How WordPress Developers can safeguard their customers

WordPress development is growing at an unprecedented rate. Almost all the major websites and blogs are built on WordPress. Therefore, consequently, the number of WordPress developers in India is also growing.

However, along with the service industry comes the great responsibility of providing the best services at a fair cost. For this, developers have to get to the bottom of their client’s needs and do what it takes to give them the best results.

On the whole, the general assumption is that most business owners, when have professionals build their website, is because they are not very well aware with the nitty-gritties of the technological world.  So, it becomes the duty of the WordPress developer to forewarn them in case they can visualise a problem that the business owners can’t.

The best way you can do this is by creating a more worthwhile relationship between you and your client. This can be achieved by:

  1. Give them the knowledge and admin rights to make minor changes themselves. This would entail a sort of balance and would not flood you with minor requests every now and then.
  2. Do not give access to panels where they are likely to make mistakes. Save them the trouble and yourself the agony of setting up the things again and again.

Considering these, here are a few things you can keep in mind, which will help you and your client.

WP-Admin Editor

Although it is a wise decision to jump on the train to WordPress development, it is still not advisable to lunge in it unsupervised. This means that certain things about WordPress are to be dealt with only by professionals. For example of WordPress can really messed up if you do not pay much care and attention and are inexperienced in this realm. However, the business owners owning the site refuse to understand this, and try to help themselves ever so often, only creating bigger problems.

For this reason, switching the WP-admin editor off can be a simple and an effective way to save your customers from themselves. Also, it adds another layer of security against hackers.

You must ensure that WordPress files are only viewed and edited by FTP. The advantage of doing this through FTP is that the biggest of errors can be sorted by using the “UNDO” function. The WP-admin editor does not offer this basic but necessary competence, and an error in a theme or plugin file can blow up the entire site, leading to an unreachable dashboard to try and fix it. By this easy method, you can avoid all the unnecessary hassles.


It is an established fact that the best way to completely jeopardise your website is by making an error in the core WP-Config.PHP file. Less practiced WordPress users, however, may not appreciate the seriousness of this and the caution that requires to be observed when editing this most valuable of WordPress files. So it only makes sense in restricting access.

With a read-only set function, your clients can view that file whenever they want to, but cannot enter to make changes as and when they please.

Backup Plan

Always, inevitably and doubtlessly, maintain backups. Also ensure that you are keeping a strong backup that is reputed and reliable.

Amongst the files that should be included in the backup area:

  • The theme and css
  • Premium plugins that are not available in the WordPress repository nor are free
  • Other custom files


If you keep these above mentioned points in mind while developing WordPress for your clients, you will find that the entire process will become a lot smoother. Your customers will be happy because they will not encounter any major problem caused by some glitch somewhere. Also, you will retain your peace of mind, because you have already averted any unnecessary hassle.

Summary: Following is a brief article aimed to help WordPress developers in India to solve the problems encountered by their clients. This article has pointers which can help them protect the clients form damaging their website while editing.

About Author:

This Article written is by Ellis McGrath. He is an Experienced WordPress Developer from VITEB. He constantly endeavours to update his knowledge in the WordPress development industry. He is happy to share his updated knowledge in this field with all professional WordPress developers across the world.

0 thoughts on “How WordPress Developers can safeguard their customers”
  1. Good post Ellis with Excellent points from developers side. Maintenance of backup is most important. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Backup is the first thing to be kept in mind while doing anything.It is the backbone which always keeps you adjusted according to the need.And giving them some authentication rights as well is a good idea indeed but not all the rights shall be given.

  3. Hi Gary,

    Yes – By making the Wp-Config.php file read only is one of the best practises I normally encourage for WordPress users – Especially when only starting off with wordpress.

  4. Safeguarding WP blogs is very important. Taking a regular backup of blog and making WP-Config.PHP Read only will be great.

    Recently, i faced a malware attack in my blog but things got resolved fast.

  5. Hmm you right lwamcs.
    Really nice information for wordpress cms developers.
    I want to know that is it useful to joomla developer also?

  6. I use a wordpress plugin that backs up and then emails me my database on a weekly basis and I’m also fortunate enough to be with a host that automatically does regular backups for me too. If you are to succeed in blogging, you can be sure that you will encounter hackers at some point. Best to be prepared.

    1. I’m using backuppc to backup whole websites, databases and the config files. I’m using it on dedicated servers.

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  10. WordPress is simple, easy to learn and use. It is very simple software and it does not need any technical knowledge to operate and use it. It provides a user friendly environment to user.I love it…Thanks for sharing

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