More Traffic or Better Conversation


November 29, 2009

As a website owner what do we do really need more traffic or better conversion rate? first of all let me define conversion rate this is determine by the amount of visitors you received divided by the amount of action taken.
This means that if you have 1000 visitors per day and one hundred take some action by either signing up to a news letter or by a product that means you have a conversation rate of 10 percent very good.

Traffic generates conversion so we still needs traffic but if you get 10 visitors per day and four carry out some action then this means that your conversation rate is 40 percent.

Setting yourself some goals would be good especially if you uses the term SMART i will explain this later but one of the simple way to achieve your goal is by testing and tweaking your site your landing page in particular by this i mean sometimes redesigning your site and monitoring it for a while may be a month or so or by having two separate landing pages and analyze the results of both to see which one that yields the better results.

When tweaking make small changes at a time this gives you a better way of measuring the results. Sometimes a little patience helps to save you a couple hundred of bucks in paying for reciprocal linking or search engine optimization. Evaluate your site make sure your call to action buttons are easily seen and by being smart means…
S ——– Scalable
M ——– Measurable
A ——– Achievable
R ——– Review
T ——– Time Frame
This may seems a bit time consuming hey who said selling or trying to make money on the web is easy and remember to stand out from your competitors never try to blend in. What is call to action you may asked it is getting the visitor to take some form of action whether buying a product or even signing up to your news letter.

Tweaking is very good but remember but however when making changes to you site make the changes to the pages change the layout of the content, the size of the fonts and images if there is any move your adds to different locations monitor the results over a specific time period if this proves successful you may stick to it or else tweak it some more until you are satisfied with the result


14 thoughts on “More Traffic or Better Conversation”
  1. focus on finding good traffic, so that it will generate better conversation, comment on blog same niche with you, join the niche forum, it enough to bring good traffic. only focus on seo is it not good for generate conversation.

  2. Nice read Gary 🙂 . For bloggers / webmasters traffic is very important as if you will have more traffic then only you can have good conversion ratio. For a better conversion rate you should have a call of action .

    Thanks, Robert for your inputs regarding affiliate marketing conversion rates.

  3. I think the important thing here is to understand that if you are able to get good traffic on your pages then there are more chances of conversions. But sometimes it is also seen that we are able to get the much needed traffic but unfortunately, the conversion rate is not so as expected. In such cases, we can surely follow your tips like applying SMART. SMART is something new for me. I’ve never been through this term before in web designing. But it looks very interesting. Yes, by applying some tweaks to the landing pages we can surely expect better call to action and thus better conversions.

  4. If you make money from your blog I think you need quality traffic that turn to sales or other revenue. Encourage visitors to take action but they don’t feel you told them to is the way to get your sales.
    Thanks for this inspiring article Gary.

  5. A very sound advice Gary. I think credibility comes first before anything else. Once that is established, networking comes next. Once word of mouth kicks in, either from popular bloggers or numerous unpopular bloggers (like myself), then traffic will be generated. When all of these are accomplished, that’s the time when a person should worry about conversion. This pattern is applicable for bloggers, of course. For internet marketers, being aggressive, analytic, and spending some cash is enough to play the game.

  6. Hi lawmacs,

    Enjoyed reading your article. As an affiliate marketer, I would be walking on air if my conversion rate was 10%:-) For most online marketers, I think the average conversion rate runs about 1-2 %. So, a person would need to drive a fair amount of traffic to realize any measurable success. I think it might be time for me to get SMART;-)

  7. I think the better conversation we have will lead to gain more traffic, as some one told me before.. forget about the dollar sign and build your blog. nice post lawmacs.

  8. Conversion rate is totally depend upon the rate of bouncing rate. If our blog bouncing rate is high then our conversion rate will also decrease.

  9. The Technique which you have mentioned regarding the Link building is the most important thing in the SEO, i really appreciate that you are sharing such a useful information with your blog readers.


  10. Im very interested in this matter and I myself do alot of research as well. Either way it was a well thoughtout and nice read so I figured I would leave you a comment. Feel free to check out my website sometime and let me know what you think.

  11. Conversion rate is very important factor to get better results of your business service or product. A visit on your site can be converted in to an action, only if the visitor find the product or service which he need on your site. For that you have to submit your links to the sites and directories related to your niche. This can give you targeted visitors which will be better for your business product or service you provide. you can not get conversion rate without getting visitors on your site. So Both are very much important for a website.

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