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April 5, 2010

There are lots of reasons why we comment on other blogs some for link backs some for spamming and others to promote their latest post. The main reason why we comment on blogs should be to support a post and let your opinion heard. Commenting should be seen as a form of networking by this a meant you should contribute to the topics not just post comments like “I like your post Or Great Post” these types of comments i normally delete because to me are useless and has no contribution the topic at hand. So whenever you leave a comment make sure it is relevant to the post.

Commenting on other blogs has huge benefit it can drive a lot of traffic to your blog and best of all it does not cost money a good post i must mentioned here was written by Latief for Famous Bloggers.net  titled 9 benefits from leaving comments while blog walking  this post will walk you through the benefits of commenting on other blogs i suggest you take a look at the post you may find it interesting.

Many of you may not be aware that this blog lawmacs.com is powered by Blogengine.net running on it has an extension or plug in known as commentator’s latest post. This plug-in shows your latest post at the bottom of  your comment, unlike Comment Luv this shows your latest post every time you visits my blog. The biggest problem i face with comments on my blog is the spammers i started getting them again and some of their website are good sites but the comments are craps the time it takes to write stupid comments if they stop and look at them selves they would realize the huge potential  for a link back to their website.

So when ever you decide to leave your comment make sure that your comment is of value and is about the topic in question or you are responding to a comment. Don’t just leave “Nice Post” or “Thank You” we see this as spam and you will get blocked from these sites. The art of commenting is to contribute by contributing i meant making sure that what you have written is relevant to the author’s post , express your opinion as long as it is done in a good way and never be afraid to be controversial this is some times good. Now it is your turn to contribute let me have your say you response is important and valuable to me.


18 thoughts on “Leaving Comments –Promote your Post”
  1. Just saw your new blog post at twitter and thought there should be some valuable tips and guidelines from you for making comments and dealing with them and I was right you gave me something new and profitable in my blogging career.

  2. Thanks Robinsh you are always supportive of my blog and thanks for the compliment i always try my best to pass my experience to support my fellow bloggers. Your support and comments are always appreciated.

  3. OK. I’ll give this a go. Nice awesome, great, thimbs up, blah, blah, haha. Sorry. Could not help myself.

    Totally agree with you here. Commenting is and should always be a way to interact and a chance given by the author to share your opinion. One must make use of this powerful tool to "provoke" a conversation and help build a good community. If all this, you get some link juice, traffic and all that, all the better, but the focus should be on engaging a conversation and adding value to the post. Now I can say it, again. Great post, lol

  4. Thanks Ditesco for stopping by after such a long time hope to see you here more often your new blog looks great and good luck to you on your new self hosted blog enjoy the freedom you have now thanks for your comment.

  5. Hi lawmacs,

    Nice post, thanks:-)

    I can’t tell you how many comments I get like that and lately, those type of comments seem to be on the increase. Most of them get picked off by Akismet so all I need to do is delete them.

    Everything you said makes perfect sense. The main reason most of us have blogs is because we want to provide relevant content to our readers as well as interacting with them. It’s always nice to get some recognition for what we do but first and foremost, we do want comments that contribute to the topic at hand.

    I’m glad you posted this article and I hope lots of people read it.

  6. Blog commenting is a free way to drive traffic to your blog and networking, i have gone through Latief’s article 🙂 .I always believe that the reader should have something to contribute to the discussion by commenting.

    I like this commentluv plugin in wordpress which is lacking in blogger.

  7. Yes bro..I completely agree with you. Commenting should be done in the best way possible. It shouldn’t look like a formality. And the people who do it just for formality either lack a common sense or are lazy enough to go through whole thing. That has been the case with me too in the past 😉

    But yes, I agree..we should be doing it in the right way as good comments can really motivate others to get you know more by visiting your blog or site. And thus can be helpful in generating traffic to your site. Good comments can increase your credibility as a blogger. Also, one must remember that that its better not to comment rather than to comment silly.

  8. Akisme is a good spam filter however because the spammers are now actually humans who are piad money to spam they will eventually get through and yes you are right we do need relevant comments

  9. Thanks Shabnam comment luv plugin is a great plugin the one i uaed here is called comentaters latest post this always shows your latest post.

  10. That is the key here Aswani we should all be commenting positively that is contributing to the post at hand and or interacting with the community

  11. I heard someone mentioned my name here 🙂 lol!
    Thanks Gary for free promotion for my article.
    I still believe commenting will increase our exposure and visibility on the blogoshpere 🙂
    Especially for a brand new blog like mine, commenting everyday always help me to get more traffic to my blog. Thanks

  12. I agree and have said the same thing numerous times. Commenting is another link in the chain of social networking.

  13. Yes Latief commenting can help drive huge traffic to your blog without a doubt leaving relevant comments helps to build your authority and as for the promotion you are welcome.

  14. thanks for taking the time to comment here Kat and yes you are right commenting is another link in the social networking chain.

  15. Thanks for the post. I find commentLUV blogs are a great revolution in non-spam comments and an ethical way for webmasters to get fresh content on their website as well benefit the posters website in return. If done right & not in a spammy fashion, it can really encourage reciprocal relationships between strangers 🙂

  16. By linking to a site or content in your tweet you are increasing the curiosity
    of others to click on and view it. Whenever you think of more tips, use them to the list.

    Being currently the most popular social networking websites, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool.

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