Simple Writing Tips For Beginners


April 18, 2010

Writing a blog post can be as easy as blog walking  to one Blogger, but much more difficult to the next blogger. Seasoned Bloggers will tell you that they find blogging simple. Those who are not great writers may feel a bit frustrated at times or even suffers from what we sometimes called “Writers Block”, feeling some what  intimidated at times may deter you from writing. This is normal even now after three years experience i do get that feelings sometimes, however you should not let this feelings get the better of you else you may never want to  write a blog entry again.

Writing a blog entry does not have to be painful, It should fun! and enjoyable If you are having these moments and are not sure what to do or how to go about it take a break or you may want to follow these “Simple Writing Tips For Beginners”. Here i will use share some tips that i find works when writing any blog post lets get started.

Gathering  Ideas For your Blog Post

This is the area writers found to be the most difficult part about writing Blog Entry it is deciding what you want to write about. Blogs are interesting because you can use them in several ways. You can use them as a personal online journal of sorts if you wish. You can also use them as a place to post your opinions and views. , you can use them as a place to put short articles of interest for others to read. Lastly they can be used as a form of income as most bloggers do.

If you are choosing to use your blog as a source of income, then  you might will  need to do much more planning than if you are using it for an online journal or a place where you just post short stories that are of your interest. now the big question you need to ask yourself is what do you need from your blog?, if it is about income then you need to choose you topics carefully write them down do some research and it is always in your best interest to write about topic that you are familiar with and feel comfortable with. Create a list of topic ideas that interest you. Use them to decide what your topic  will be.

Choose A Writing style And A Tone

After choosing a topic, make a quick outline of main points you want to include. Then next you decide and your writing style and tone this is up to you some writers choose a causal tone and have great success with it. Another point to bear in mind is grammar this is very important.Try to keep your tone as friendly as you can express yourself after all you want your readers to feel you in the article.

Write Your Blog Post

When you sit down to write your post, remember that you are writing for your readers use the tone you choose. Keeping that tone and writing style in mind, write your topic or idea down then make bullet points about your key points you are going to write about before  you before you start writing. You should keep your blogs posts short. Put your main points in the paragraphs and elaborate on them. Don’t write to much of a long entry some readers will get lost and don’t bother to finish reading, i always keep my articles some where in the region of about 420 words i believe this is good some writers recommends about 400 to 700 words.The amount of words you write depends on you it is like taking out an insurance policy

Editing  Your Work

Before you think of submitting your work one of the most important thing to do is edit your work check for any grammar or spelling errors before you submit it. you can ask a friend or a family member to proof read your story before and get their feed back. After finish editing then you can published your work for the world to see. lets recap writing any blog post can become much simpler if you follow these simple steps.

Submitting your finished Post

The final step after creating a blog entry is to publish it to your blog. This is typically done via the blogging software. There is a spot where you can paste your text and click on the “submit” button.


18 thoughts on “Simple Writing Tips For Beginners”
  1. I want to add one tip which is every time you blogwaking make sure jot down the good headline. From the headline we can draft the content easily. And please do some research before start writing. It is better to shut up than dispel everything. 🙂

    I prefer this tip because for begineers, they don’t have lot of posts yet. So by blogwalking they will gain some ideas

  2. You are right with that one fazreen it is a valuble point you made there while blogwalking it is always a good idea to make note of those good headlines this is a good idea to get inspiration for your next topic.Thanks for your valuable support

  3. Great points. I have writer’s block occasionally. What I now try to do is keep my camera & Flip Video with me at all times. When I see something that I’m passionate about I film it in hopes of stirring up future feeling for a story.

  4. Writer’s block – I think this is the biggest barrier in blogging. Most bloggers have to face this thing at least once in their blogging. Even I am facing this at times. But one thing that helps me escape this thing is creativity. Being creative is what it all takes to be an outstanding blogger. Obviously you cannot keep writing on the same thing again and again. You can do it for sometime but not for long. Because you are more likely to get short of ideas.

    But it is a never ever a case with those who are creative and imaginative. They can never run short of ideas. They are more likely to do it better than most of the other bloggers who find quite difficult to move away from their usual niche. Plus, its not only about writing. It is about writing with a style. A thing which matter the least to me. You need to have that style in your blogging. Just cannot keep writing anything and everything..plain, old and simple.

  5. Nice read bro 🙂 . I believe that we should try to make our headlines catchy to attract the attention of our readers and it should have the keywords of your post .

    Btw your blog design looks good.You are really working hard on the designing part.

  6. That is another brilliant idea Daisy filming things is great this will give you a visual memory for future reference i really like the idea.

  7. Thanks Aswani creativity plays an important role in our blogging life but it becomes much easier if, As you have mention when you are writing about different things but sticking to a perticulr niche this is when it becomes a little bit more dufficult.

  8. Thanks for the compliment sis having catchy headlines is very important this is the selling point of any article and i am still tweaking this design some you may not notice but others you will see and good look on your new blog

  9. When blogging, write as you naturally speak. A lot of people believe you have to use journalism methods. You can always spell check and double check before you post, but write as you would speak. People will relate better and find your site more personable. 🙂

  10. Good stuff. I found that my tone changed as I better defined how and what I was going to write about after a couple of months. That process helped me when I started another blog because my writing style was already set, and all I had to do was concentrate on content. So, don’t be afraid to change styles midway if you find one way doesn’t quite work for you.

  11. Sound advice here i totally agree with you as bloggers we should always write just as we speak this is an easier way to relate to your readers and there and then they will feel your personal touch. Thanks fo leaving your comment.

  12. This is so true it is fine to change your writing style if at first or some where during writing your article you think it does not feel right.

  13. Thanks for your comment it looks like its your first time here however i do hope it is not the last ,your contribution to my post here is much appreciated.

  14. Thanks for supporting this blog and i hope to see you hear more often we do value your comments and or suggestion

  15. An easy to read article that made a lot of sense. I don’t come across too many of those these days but I was looking for info on beginners web design and came across yours. Good stuff and thanks for taking the time to write it.

  16. Heya.. Its a simple and very easy guide to New Bloggers lik me.. I have got to know about this topic handling way with your blog.. Thanks a lot.. Keep moving … 🙂

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