Fighting Spammers With Spam


March 8, 2010

One of our biggest nightmare are “Spammers” every blogger will tell you this they hate spamming and this seems to be on the increase and they are getting smarter and smarter every day. Looking at the types of Comments that are spam it is clear to believe that they are generate by humans, not by computer robots anymore ,yes you are reading right humans are paid to write spam comments on our blogs for cash. Since the beginning of this year i have deleted over nine hundred spam comments from my blog and still counting i think it is getting worst. Now it is time to fight back enough is enough.

Installing Plugins

This is a very good idea there are a few plug-in that help to control or limit the amount of spam comments that you received is good but although they are getting more and more sophisticated, from previous observations spam are not just computerised robots anymore they are now humans would you believe that website owners are now paying people to write spam comments on our blog. So using automated plug-in to detect if the entries are made by computer robots are now defeated.

Comment Filter

This is one of the most important extension i have installed on my blog, this can block spam comments in three different ways; (1) By their email address but remember most spammers don’t use their correct email address so option (2) comes in handy, what’s this you may asked? , let me explain this is blocking suspected commentators by their website or their URLs this is good because spammers are looking for back links to their websites. The third option is to enforce IP blocking this method is very effective as most spam comments are from the same IP address so this works well and i currently activates this option on my blog, this one helps to reduce spam comments by about 90 percent. Another good trick is to closed you post to commenting after a period of time this is not ideal but it works fine for me.

Returning the Spam

I know this may sounds silly but at one point i get so much spam comments pointing to a particular website won’t mentioned the name because that will be publicity for them that i got fed up and copy all the comments and post them back to their blog using the name “I hate Spam” it works that website never spam me again. You can say grabbing the bulls by the horns.`


10 thoughts on “Fighting Spammers With Spam”
  1. I think spam is something we all have to deal with. I personally find at least 10 spam comments that I have to delete every day. You mentioned the most popular ways to protect yourself as a blogger and I hope everyone who reads your article is utilizing at least one of those methods.

    It seems like the spammers stay one step ahead. As soon as we implement new resources to eliminate spam, they find a new way to overcome the spam block. I don’t think the problem will be going away any time soon so the best thing to do is protect yourself with the best possible tools.

    I also like your "grab the bull by the horns method.:-)

  2. You are right Robert the problem won’t be going away soon however as bloggers we can do our bit to fight spam, it takes up our time but we need to get spammers to understand this is not acceptable.Thanks for your comment.

  3. Spammers are biggest headache. I’ve been facing the same problem in the past. But to be very honest, it is not the same case today. I don’t know why 😉 But yes, spam blocking programs and mostly, IP blocking methods are quite useful in such cases. Must go for it..Thanks for sharing these info..bro 🙂

  4. As bloggers we all have to deal with spam.I delete the spam messages personally.In one of my blog post i constantly get spam i think it is the time for me to "grab the bull by the horns method":).

    Thanks, for sharing your views bro .

  5. Nice idea but need some time to execute. I will try to follow this idea once I able to manage that much time.

  6. Yes, I hate spam too bro 🙂 Your tips is very useful I never thought about blocking the IP address and become spammer too, lol! Thanks Gary.

  7. If we all work together then the fight becomes easier, The big question for me is; Would it be easier if this spammers become valid commentators?.

  8. Yes Shabnam sometimes we all have to resort to drastic method grabbing the bull by the horn is my favourite method. I even see spammers writing bad comments when the topic is about spam.

  9. Thanks Arafat we all have to do these things and more to stop spammers the time we waste to erase these comments could be better spent writing another post.

  10. Yes bro ip blocking is very effective you can even block ip addresses from accesing your blog and have them redirected to another page or website.

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