tool in gathering traffic on our site but we need to evaluate who among them are really interested with what we are promoting.Keeping in touch with our clients is also important.Responding in their comments is one of that.Thank you for sharing this..

  2. Social media can give your site a good traffic and we need to asses among those visitors,whom is really interested in our product.I’m glad you shared here the things I can do to measure my social media effectiveness.I will start doing it.Thanks..

  3. Growth in followers is the best way to take advantage of social media sites.It automatically increases the conversion rate if one has decent amount of followers.

  4. For sure you need to keep track in any type of business for success and social media sites are playing vital role in promotion of business so until you don’t know how you can increase you audience or you are unable to increase the strength then its just waste of time.

  5. Social media has covered a broad area and surely say that it can be a great source for promotion and marketing.
    Followers and your friend list are very important here.Regular posting can work good.

  6. Conversion rate is really the only thing that matters to me. Yeah, it’s great to Google Analytics and see StumbleUpon has sent 10,000 visitors in a day, but if those don’t convert then what is the use?

  7. This means that one hour of talking on the phone would cost an estimated amount of forty- two dollars. America is going through a recession and many people cannot afford to pay this outrageous amount to talk to their loved ones. However, the social media makes communication exceedingly affordable for everyone. A convenient yet affordable social network brings people within a society together.

  8. Social media effectiveness is no doubt one of the factors why you’re celebrating your web sites’s success. With these, you can set up a bigger business colleague base and promote your product and services for free.

  9. Great website design and content must be aligned with your business goals. Thanks for sharing this.

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