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Video chatting capabilities is a great benefit to have for your computer. The only problem is that not all operating systems are supported with many of the video chat software. There are generally problems that tend to occur during the video chat which will not allow the support of a webcam. When a person is unable to connect a webcam it defeats the whole purpose of trying to have a video chat. 

Windows vs. Linux 

The most popular operating system for PC users tends to be the Windows operating system. Almost all types of video chatting software are supported by Windows with the exception of Facetime or any other programs that are specifically designed for Apple products. Windows is a great operating system, but due to the viruses and high use of RAM that is associated with using the Windows operating system some people may choose to use a different type of operating system. 

The Linux system is a completely different setup than other operating systems. It is not used as a often as a operating system on a PC, but it is more often used on servers and the Linux Kernel is the base for many of the other operating systems such as the ones used in the Android devices. The only problem is that some people choose to use it as their actually operating system, and then run into problems when trying to load certain software onto their computer. 

Linux & the Webcam 

Many people have found a problem with finding a type of video chatting software that will allow you to use a webcam. Most of the major video chatting software programs have trouble supporting a webcam when used on a computer that is using the Linux operating system. MSN, Skype, and Facetime are all video chatting software programs that cannot be used on the Linux operating system with a webcam. 

Flash Chat is the answer to anyone that is using the Linux operating system and would like to be able to have video chatting capabilities with a webcam. Flash chat will not only allow you to have video chatting capabilities, but it will also allow you to connect your webcam to them. The problem that most people run into with Linux is that they are unable to connect their webcam. This means that while they can conduct a video chat they will only be able to chat via voice or text and while they will be able to see what the person they are talking to is doing, the person that they are talking to will not be able to see them. 

Video chatting has many benefits, but one of the nicest parts about it is the ability for close friends and family to be able to see and communicate each other when they are not easily accessible to each other. Eliminating the fact that someone may not be able to see an individual kind of defeats the entire purpose of conducting a video chat. Flash chat can now resolve this problem for Linux users.

Webcam chat- Linux to Windows



Flash chat will not only allow you to type, video chat, and send pictures, but it will also let you play games, video conference, and share other forms of multimedia. There is no reason to limit yourself to talking to a single person when you can talk to the entire family at once. There is no need to miss out on any more of those precious moments. Simply download the program and get started. There is no reason that Linux users should not have the same benefits of every other operating system. 

Author Bio:  Jason Phillips is a straightforward person who has exceptional writing skills. Apart from that, he likes to do free webcam chat and free video chat. Jason is a father of two and madly in love with his wife of many years.






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  1. That what is really important in software world – no matter what kind of OS you have, you have right to have all software you need, Software companies are responsible for that.
    But from the other hand, if Windows and those software companies are connected, it is natural that soft is made for Windows only, to increase sales and popularity.

    1. Completely agree with your view. Every software should be compatible for every OS. So the users have more options in their hands. It will also decrease the chances of monopoly business.

  2. All type windows operating system will support the web camera the thing is that you have to check whether web cam software is installed properly.

  3. Many of the people are also using Windows based chat system as they more user friendly and easily available.

  4. Found first time this kind of thing on internet. I am using Linux on a virtual machine and don’t want to chat about it but would try this tutorial to learn something new. Also these tutorials are going to rock after the launch of Linux based Ubuntu edge Smartphone in the near future.

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