Is Blogging Still Alive?


April 15, 2010 ,

Web DesignBefore we look at the topic in discussion here lets us just take a moment to reflex on what a blog really is. According to Wikipedia, a “Blog is defined as A blog (a contraction of the term “web log“)[1] is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. “Blog” can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. On the other hand, a blogger is a person who keeps and updates a blog.

Now you are ready to follow the millions out there and put up a blog but are blogs still alive well yes the problem you face as a new blogger is a competition so for a new blogger you need to think and ensure that your goals are defined and you have a clear plan or else blogging will become difficult. Then you might come to the idea that “Blogging is Dead”. It is very easy to start a blog but maintaining it and keeping it update is another factor that worth thinking about before you venture in this phenomena.

So the big question still remains, “Is Blogging Still Alive?” well my friends all of you will agree that it is but looking back over the years when there were not so many blogs around there was so much buzz about blogging , now it is more about social networking sites so are they killing the traditional blogs? to an extent, yes but we can reverse this trend by supporting our fellow bloggers’ blog

Having a blog is good and it can bring some added resources like a passive income but are they just as powerful as they used to be? yes, there are. however because of the fierce competition and the amount of blog that exist starting your own is good but it won’t be easy to compete keeping your blog Alive takes effort and passion, passion to succeed , the drive and the determination to be around for a long time ask any blogger old school or newbie they will tell you about the uphill task the sleepless nights to get where they are and where they want to be.

Okay, you are ready to join the masses and launch a new blog. You’ve put a lot of thought to grab a design and choose your web hosting platform, now you are ready to go. Perhaps you should give more thought about your goals and how you are going to achieve them else you blogging career is dead before you started. So the question comes again Are we keeping blogging alive?. Please leave your comment and share this story.


15 thoughts on “Is Blogging Still Alive?”
  1. " Blogging still alive ?" a much debated topic in blogosphere . Every day millions of blogs are coming up but only few stay online. To be a blogger we need to be serious , persistent and patient about your work . We need to have passion for it .
    Passive income from blog is great but for that you really need to work hard without giving up.
    You have said it well bro that as bloggers we need to support our fellow bloggers .
    Blogging is there to stay but only for those who take it seriously and are ready for the hard work……..

  2. I have been blogging for the last 2 years and to be very honest, it has been a fascinating experience till date. Blogging has given me a new life, a new identity..I must say. And I think it offers the same to many others. Blogging still alive..hmm…yes, why not? I can see everyone being blogger these days. It feels great to know that more and more people are getting aware of the same. At least, they are giving it a try even if they are not able to continue it for long. To continue it for long demands a lot of hardwork, patience, smartwork and most importantly, self interest or say, self-willingness to do it. Without these things, nothing can help. Its all about the competition everywhere and Blogging too is not an exception. You really need to have that passion to keep doing well in this area.

    Btw, I don’t think that social networks are killing blogs. I think they are supporting blogs. They are acting as the best mediums to market your blogs. Without these social networking sites, Blogs could have remained isolated which in turn would have affected their overall popularity. This is something which I or anyone else will never desire for.

  3. My reasons for saying that social networks are killing blogs is simple look around people spend more time on social networks than blogs look at some blogs that haven’t been updated for sometime but they are on social network sites.

  4. Yes you are right blogging is alive and can be at great place to socailiae online thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

  5. Thanks for your input Shabnam your input and support here is much appreciated blogging is still alive and just take a look around and we can feel and see it in the blogsphere.

  6. There has been much debate on this topic and the general consensus is blogging is still very much alive and thriving. You won’t find very many businesses that don’t have blog and personal blogs are coming on board by the thousands every day.

    I certainly agree that it takes lots of hard work to succeed as a blogger especially if you’re trying to generate income from it. I’ve only been blogging for a short time but I do it for several reasons….I enjoy it, I meet some great people, I like helping others, I love the challenge and finally, I make a few dollars once in a while:-) As long as I continue finding it pleasurable, I’ll keep on doing it.

    As for social networking, I use it as a method to drive traffic to my blog and meet even more great people;-) I don’t feel micro blogging sites such as Twitter will ever replace blogs.

  7. Sometimes I find that things in life just gives me writers block. It’s as if for sometime I am hot and have so much to blog about, and than nothing for long periods of time.

  8. Thanks for your input Robert we all agree that it takes lots of effort and great commitment to survive in the blogging world of today and passion and determination is needed to survive.

  9. This do happens elizabeth but the idea is to never give up giving up is failure trying 100 times and get it wrong doesn’t means failure it just means you have found another way not to do it.

  10. Yep. I’m keeping blogging alive by visiting my friend’s blogs and leaving comments. I look forward to what my friend’s have to say. Sometimes I don’t get to visit for a while but they know that they are still my friend. Just like with my friends offline.

  11. Thanks daisy with your support we know we can keep our Blogs alive and going blogging is fun for me just like socailing this is something i enjoy sis thanks for your thoughts.

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