Can You Really Make Money Online


May 3, 2010 ,


We all have this great idea of Making Money Online from a blog , we have seen all these adverts about  the high school drop-out that becomes an internet millionaire , how did they do it you may ask?. Making Money Online is not easy , starting a blog is easy ,there are loads of free free blogging platform and software that can get you started the two popular ones are WordPress and Blogger. These services can get you up and running in no time without any over head cost. However, there are some things you need to get right before you can make money online.

Firstly you need to get traffic to your website and lots of traffic to do this you can either choose using free methods or paid ones the choice you make on this is entirely up to you and again this may depends on your budget. The whole idea here is to get your priority right, have a plan, set out how you are going to achieve this, over what period of time you want to reached your goals and most importantly you need to set a period of time when you are going to review this. This is what is known in the business as been “SMART”.

At the end of your review you realize that your have not achieve your goals don’t panic all is not lost. This is where your creatively comes in, ask your self these three questions; What went well?, What wasn’t so good? and What did not worked.

Now it is time for you to start making some improvements, Those tree questions that you have just asked yourself used them as your starting point, remember the story of the  guy who created the light bulb everything you do and it doesn’t worked don’t call it failure it is just another way not to do it don’t called it a failure. Mistakes do happen that is the reason why it is known as mistakes so don’t get discourage .

Now that you realize the good,the not so good and the things that needs to be improved its time to set  new targets , improve the not so good , make the good great and change the ones that did not worked.

Making Money online is not that easy there are always obstacles to overcome it takes commitment, dedication, passion and the desire to succeed but most importantly time just ask any blogger how they did it , they will tell you its never an easy road.

In summary learn from your mistakes improve the things that needs improving before you can start Making Money online.


21 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money Online”
  1. Yes, we can earn money online .
    A very well written post 🙂 newbies in blogging soon get demotivated if they are not able to earn money fast.If you want to earn money money online you need to work "SMART" as you have said.

  2. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not easy to make money online. Yes, there are some marketers who make thousands of dollars every month but don’t think for one second that it came easy. Those people paid their dues with lots of hard work and determination. They made all the mistakes that you speak of and found out what works best.

    Anyone can make money online but you need to be willing to work hard, be determined, take action and most importantly, be patient. Success does not happen overnight.

  3. I too almost get demotivated Shabnam but luckily when i started out i did not think about making money first of all i did it as a hobby it was about a year after i start making some money from my site.

  4. You are so right with that Robert you have to be very patient if you want to make money online hard work and determination always pays off. Thanks for stopping by and sharing you thoughts and knowledge.

  5. Great post. Very nicely written. Well, if I can make some then why can’t kidding 😉 The thing I would like to say here is that nothing is impossible. And money making online is not an exception. It may look very impossible in the beginning but it is never so. To tell you more, when I started was all driven by my desire to make it all happen one day. And it took almost a year to for the same. I agree to what you have said here in this post. You need to have traffic and lots of them. Without huge traffic, money making online can never ever be a possibility. I also did the same. Did extensive marketing for my blog, performed offpage SEO activities like anything and soon, I could see rise in the traffic. Not so huge but definitely effective. Soon, I started looking for PPC programs and the best one..of course was adsense though I never had any luck with it. I looked for some other alternatives and soon I started accepting paid reviews. I was paid $10 for each review. I was happy writing those reviews but then I gave up finally as I was in need of better payout which I was not getting here. Also, Google getting strict with paid reviews made me to change my strategy. I then went for affiliate programs. Bad luck with all these programs too. But whatever maybe, I really had some great moments in blogging when I made some if not huge dollars. Yes, I agree. Blogging is all about experimenting with new ideas, sticking to the basics and innovation. Must learn from your mistakes and should never repeat it. Everything will be fine if you have dedication, passion and the desire to do better and better 🙂

  6. Yes Aswani when we make our first noey online it is a good feelings howvere sometimes we found it diffucult to make money however the idea here is never to give up

  7. Great stuff my friend! lawmacs website design blog | Can You Really Make Money Online was a wonderful read. Love reading stuff about this.

  8. I am agree with Aswani " nothing is impossible " so making money blogging will also be there under to do list and we all should follow the rules and regulations of success, should give at least around 1 year to get some outcomes with respect to disciplined hard working.

  9. Seriously, fantastic article! Thank you for posting. I do have a couple questions for you, so I’ll look for your email and email them directly if that’s okay.

  10. I’ve been following your site for 4 days now and I should tell you I get tons benefits from your post. and now how I can get news update from your blog?

  11. I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.

  12. I hope you know that it is my and your best interest to submit to reddit and to submit to google buzz.

  13. Absolutely we can! Yes, many of my friend have received their income from blogging. They usually join Google Adsense. And, that’s a big income, they are a full time blogger now. 😀

  14. thanks for this one. I am really hoping to start earning from home and by using my internet.

  15. Every Jo Schmo thinks they can build a website these days, well they can, they’re right about that. I just wish some of them would take some advice from people like you though and then perhaps we wouldn’t have quite so many horrendous ones out there!

  16. my blog’traffic is so low , i know what to do after have seen your blog, thank you very much.

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