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It is an extremely vast world out there. Every day, most people go to work, go to school, and do just the things they are supposed to. In every encounter, there are many things inthe life that we are not even aware. The little things always go unnoticed. Have you ever wondered about the clothes you wear? Are you even amazed by the gadgets and devices you use? Everything in people’s lives is made up of minute particles unseen by naked eyes. If people may start to wonder, they will be amazed much. 

nanotechnologyNanotechnology is positioned to be one of the emerging technologies in the future. It is a science of controlling matter in the nanometer scale, or simply in its atomic or molecular scale. Nanometers in an inch are the same as inches in 400 miles. There are one million nanometers in a millimeter. Nanotechnology attempts to make things, small in size that people use. This technology brings together scientists and engineers from different fields. They do different classifications of work in the variable fields of Nanotechnology. This creates and invents new materials that are useful in people’s daily lives. However, this technology is quite new nowadays. Its future effects and danger are still unknown. That is why there are qualms about the future of this technology. 

Nano technologyNanotechnology is inevitably a part of te everyday life. The clothespeople use, the accessories,gadgets, and devices are part of that technology. Tennis rackets that are used in sports is from carbon nanotubes. Water resistant fabrics and clothes are the product of Nanotechnology. This technology is used in the medical field too. Nanotechnology delivers drugs to specific cells using nanoparticles. This makes drug consumption and side effects lowered to reduce costs and human suffering. 

NanotechnologyEver wonder why gadgets and devices get smaller as technology advances. Nanotechnology is certainly engaged in it. The development of minute transistors for computers and the CMOS transistorsis an evident breakthrough in that technology. This demonstrates how this technology functions on a molecular scale. In contrast to Cathode Ray Tube (CRT),the development of Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) made emission displays electrically conductive and highly efficient. This development has resultedin low-energy consumption. 

In every household, the self-cleaning or easy to clean surfaces have made people’s lives little easier. In general, this technology is encountered. The stain and water repellant clothes and even the wrinkle free clothes are a part of this technology too. There are also new foods coming out in the market that are nanotechnology-created. Some of them are cooking oil, tea, and chocolate diet shake. 

Nanotechnology is a part of our everyday life. It reflects in many things people usually use at home, in school or even at work. This technology has changed the way people live. It made people’s lives more convinient than it was before. Many technologies currentlyare based on nanostructures. However, unfamiliar of its danger and effects, it immenselyhas developed people’s way of living. 

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  1. Everything is getting smaller and better nowadays in terms of technological development, never knew much about nanotechnology but by the way things are going, I’m pretty sure it’ll be here for a long time.

  2. Thanks John for writing this amazing article on nanotechnology and thanks Lawmacs for sharing it. Yes, in our everyday use there are many smaller things better called as nanotechnology which is not visible in our naked eyes. I didn’t know about this nanotechnology and this is the first time, I get to know from here. Thanks for the share!!

  3. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally, nanotechnology works with materials, devices, and other structures with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometres.Nanotechnology is very diverse, ranging and completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly

  4. Nanotechnology is going to boost the technological world and to some extent has done it work already.Computer hardware and some chips used is one of the example of this growing technology.

  5. Very interesting article! Nanotechnology is everywhere, and it’s only bound to get more advanced as time goes on and more research is done.

  6. Nanotechnology is a great breakthrough in science especially in the field of medicine. Nanotechnology can also benefit the energy sector. The development of more effective energy-producing, energy-absorbing, and energy storage products in smaller and more efficient devices is possible with this technology. Such items like batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells can be built smaller but can be made to be more effective with this technology.

  7. Nanotechnology is not a panacea. However, it can be extremely useful in solving many kinds of problems. Improved housing and plumbing will increase health. More efficient agriculture and industry save water, land, materials, and labor, and reduce pollution. Access to information, education, and communication provides many opportunities for self improvement, economic efficiency, and participatory government. Cheap, reliable power is vital for the use of other technologies and provides many conveniences.

  8. Nanotechnology is very useful in different fields of human development. It has improved medicine, it boosts innovation in electronics and it enhanced our life in many ways.

  9. Nanotechnology is a great help in the everyday lives of the people. It may not be explicitly seen by the people but it works to suffice the people’s need. Indeed, this is a big blast and development to our technology.

  10. Very good comment. The other day I used to be educated about this website and wanted to let you realize that I have been pleased, through his messages. I’ll be signing up to feed blog and is expected next post.

  11. Thanks John, I can’t wait until nano is getting more developed it would really improve generating power through a solar cell. Thanks again for this great post!
    Regards, George

  12. Thanks to nantechnology. Every gadgets that we have, for sure, used this. It is a fast growing and evolutionary technology that we have.

  13. I never would have thought that nanotechnology was used in clothing, I guess we do learn something everyday

  14. I chose Nanotechnology specialization in my university. I hope it will be interesting and potential.

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